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Saturday, June 14, 2008 @ 1:41 AM
10 things you might not know about me..

tagged by Lizzette :)

What you all might not know about me. [State 10 things]

1. i talk in my sleep. (boardie friends can attest to this)
2. i teenie over Ben Romans for months after each concert - this time it'll probably last forever, because i actually met the guy.
3. i am a huge huge huge Lord Of The Rings buff. i may not know EVERY SINGLE THING but i'm sure as hell a fan.
4. whenever i'm wearing my contact lenses, i HAVE to put in the left one first, then only the right one, and whenever i'm taking them out, i take the right one out first.
5. i don't deal well with change.
6. i am very very VERY self conscious about my weight and shit, but man, it's kind of hard to care when you're in college and you're surrounded by food all the time.
7. i write slash fanfiction (ie. boyxboy, homosexual stories)
8. i support homosexual and bisexual people. i get mad at people who discriminate them pretty quickly.
9. i say a prayer before i go to bed each night.
10. whenever i frequent a restaurant, i always end up ordering the same thing over and over in the long run.

I tag;
the person who actually read this. c'mon i want to see you fess up. i'll be blog visiting soon.

*wiggles fingers*

okay. my head's about to explode.
am turning in for the night.