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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 @ 4:31 PM
R.I.P, Lizzie..


it rudely yanks you out of the world you know, turns it around and dumps you back in, making you see life in a whole new light.

it's okay if you're an antisocial loser and you're currently not doing anything except moping around at home on your computer. it's okay if you didn't win a competition that you spent days working on. it's okay if you didn't get red carpet ticks to the awards show. it's okay if you're not going to the awards show. it's okay if you missed a concert of a band you love. it's okay if you lost fifty bucks. it's okay if you missed a sale at GAP. it's okay if your brother ate all the Oreos and left you none. it's okay if you don't have any friends. it's okay, because you're still alive. and you'd better cherish life while you can.

rest in peace, Lizzie. you didn't deserve to go this young. no one does. you'll be dearly missed, and i'm sure you're in a better place devoid of suffering right now. we love you.


@ 12:13 AM

yes, fyi, i am going.
how, is of no importance.

you know, i always try to write this whole blogpost then i reread what i've written and then i end up deleting everything just because i don't like what i've written.

i don't know, i've been feeling very insecure lately and when i read everything i've written in the past, i'm like, "how the hell did i ever get As for english in high school?", because i've come to the realization that i seriously suck at writing. no wonder i always hesitate and/or freak out whenever i have a long essay to do for university.

it's a wonder why i chose Journalism, really. i still really do want to write as well as i want to, though. and i'm going to learn, no matter how lazy i am. so yeah, do me a favor and point out any grammatical errors in my blogposts and shit unless they're intentional, okay?

on the designing front, as you can see, i've replaced my Travis/We The Kings banner with my snazzy new Panic at the Disco one, complete with swirly light-thingies i spent hours perfecting. i'm also supposed to be cracking my head at a flyer design for that college Carnivale event thing but i'm not feeling inspired at the moment :(

WORK, brain, WORK!

don't even get me started about university. i'm not ready to go back yet. these past six weeks have been amazing. i'm supposed to go back to uni next week. i'm not missing uni at all, maybe just a few certain people that i miss to bits. ahhh i miss talking to friends in real life again! my mom claims that i might as well live with a computer surgically attached to my body because i'm more sociable online than i am in real life. very funny, ma. but yeah, i do miss talking to real people, despite how awkward i am.

ahhh its 12.52 now, and i'm done rambling, so i'm going to go take a shower and get on with my fangirly business. toodles!

edit 3.40 am: you know, schadenfreude is kind of a dangerous yet delicious feeling to have. my guilty pleasure. it's almost masochistic, in a way, depending on the situation.

i just killed a mosquito by accident and i don't know how but i had a squished looking fat mosquito on my middle finger on my left hand and blood on my fourth finger. my hand now thankfully smells of Dove Green Tea/cucumber milk extract, and it makes me shudder to think that if i had not realized that i had a dead insect on my finger earlier, i would have blood and mosquito guts on my face right now if i rubbed my nose or something. ew.

i also happen to have weird thoughts at wee hours in the morning. thoughts that i will not share for my own good because you'd be pelting me with tomatoes if you knew exactly what i was thinking about.

maybe next time.


Monday, July 28, 2008 @ 11:58 PM

just a little push was all i needed to wake up and realize that what i thought was everything wasn't everything, and that i can live with what i have right now.

thank you.

and thank you for being you.


@ 12:16 AM
first look through the lens.

hello Nikon D60.

am very happy with it at the moment. Dad's an old Nikon user, so he's slowly giving me advice and tips on how to use my new baby, though he doesn't know a thing about adjusting shutter speeds and aperture, since they didn't have digital cameras back when he had his Nikon.

he has a box of old lenses hidden away somewhere in an old cupboard, and a tripod too, so we're going to drag them out and see if i can use them one of these days.

as you can see from the pretty shitty photo above, i'm still new at photography with dSLRs, but i'm slowly going to learn!

here are a few first pictures:




Saturday, July 26, 2008 @ 1:06 PM
Concert weekend..

i didn't win. but it isn't the end of the world.

i really appreciate all the help given to me these past 20 days. i'd never have expected any help from anyone, really, and instead many people chipped in, even some that i've never spoken to before in my life.

i'm really grateful. love you guys <3


my schedule next weekend onwards:

2/8/08 - MTV Asia Awards
5/8/08 - Panic at the Disco

fuck college.
Friday, July 25, 2008 @ 2:13 AM
in the infinite cold.


it just means so much right now.

so much.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008 @ 1:43 AM
i am.

i stole this from Janella who stole this from Sydney. it seemed pretty amusing to do, and yours truly is bored, so 8D.

Type your name in Googlism.com and copy and paste the first 15 results.

winnie is pooh
winnie is star
winnie is bald (*GASP* I AM NOT!)
winnie is sons boss david winnie has experience of top (....)
winnie is fun (YES I AM! 8D)
winnie is the newly elected president of the women?s league of the african national congress (this made me crack up so hard ngl)
winnie is the smartest dog i've ever seen (AM NOT. A DOG. KTHX.)
winnie is my goddaughter (yeah, and you're my father. uh huh.)
winnie is peeking out of the honey pot with the trademark bumblebee on the lid (here come the Winnie The Pooh references...)
winnie is leaning on his july honey pot which has a ruby in the front of it
winnie is opening his january honey pot which has a garnet on the front
winnie is a mastiff who is 6 years old
winnie is sons boss
winnie is spirited away when she tries to quench her own thirst (this is so bizarre omg.)
winnie is called after pooh (WELL FINALLY. something true.)

its' a hoot. try this!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008 @ 2:54 AM
of being an insomniac and other trivial things.

so it's 2.54 am and my body is showing no signs of sleepiness or fatigue, as usual. guess i'm going to have to force myself to sleep in a little while. (which means lying on my bed for approximately two to three hours before i drift off to a light slumber due to boredom.)

oh yeah, i have news: i got through to the second round of the competition :D

to the people who have voted for me before: beep me. i have huge news. (if you haven't read the mass email i sent out already~)

k i think i'm going to do that force-myself-to-sleep thing now.

chimo, lovelies. don't party too hard. :)

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Monday, July 21, 2008 @ 11:51 PM

*is very very very very very grumpy*


@ 1:01 AM
musings in the night.

the broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight
maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time
i am here still waiting though i still have my doubts
i am damaged at best, like you've already figured out


Sunday, July 20, 2008 @ 2:23 AM
late night typos by the one and only tranny pelican.

2:09 AM) Geoffrey: my typo worst than ever
(2:09 AM) Geoffrey: anyways
(2:09 AM) Geoffrey: im off
(2:10 AM) Geoffrey: seriously
(2:10 AM) Geoffrey: all the best
(2:10 AM) Geoffrey: and for the competition
(2:10 AM) Geoffrey: no oen deserves it more than you
(2:10 AM) Geoffrey: even ryan ross comes second to you
(2:10 AM) Geoffrey: so all the best

lol still failing at typing, i see.
thanks, though pelican.
really appreciate it.

ryan ross has more ~snark~ than me, though.

the second round starts tomorrow.

bring it on, SuJu bitches.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008 @ 1:49 AM
of hope, wishes and Panic at the Disco.

i do hope that everything will go as planned tomorrow.

this would mean the world to me.

it really would.

p/s: guys, Panic at the Disco tix on sale! RM68 only till the 2nd of August. it's on a Tuesday, though. you know who'll be first in line ;)

listening to: Behind The Sea - Panic at the Disco
feeling: hopeful

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Friday, July 18, 2008 @ 1:19 AM
of cake.

there's one last piece of tiramisu cake sitting in the fridge...

and the fat kid in me wants it. desires it. craves it.

then i look at a couple of pics that i look particularly pudgy in and then the craving is gone.


okay, maybe just one bite....


Thursday, July 17, 2008 @ 7:10 PM
of desktop superheroes.

here's another unusual tag that i'm quite happy to do. it certainly makes a change from all the overused questions thrown at you time and time again! i love tags that involve creativity, writing and pictures, not just yes and no questions and other personal questions that you really don't know how to answer :D

anyway, i got tagged by Rae over at her LiveJournal. i'm not feeling up to posting at my Livejournal today so i guess i'll be doing the tag here!


When you see this meme immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.

1. Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key). (Press control+shift+3 if you're using a mac)
2. Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and doing a Paste (CTRL + V). (don't need to do this if you've got a mac)
3. Post the picture on your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.
4. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktops as well.

here's my current desktop wallpaper!

(click to enlarge because i don't want the picture stretching the page. i have a widescreen monitor so my desktop is wider than usual.)

if you didn't know, i'm a huge superhero freak (ok, granted, if the actors who played the superheroes in the movies weren't hot, i wouldn't like them that much...), especially when it comes to Batman and the new version of Superman Returns (new installment next year! so excited!)!

i can't wait to see The Dark Knight! i didn't know that it's out already. i nearly choked on my Milo this morning when i saw the movie listed in the cinema section in the papers. after the goosebump-inducing trailer i and other moviegoers alike recently had the chance to see, i am definitely not going to miss this movie on the big screen! i didn't catch the first one and i nearly died when i watched it on DVD because it was just so good.

okay i'm not going to go off into a spiel about how amazing Christian Bale's Batman voice is (ohhh that low growl ♥) or how amazing an actor Heath Ledger was as the Joker, so yeah.

i have a very cluttered desktop, no? i'm too lazy to file stuff into their respective folders until the entire desktop gets filled....

Terence would probably have a heart attack. "YOUR DESKTOP'S SO MESSY!" he'd exclaimed, when he was over at my house the last time to try repair my (now dead) ex-computer. oops.

anyway, since this tag is fun, i'm going to tag people this time round :D

three people i tag (i'm lazy):



@ 1:08 AM
no sleep tonight.

oh yeah-

before i forget, i have also been occupied with something else during my holidays (and probably the rest of the year!) and i love it!

you all know that i'm a huge huge huge huge crazy ass Click Five fan right? like as if Click isn't the first thing out of my mouth ever since after their concert in June!

anyway, cutting to the chase, i am a co-web for a Click Five fansite!

do i hear cheers of "FINALLY, SHE'S DOING SOMETHING?" or do i get tomatoes pelted at me because "alaaah why always Click Five wan?" :P

either way, i'm elated that Jodie, who's the girl who started up the site, is graciously allowing a html and ftp noob like me to help her with the site! some people wouldn't have given me the time of day. she's a sweetheart. i haven't heard from her lately, though.. i wonder if she's okay.

sooo if y'all want to find out more about the band (for the umpteeth time, no, they aren't wearing matching suits any more, no, Eric Dill isn't the lead singer of the band any more, and no, THEY AREN'T A BOYBAND) or get updated with the latest news or even snag some amazing Click Five graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers, buttons etc), head on down here, or click the button on my sidebar!

cool? cool.

it's 1.28 in the morning now, and i have been searching high and low for this particular song called 'No Sleep Tonight' by The Faders (who split up a couple of years ago - no wonder they seemed to have disappeared from the music scene...). i remember listening to it on replay when i did my assignments early last year and practically spamming the life out of the song back when i was using Kazaa...

if anyone has it or any other The Faders song on mp3, send it my way please!!!!

signing off because it's late and i want to go make myself a peanut butter sandwich before bed (yes i know i am a pig),


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 12:21 AM
more ramblings at 12.53 in the morning while listening to Switchfoot.

"well, if you want something, you should do all you can to get it imo"

that's the best advice i got all week. thanks, T. you're an amazing friend and you give the best advice, in my honest opinion.

well nothing much is going on in my life. a routine day in my life right now would be going to bed late, roll around in bed trying to sleep, eventually fall asleep, wake up late, eat brunch with mom at home our outside, sit at the computer, eat dinner, sit at the computer, and then repeat the whole process.


so eventful hor.

i have a sad life.

anyway, Cynthia's iPod Touch got stolen today while she was at school. it was barely a month old. screw the bitch who took her iPod :(. i'd die if someone took my Nano although it can't really hold much, so i know how she feels right now. i hope she gets it back eventually!

enough rambling for now - i have more voting to do. :)

chimo, lovelies, have a great week! (it's only Tuesday :( )

VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!


Monday, July 14, 2008 @ 8:47 PM
what's in my bag?.

since i'm bored out my mind, i'm going to do this fun meme i unashamedly stole from renny, who's a friend of mine from LiveJournal. go read her posts and admire her graphics - they're amazing!

basically i'm supposed to do this:

uno: take a picture of your bag.
dos : now dump everything out , neatly adjust them , and take a picture.
tres : talk about the items inside. details, please.

so here goes -

this, ladies and gentlemen (pffft. like any read my blog... *COUGH COUGH COUGH*), is my bag. i got it from Topshop around after Chinese New Year and i bought it with nearly half of my angbao money. the other half was spent on a Panic at the Disco boxset that i will talk about in one of my later posts because Cynthia wants to see what's inside :D. i promised her to do a post about it ages and ages ago! i'm so forgetful.

so this is what's in my bag:

1) that's my bag. i accidentally labeled it. *sheepish smile*

2) my old Student ID and my new Student ID with my thumbdrive attatched to it. i still keep the old one in my bag just in case i forget to bring the new one out so that i still can use it for student discounts at cinemas on weekdays! it recently came in handy a few days ago.

3) my teddy tales pencil box that Joan, Huai, Lynette and Terence bought for me during an outing at One Utama during my birthday about three years ago :) i can't bear to replace it. (pun not intended)

4) my pink SONY camera. it doesn't take clear pictures at all and takes 34729342 seconds to take a picture at concerts. it's almost as if it knows that i'm in a concert and whenever i want to snap a special moment it, it just chooses to lag behind. stupid.

5) a skinny black tie i bought at the college sale Fourskin were having about a couple of months ago. i bought two for RM15 i think. the other one's striped. God knows what's it still doing in my bag.

6) my fake Guess shades i bought at one of those little booths outside Forever 21 in One Utama. the cover's string just came out :(

7) brown Chanel eyeliner i bought in Singapore on New Years' Eve last year. i stuck it in my bag after i used it before going to the Colbie Caillat concert earlier this year and ever since, it's been in there.

8) my Body Shop Watermelon Lip Balm. i got it after wandering around alone in First World, Genting Highlands. they were having a sale, it smelt good, and i was desperately in need of lip gloss. what more did i need?

9) my mini comb. i used to have a large one in my bag too but i think i lost it :(

10) random crumpled receipts/papers/subscription lists i stuffed into my bag at random and forgot to pull out. i think when i (eventually) stuff all my stuff back into my bag, i'm going to leave them out.

11) my Billabong wallet i got at Metrojaya at the last sale. after not using a wallet for so long (i think Jason and Geoff can attest to this lol), it's funny how i can never go anywhere without it now.

12) lastly, a necklace i bought from Cats' Whiskers, Bangsar, during that time we were supposed to collect dresses from Showpink a few weeks before The Pink Thing! it's rusty now because the gold plated coating wore off :(

aaaand i'm supposed to tag some people, but i guess i'm too lazy to, but please do this if you want to - i'll be interested to read it :D

p/s: SIX more days till the 20th, which is the qualification round. i would appreciate it if you keep voting for me!


@ 1:29 AM
1.40 AM.

edit 3.19 AM

i spent a few hours making some Simple Plan icons.

making them made me fangirl over SP all over again. if they give Malaysia a miss this year AGAIN, i am going to cry.

serious fangirl is serious.

end edit

despite this emotional turmoil i'm going through-

i feel whole.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008 @ 6:49 PM
blast from the past... again.

i'm back - and i'm so sleepy and full that i can barely even move an inch. my stomach feels rounder than usual and the fact that it is should usually make the very self-conscious me very disappointed with myself but today i'm just too happy/satisfied to care.

friends, sushi and then a chocolate frosty? who could ever complain?

as i'm too lazy to write a whole review of the entire Charity Fiesta (which wouldn't be pretty, mind you), you can make do with pictures, can't you?

this is the inflatable jousting ring. when i saw this, i immediately thought of the Communication Carnivale we're supposed to be hosting this October and i made up my mind to take photos of everything that might be useful to us as reference, but then i forgot after snapping this photo :D

maybe Amir will remember. *shrugs*

anyway, this was really fun to watch, but it got tiring after a while. i watched as two primary school boys about as tall as my computer table clamber on to the two platforms and try as hard as they could to lift the jousting poles but they were just too heavy. aw.

after wandering around, the four of us decided to pay a visit to our old classroom, 5 Gamma, where nineteen of us spent a (fairly) happy year together :). if i'm not mistaken, i think this is our second time visiting the class since we left.

that's Huai sitting at Kai Sin's old place, Joan sitting at her old place and Terence finding out the name of the poor soul who has now taken over his old spot.

5 Gamma still smelt the same. if i closed my eyes, i could have almost imagined Dereck's sweaty green house t-shirt drying on his chair. i felt like a Pevensie sibling entering Narnia for the second time as we stepped into the class. it looked different but it still felt the same. *sigh*

i walked around the class, examining the backs of chairs to see if i came across a chair that i had once vandalized, or maybe Dereck's old number 27 chair, and sure enough i came across this one.


i think it was either me who wrote the Terence and someone else (Terence maybe?) grabbed the liquid paper and wrote roks. the only thing i'm sure i did was cancelling the "roks" and writing "sux".

ah, the memories. it made me wish that we'd made more marks on the walls and chairs for memory's sake. sort of like a dog leaving behind his mark by urinating. only we use marker pens. not urinate.

... never mind.

luckily someone left a whiteboard marker full of ink behind, so Joan wrote this on the whiteboard :D i hope an old teacher sees it and remembers us.

Tian Yi's and Kevin's old spots. nice to see Kevin's desk finally loaded up with books, eh.

they completely ruined the perfectly painted walls by plastering fugly fluorescent mahjong paper all over them, by the way. my eyesssssss. they burrrrrrrrrrrrn. D:

Jo Wen's old place under the swivelling fan! i can almost see the tall guy taking down that chair and setting his bag down on it now.

and can't you just imagine the old black lockers behind the last desk right now? :(

we hung out for a while at the back of the classroom, looking at all the old decorations and reminiscing about old times when someone suggested we play old games just like we used to at the back of the class, so Joan and Terence started playing this "one two JUS!" game where the loser had to stretch his/her legs to touch the winner's foot with his/her foot.

that's Huai's legs you see behind Terence. she stretched herself out on two brown chairs just like we used to do.

Terence lost by the way. bahahahaha.

my mark i made on the floor at the back of the classroom :)

it was the very same spot where we'd sat in a circle during one of our trial exam periods, playing chi ku pak until Puan Zurina slammed her hand down on her desk and yelled at us to shut the fuck up because "your exams are coming and you still are playing these childish games".

the once-pretty door to our classroom :(

"Oh my God. Look at the ugly door!" i proclaimed in horror when i saw it, "THEY BEDAZZLED IT!"

can't you stupid Form Fivers leave a bloody door alone? the walls are ugly enough :(

this was taken when we had to leave for the canteen because Yee Lin and Ka Peng arrived.

before i walked down the famous staircase right outside our old classroom, i gave the class one last look (we left the lights on, just like old times!).

we couldn't handle the "festivities" after a while, so we left to have lunch in Sunway Pyramid. good timing, too, because when we were making a beeline for the bus bay from the canteen, this old aunty was singing a bad bad bad rendition of Queen's "We Will Rock You" with Hanif Othman Merican (General Manager of Sekolah Sri Kuala Lumpur, which, in loose terms, basically translates to 'owner's son') on the bass.

yes, i shit you not. Hanif was playing bass.

we had Sushi Zanmai! my favorite favorite favorite ever place to have sushi. sure we just had some yesterday... but their soft-shell crab maki is too good to pass up. i want MOAR, even though i had it two days in a row. it's that good.

Joan perusing the menu. in the end she settled with salmon sashimi salad with special Sushi Zanmai dressing. it's yummy.

a cup of green tea, soy sauce and a small saucer of wasabi and soy sauce. can't have sushi without it.

last but not least, this is 'daifuku', a Japanese ice cream dessert Joan ordered. it's supposed to be ice cream wrapped in this rice skin. i remember having it in an airplane on the way to Korea or something. it tasted amazing.

i had some just now and it tasted the same :)


and so that brings this picture post to an end.

i miss days like today, when i'd whip out my camera and snap any random thing and then blog about it. i think i'm going to have to do this more often :)

also, today was one of those days when i felt that i truly belonged, especially when we stepped foot into the old Guava abode, despite my bitching at the end of the day (because i was hungry/tired/fed-up/pissed off). it's nice to come back to a place that you're so familiar with that you know it like the back of your hand.

i guess those twelve years spent in SriKL made a deeper impression on me than i actually thought.

i've got my memories;
they're always inside of me
but I can't go back,
back to how it was
i believe now -
i've come too far
but I can't go back;
back to how it was

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@ 7:00 AM
sleepy anon is sleepy.

i slept at four(ish) and i'm awake now.

SriKL Charity Drive here i come!

aren't you proud of me? :(


@ 1:51 AM
adding to the noise.

i like the conversation we had in the car tonight.

i think the parts where we talk about stuff on the way back to my house are one of my favorite parts of the outings we have.

and the thing you said about writing? we'll see about that. i'm still not confident about the whole thing, though. le sigh.

dad just opened the door and yelled at me in this condescending way (i hate it when parents are sarcastic, ugh. it's just so annoying. can't they ever be straightforward?!), so i have to go to bed now.

the thing is i'm not sleepy at all and i think i need a pillow change because i haven't slept a wink in twenty four hours and i'm perfectly fine. F-I-N-E.

see lah, now i'm fucking grumpy.


vote. or i'm going to eat your faces.

and then beat you in halo. *smug smile*

good night.

p/s: i cant actually eat faces. or play halo for that matter. that was a borrowed line from Travis Clark ;)



Friday, July 11, 2008 @ 12:20 AM
guess who made my entire month?.

dear We The Kings aka. Dan/Drew/Hunter/Travis,

you have officially made a particular Asian fangirl very very very very very very happy. as this particular Asian fangirl also happens to be very humble, when you (eventually) have that Asian tour that you promised you'd try to work out, a huge hug and a hang-out session after your successful show in Malaysia would suffice as a "thank you" gift.




Thursday, July 10, 2008 @ 1:34 AM
who are you voting for?.

so i've been thinking a lot today.

ten days ago, when i first entered this competition, when i drew the first line of pink lipstick across my face, i would never have thought that this competition would mean so much to me.

then, it was just all "oh i bet i could pull off a Ryan Ross". it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. i was actually planning to raid my mom's closet for a particularly flowery blouse to put on and just tuck my hair behind the collar and snap a simple photograph imitating this one:

but then after much contemplation, i decided that people wouldn't vote for me if i did post it up because it would just look like a random girl who just put on some random flowery blouse and took a random picture from the side. it would not be 'mimicking' an artist.

then i thought to myself: when did Ryan Ross actually stand out and was Ryan Ross ?

i was talking to Bao about it at the time, i think, and then she said something along the lines of "nono not this picture, the other one! the one with the makeup"

and then it hit me.

of course. Ryan Ross' unique face makeup designs!

which Panic fan ever forgot about Ryan Ross' makeup? SINCE WHEN was Panic(!) at the Disco ever mentioned in an interview back then without the slightest reference to the amazing face-art done by the equally amazing George Ryan Ross the second?

so i ran into my room, grabbed my eyeliner pencil, my never-really-used tube of lipstick that i got free from a magazine and my old circular portable mirror, set it in front of the computer and got to work.

five minutes later, i was done.

i took some random pictures, laughed over them, edited them, picked a random one (ok fine. i was paranoid over which one to post :( ) and posted it. and then the campaigning started and everything, and competition started to trickle in, and yes, i was stressed out, and yes, i was furious with the kind of entries people submitted, but i was not as furious as i am now.

first things first.

this is a competition. sure, it may be a popularity competition, and the people who organized the competition aren't going to pick who did the best job in mimicking an artist that was nominated for the awards, but for the love of GOD, YOU'RE ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO MIMIC SOMEONE, GODDAMNIT, NOT STAND/SIT THERE AND POSE LIKE YOU'RE A FUCKING SUPERSTAR IN YOUR OWN RIGHT AND CLAIM YOU'RE 'MIMICKING' SOMEONE.


Title: Happy us......
Desc: Guess which is me??? I'll tell u if u vote for me.....So vote for me ok???
Artist: SuJu rox!!!!!!!!
Submitted by : Tracy Chong


SINCE WHEN IS THERE AN ARTIST CALLED 'SuJu rox!!!!!"? half the entries submitted are like this by the way. i am really, really, really saddened by the language skills and internet-literacy of half of the Malaysians who use the computer (because the other half, namely all you other Malaysians whom i regard as friends and family and people who can actually type properly, are awesome).

and secondly, WHO THE HELL CARES OR GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHICH ONE YOU ARE? you aren't even trying to look like Suju, or whoever his name is from Super Junior (yes, retard, that's actually the name of the band Suju is in, if you didn't actually know) at all.

THIS is SuJu.

aihgaifhgiadhga if i rant any more, i'm going to end up having a coronary.

THIS IS REAL COMPETITION. (he's supposed to be Christina Aguilera. i don't see the difference, but dammit, the guy has balls.)

THIS IS REAL COMPETITION. (and some awesome Photoshop skills, might i add)

THIS IS REAL COMPETITION. (don't you think the picture is entirely kick ass?)


Title: baby in
Desc: his look is mathew
Artist: mathew
Submitted by : Liew Kien Yee




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Wednesday, July 09, 2008 @ 2:31 AM
late night affairs with peanut butter sandwiches.

its 2.31 AM and apparently my friend Ross (the one from Australia who's in Holland) has this huge plan to bring We The Kings to Asia.. or specifically Malaysia.. that involves writing a kiss-ass letter to S-Curve Recording Studios.

God help me.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008 @ 1:42 AM
skyway avenue.

day eight

hope you guys like the new background and header.

Travis Clark from We The Kings is love love love lovelovelovelovelove.

sighhhhhhhhhhh he's just so fucking beautiful.


kay so i had Nando's today. i swear, Peri Peri sauce is one of the best sauces ever invented, right up there beside barbeque, tabasco and tomato sauce. i can almost taste the sauce right now in my mouth.


though i'll probably get sushi tomorrow....

ha. i see you salivating already.

chimo, lovelies.

need my sleep.


Monday, July 07, 2008 @ 3:02 AM
stuck on my ele-elevator.

day seven

i'm having a little preference for R&B tonight.

weird, since i have spent the past nights listening to John Mayer and new PATD on repeat (no kidding).

but nooo not tonight. tonight it's Flo Rida. particularly hooked on Elevator.

i spent today on the computer (again) fangirling about Travis Clark, lead singer of We The Kings, thanks to Ross (who's a friend from Australia who's currently in Holland, the lucky shit!) who sent me a video link. amazing band by the way, check them out here, especially if you like bands like Boys like Girls and The All-American Rejects and other punk rock bands like that.

drew, hunter, travis & dan dan (no i'm not trying to be cute. that's what his nickname is.)

some of you might have heard Hitz play their second single 'Check Yes Juliet' before. it's really catchy sounding("run baby run, don't ever look baaack~"). i threw a fit in the car when i heard it because it's my favorite song off their album and i was afraid Hitz would ruin it for me like it always does, but strangely they haven't been playing the song much. so yay!

it's 3.50 now. really have to stop this trend of updating my blog in the wee hours of the morning.

anyway, before i sign off (it's 4.11 now. i zoned out for a moment.), i will annoy all of you again with this:


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Sunday, July 06, 2008 @ 3:31 AM
more incessant rambling at 3.46 in the morning.....

day six.

all this waiting is driving me nuts.

in a good and a bad way, i guess.

good, because all my energy is finally - finally devoted to something competitive and not something my mother would deem extremely useless (extremely useless because she deems what i'm doing now as useless. but it's still a change, right?).

bad, because i'm more kiasu than i ever was before :(. felt like a total bitch yesterday to Melissa. i'm sorry Melissa - i don't know what's come over me. i sincerely apologize. let's hope we all win and show those ahbeng lalas what the cool people can do! :D

sigh. my life.

what the fuck am i even doing here at this hour?

let's hope tomorrow will be a better day. and i hope to God that the fuckers two houses away don't start drilling at noon because if they do i will officially stalk over and threaten to drill a hole in their little heads and see how they like it. *smug smile*

you know what to do ;)


Saturday, July 05, 2008 @ 2:51 AM
incessant rambling at 3.37 in the morning.

DAY FOUR & DAY FIVE (just because it's 2.56 very early in the morning)

today was different. instead of bumming around at home getting fat(ter) in the process, i actually went out today :D

woke up late, got dressed and headed to college so that Florence could pick me up on the way to Hong's house for his little get-together party.

i ended up spending fifty bucks more than i intended to spend today because i forgot to return the library books that have been sitting on the backseat of my mom's car for God knows how long. got slapped with a fifty buck fine for returning it super extra late.

no wonder the librarian was smiling.

anyway, we got to Hong's house just fine. the get together was entertaining. imagine the boys running around playing tennis-pong and screaming out names of random people/cities/states/whatever else under a category the rest of us gave them.

"name girls in our class with short hair!"

"name states in the U.S.!"

in the end we played charades (hah - we totally owned the other team, baby.) while nibbling on food brought by the girls (*avoids Geoffrey's glare*) . Rachel Law made amazing brownies and Debs made amazing salad, by the way. i wish i had the patience/ability to make food without at least destroying part of it in the process.

mm today's voting went on fine. people kept on submitting new entries that were just pictures of themselves (omg celaka babi kanasai machaohai pukitiang niamatoot goddamnit can't they at least compete PROPERLY?). well, being the desperate bitch i am, i respammed peoples' inboxes with more desperate pleas for help. MY PICTURE'S ON THE SECOND PAGE NOW! @#$@#$@#%!4%@#%@$#

Jeffry was a huge huge huge huge huge help. (thank you so so so so much for voting and promoting and everything else omg i can't thank you enough.) he even submitted an entry of his own haahahaha damn funny lah him and his guitar! go throw some votes his way just because :) Vic too helped me vote - he says he's going to spam a hundred votes tomorrow omg paiseh betul. I LOVE YOU GUYS LAH ;~;.

not forgetting the rest of you -


really really really appreciate it omg i love you all.

and thus, i shall end this Cina-ish post with the obligatory blinking graphic:


Thursday, July 03, 2008 @ 8:14 PM
Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention.


vote vote vote!!!!!

i'm heartbroken :(


@ 12:33 AM
Day two..

and already, i have competition.


bloggers please help me post this picture up as a link on your blog - beep me for the HTML code!

p/s: sorry yeah, Geoff (see, i didn't use tranny pelican :D) - your introduction post comes second. :D


Tuesday, July 01, 2008 @ 9:56 PM
help me out.


This contest's really important to me, so i really appreciate your help. Seriously.

1) Go to http://www.gentingmtvasia.com

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up
- you can enter a random ic number if you're lazy
- if you're not asian, just enter a random country
- for the 'Reccomend A Friend' part just enter some random emails like skhfgsk@hotmail.com (they won't check)

3) Log in

4) Scroll to the bottom of the page, click 'Start Voting Now' (it's in bright yellow)

5) Click the 'Picture' category (it's also in bright yellow)


7) Vote for it 10 times because you can vote for it 10 times per person! :) YES IM SORRY, BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP CLICKING PAGE 4 EACH TIME YOU VOTE TO VOTE SOME MORE, BUT PLEASE BEAR WITH ME JUST THIS ONCE :(

6) Tell all your friends.


and because i am desperate;

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@ 1:33 AM

my baby the superstar!