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Sunday, April 30, 2006 @ 12:19 PM
More pictures....

I'm bored.


Chelsea, i'm sad to say, are winning. Damn.

Well, at least I got to see my Cristiano Ronaldo in action!


Plastered his picture with hearts! Nyehehe. Trent Ford...


I'm still mad at WenLiang for this picture - he took this picture when we were off guard!!!

Looking back at this picture, I realized we all look so young. And it's only a difference of like, eight months? I look much younger. I'm aging so fast!! NOOOO~ (Bluey pulls a face)

Kay :D I think that's enough pink for the day !

Any color suggestions for the borders? Post em' up on the tagboard!

And i'll see you guys tomorrow :)
@ 8:34 AM
More Improvements?.

The last post was a total downer.

Was feeling pissed.

Here's something to compensate :D

Finally mastered the borders at Photoshop!

Dug out this photo from somewhere. On the left is F You and yong sui Kevin.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of entries, and lack of material, and photos. I didn't go to sports day, so this year there's no sports day update. I'm really sorry :)

Congratulations to Blue house for doing a splendid job, though I wish it was Red instead. :(
Saturday, April 29, 2006 @ 1:06 PM
I can't stand this any more..

I'm pissed about this one girl that I know.

I seriously can't fucking stand her any more.

I never should have befriended her in form 2 and brought her in to the group.



And now she's acting like she's been with the group for all her life and she's kicking me to one side.



Stupid lobster.

I hate you.
Wednesday, April 26, 2006 @ 3:43 AM
Stayed home from school....

I stayed home from school today.

High fever. *Groans*

2 panadol pills, 2 antibiotic pills, and 1 runny nose pill so far.


Somebody HELP ME.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006 @ 12:18 PM

Sorry couldn't post this earlier, cuz Internet Explorer had something wrong .

Since the day of the concert :

1) I have nasty rashes on both my lower legs,

2) I can't stop listening and singing along to The Click Five songs (it isn't a bad thing though),

3) I have a runny nose..

4) I have a slight FEVER...

5) I had a headache (thanks to the 2 panadol pills), it is no more...

6) And I am going to have a cough.

God, help me.

Maybe if you guys post lots of "Get Well Soon, Bluey" messages, that'll do the trick :D.

p/s: OH. YEAH. I almost forgot. WE SAW COLBY ON THE WAY OUT FROM SUNWAY LAGOON! *squeals* Colby. MTV ASIA VJ/HOTTIE. As he was walking our way, I stared at him and thought to myself, "Why the hell is he so freaking familiar? And why is he so CUTE!?" And then, the second he passed me, I remembered. "OH MY GAWD! IT'S COLBY!" I shrieked, and he must've turned around. AAAAH! WE SAW COLBY!!! WE PASSED COLBY!! * squeals again* I've never been that close to Utt, or Denise!!!

p/p/s: Oh, yeah. Happy birthday, Michelle Oon. It's your day, tomorrow :D. Enjoy it. You ain't gonna be seventeen forever, you know.
Monday, April 24, 2006 @ 4:15 AM
Quiksilver Revolution / The Click Five concert..

The whole experience (as briefly explained yesterday), was fucking, incredible.

Those of you who didn't go, you didn't know what you were missing.

Skateboards, Jetskis, Surfing, One Buck Short, Love Me Butch AND finally, THE CLICK FIVE.

And Boss Stewie tells me he doesn't know who's The Click Five.

They're the sexiest pop group from the USA, and they usually play at concerts in suits.

You tell me, ladies, how HOT is that!?

First, when we arrived, we'd gotten our tickets from Hoey, we got in and paid RM10 for the pass to sit all the rides in the wetpark and the drypark.

Jean wanted to sit the new ride, Pirate's Revenge, which would swing you up 90 degrees, then finally swing you upside down and a full 360.

I don't trust Sunway Lagoon.

This is a close up shot of Jean (who was smiling throughout the ride.. ) . She said it wasn't scary at all. Just 'windy'.


I think if it was me, i'd be screaming my lungs out.

Well, if I did, i wouldn't be screaming at the concert :D.

After this, me and Joan sat the tube thing, where you had to go down a water slide. It was damnnn funn :D And I got all wet.

We were practically dripping by the time we went out to meet Huai.

The Quiksilver Revolution Tour was held at the Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool, with a ramp on one corner, a big screen on the other corner at the end of the wave pool, and finally the stage on the end where there was dry land and water. (HAHA to those who didn't bring board shorts or couldn't get in the water :D)

I wanted to take some snapshots of the hot skateboarders with their shirts off, but all the photos came out blur :(

This. Is. The. BIG. RAMP. Seeing some of the skateboarders fall wasn't really very pretty. No one got hurt seriously, though. I'd like to skate someday. :D

The night wore on.

One Buck Short came on first, and me and Joan warmed up, partying a little, following the crowd. :D

Then, Love Me Butch, the band who'd got a lot of boo's when they'd opened for Simple Plan last year, came on, and everybody didn't go boo this time, but they partied along too :D

Such a kind crowd.

Me and Joan retired to the little place where Bunny, Bean, Ning , Hoey and Hua were sitting, and ate the doughnuts that Jean bought for us .

I took a snapshot of the crowd from there... I zoomed out until I couldn't zoom no more, but I just couldn't take the whole crowd. It was just tooooo huuuge.

This. Is only part of the crowd. There was a long line until the end.

This is what you get when:

1) The concert is free.

2) There's the beach.

3) The water.

4) And a popular band.

We all took snapshots together :D

I love this picture. LOL

We wanted to get a good spot, so we gathered there and killed time before The Click Five started :D

Us again...

And then, the guys came out from the backstage in their normal clothes to take a snapshot of everyone, and everyone crowded around them! Hua took a photo of them!! (THANK YOU!!)


I love the sexy drummer and the lead singer. :D


Thanks to Jean for all these PHOTOS!

"Pop princess hold my hand,
Pop princess i'm a fan,
Pop princess I need you now,
Pop princess make me smile,
Pop princess drive me wild,
Pop princess I need you now !!!"

I love that song.

I think the words explains it all :D

All the other pictures were very, very blur =( *SOBS*

I will still have the memoires to keep, to treasure, to remember.

And I hope they'll be back soon :)

I love you, Click Five. :D
Sunday, April 23, 2006 @ 2:47 PM
Pop Princess.

I fell in love with the Click Five today.

My head hurts like fuck.

My stomach hurts like fuck,

My feet hurts like fuck,




Screamed my lungs out ,

Sang ( or rather shrieked ) along with Just The Girl, Pop Princess, and Catch Your Wave.

And the other songs - we just jumped around like maniacs.

And there was water EVERYWHERE.

And I saw loads of SriKL'ians.



I'm sooo tired. Gotta take a shower now!

I promise - updates tomorrow.
@ 5:34 AM

Im so happy ..

Today's the day...


THE CLICK FIVE!! I promise - pictures of the occasion either posted tonight or tomorrow!

Pray to god my camera battery won't die before I take a snapshot of the boys :(

The Click Five will officially be my 2nd concert of my life, the first one being Simple Plan.

Concerts are like, so so so so so fun. Minus the part where people will be jumping, and in the process, the asshole in front of you will, definitely, jump on your toes.

The Simple Plan concert, on March 29th, last year, was held at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, where we had to stand and wait for the boys to come for about 1 hour.

In my case, when the guys came out, everyone was screaming. I was sandwiched on all four sides - in front of me there was this 40-something year old aunty who'd followed her teenage son to the concert - (boy, i'd wouldn't wanna be him) who, weighed about sixty elephants, because WHEN SHE JUMPED, SHE STEPPED ON MY TOES ABOUT A MILLION TIMES AND WHEN I CAME HOME MY TOES WERE FREAKING BRUISED!

And ... there was this rude guy from England on my right, screaming "I LOVE YOU PIERRE!"

And on my left, there was this guy too, holding up a sign that said, "PIERRE, GIVE US THE FINGER!"

I was separated from my original group.



I hope it won't be like that afterwards :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006 @ 11:03 AM
The World Is Bright Again.

I'm no longer sitting in my shadow of doom.

I'm no longer sulking in the corner.

I'm no longer moody.


Cause everything has finally turned out all right. :D

And, I've made my first nice border picture!!

Wanna see?



Nice or not?


I know, I know, the border doesn't really stand out much, but it will get better :D

I promise. :D

I'm trying to put a glow around the border .


A friend of mine said, in that picture, I look weird.

I do =_=

I was having a really bad hair day.

And I was sleepy.



Oh well. Got to do my unfinished tuition homework which has to be passed up in thirty minutes.

* Bluey sneaks away quietly *
Friday, April 21, 2006 @ 1:51 AM

At school again... (in the Explorer Lab again...)

I'm sorry for not having major updates for so long...

It's just that at this point , there's nothing really exciting to blog about...


1) Red House will might lose in Sports Day, where we will, as usual, go tumbling down the charts.

2) Pressure - exam coming.

3) Pressure - Maple - I'M STILL LVL 47 AND I HAVE TO WEAR MY CALAF!

4) I wanna buy so many things.. but no money. And mom too busy to take me out. :(

5) Can't get to see The Click Five at Sunway Lagoon this Saturday! *Cries*

6) Mom got pain in her chest.. it makes me remember what happened with my dad...


Life is soo complicated.

And i'm happy you guys are still there for me.
Thursday, April 20, 2006 @ 8:28 AM

I hope you guys like this video of Rain I find seriously, fucking hot. I LOVE YOU, RAIN!

I love you guys too.

@ 2:31 AM
In school.

Updating this in school.

I'd just like to say good luck to Boss Stewie in his coming exams.

You too, all of you, who have exams around the corner!

Mine's in like a month's time (I think less).

* Waits for Rain's It's Raining video to load. *

Kay, i'm busy.

The Big Fat Bitch's lesson is in a few minutes.

See ya!
Wednesday, April 19, 2006 @ 1:45 PM
Fine, Fine..

One more post before I sign off tonight :

I apologize for "insulting" Hua's height, which is of normal girly height. I wasn't insulting Hua, but I was insulting myself. I'd GLADLY exchange my height for hers, because I am only SIXTEEN this year, and i'm a freaking coconut tree. Okay, i'm not six foot, but i'm like five foot something - I'M LIKE THE TALLEST IN MY FORM, FOR F**K'S SAKE!

I'd just like to apologize since Blade was being soooo helpful by copying and pasting PART OF MY BLOG in his MSN Conversations.

Continue that, and see what you'll get, you smartass.

Anyway, i'd like to catch some z's before I look like a panda tomorrow morning.

Love you guys (except a certain someone mentioned directly above the previous two lines)...

@ 8:54 AM
New Someone..

And that name is Trent Ford.

He's the cutest guy I found on an episode in Smallville : Season 4.

He played Mikhail Mslysptik or something like that. Wierd name.

He has no body ! No abs! He's just skinny. But I love his long hair and his husky voice and those eyebrows and that intense stare he always gives into the camera.


Screw you, Chloe Sullivan, for still choosing Clark Kent over this wonderful, gorgeous man.

* Squeals *

Thank you, Lex, for not deporting him out of Metropolis or Smallville or wherever your multimillion - no, billion - LuthorCorp building is, and keeping him alive and safe in a secret floor.

That probably means he'll come out again, in some episode. *Squeals again happily*

Nyahahahahaha. In whatever color, his hair is still FLOPPY.

Okay, i'd better stop it here before I bore you male readers to death.

P/S : Did I mention that i'm a sucker for floppy hair, intense eyes, husky voices and a cute smile?

P/P/S: Yeah, I think I did.
Tuesday, April 18, 2006 @ 11:47 AM
The Photo Session.

There was a photo session at school today.

Many of us groaned at having to pull up our ties (we have to wear white blouses with our skirts and ties for every Monday - but we don't usually pull up the ties. :D ), button up our collars and stand stiff as cardboard with a fake smile plastered on our faces.

My smile went like this. I forced my mouth open and gritted my teeth. I think it didn't look like a smile at all - just someone who wanted to eat up the photographer. Whole.

Since, I, being the unluckiest, tallest, girl in class, I got to stand in the very middle - with Joan and Hua Yein each on my side. I was standing at the back of Pn.Zurina!!

I bet she'd think that I was angry at her - the way I was looking . :O

Anyway, the guys (who were seated in front) wanted to look "yeng" and cool, and stylish by folding their legs - guy style - and giving a "yeng" look to the camera. The new chinese teacher (who somehow was there - i'd thought it was supposed to be Mdm.B, with her defying-gravity boobs or something.. but nooo~ ) scolded them and told them to put their legs together, and sit straight.

They had a hard time arranging Dereck and gang to sit straight :D

I took a long, hard, stare at the Chinese Teacher. He looked like a pig. With small, puffy eyes, a stubby, small nose, which looked very much like a snout, and a mouth that was really too close to his nose.

Then, I shifted my attention to the photographer. He was shorter - much shorter - than me. No surprise. But he was shorter than Hua. HUA. Hua, who hasn't grown since Form 1. Who is stunted, or something, but is still of perfect girly-height.

I mean, dude. Stand next to, say, Jo Wen (yes, the earlier mentioned tallest guy in the school) ... and , gee, you'd be receiving symphatetic looks in a few seconds.

The pros of the photo shoot - WE GOT TO MISS ENGLISH ! WE GOT TO MISS ENGLISH! WE DIDN'T HAVE TO SEE MRS.BIG FAT BITCH OR HEAR HER YELL AT US FOR A WHOLE DAY!! - Man, the day certainly went well.

The cons - There was still Sejarah. *Grumble* I mean, En.A's okay - he's blur, and that's a good thing, 'cause he'll never notice if you're listening to your i-Pod while doing his work at the same time, but the only thing is, he'll be so annoying - even though the tables are pushed together, he'll come and pull them apart.

What a motherf**king habit.

And, he always gives us too much work to do.


I guess i'll better wrap this up - I feel another bout of pains kicking in.

And, yes, if you guys are wondering.

It is that time of the month =_= .

So if I do bite your head off...


I am seriously, truly, ultimately, eternally, and very very sorry.

* Smiles innocently *

See ya till I have a very very good reason to rant again.

Maybe tomorrow.
Monday, April 17, 2006 @ 4:02 AM
Michelle's Birthday 2.

*Bluey claps her hands together japanese-style and apologizes to everyone for always delaying her entrees.*

So, I went crazy with my camera while we were eating! :D I know I know, it's not polite, but ... you know I can't resist random photo snapping.

This is... (I seriously don't know how to spell his name) but it's Jie Han or Jeh Han or something. He's Michelle's baby cousin!! He loves the camera and is uber cute!

Joan and Crystal posing for a photo . At the back is Loon Hung, Eric, Melvin (with the cap) and Hong Ann.

After that we went up to Michelle's room to pose for more photos and gossip. And I went crazy with my camera again, but then all d pictures were so blur you couldn't even tell if they were humans or not.

After that, it was CAKE time! Even now, on my computer screen, as I stare at it, i'm getting very, very, very, very, very hungry. And I have a strong craving for tiramisu cake.

Jie Han posing for me. After that, he ran to me and demanded to see his photo! LOL! He could be a kiddie clothing brand model. Strawberry! Kiko! Zara Kids!

We got ready to cream Michelle. Me, Joan, Suzanne, Hakim, Alex and their friend (I don't know his name), got paper plates and sprayed a lot of whipped cream on it. And we waited until we sang the birthday song and Michelle blew out the candles and cut the cake...

And then..


*Get ready for blur blur photos from now on... Was laughing too hard*

Lynette helped me take this photo so that I could cream Michelle without having cream on my camera.

Poor Michelle with lots and lots and lots and lots of cream on her face.

After that, Choon Wai tried to ask this friend of Michelle's (probably a Pinky) to dance. But she was too shy. Melvin told him, unless you don't dance with her, you cannot come back to sit with us.

But the girl kept refusing, so Choon Wai was forced to go back.

After Michelle's Pinkies friends went back, all of us SriKL'ians felt much more comfortable and decided to play this game where you had to pass this ball around, and when the music stops, the person which was holding the ball at the time had to do a dare picked out from this red sack.

Damn fun.

First, Hong Ann had to do a tango with Michelle...

Then Melvin had to hug Michelle...

Then Choon Wai had to sing something. *I forgot*.

Huai had to act like Ju On...

Emily was really reluctant to hug Alex, so she just patted him on the back instead.

Joan and Yoke Yin put on a very very good show of tangoing. Sound effects included. The only thing missing was the rose. :D

This guy had to dance the Para Para Sakura, but he didn't know the steps, so he sportingly followed Michelle.

Then we all took a break and started dancing the Macarena!!!

Yoke Yin then started dancing My Humps, responding to shouts of encouragement. Michelle was the post or something.

And, last but not least.

Me and Jiehan. My hair was all over the place cos I was trying to dance on the dancemat (to no avail).

I hope you guys liked this entry!

Now, off to play MAPLE STORY!
Sunday, April 16, 2006 @ 3:06 PM
Michelle's Birthday.

We've just been to the first birthday party of the year : Michelle's. And we still owe her her birthday present :(

The other day .. I followed Wun to eat Robert Harris at 1 Utama and I can't resist putting up this yummy thing.

Looks yummy hor. *Slurp slurp* It consisted of two *wink wink* weiners and a large chunk of mashed potatoes.

So. Michelle's birthday party photos!!

We reached there nice and early - Emily, Crystal, Yoke Yin and gang were there already and were dancing :D

This is Crystal. She was making the sushi for later. She squeezed a lot of wasabi in some of the sushis. When the time came for us to eat the sushi, Eu Jin (HAHA), Choon Wai and Crystal kena WASABI! Joan did, too :D.

The finished, and deadly, sushi. Can you see the line of wasabi?

Joan and Hua Yein at the dancemat. :D Danced a few times then got tired of it. Alex cheating! He used the joystick!

After that we were all shepherded downstairs by Crystal, who made us play this guessing game, or to be exact, charades. :D. Me and Suzanne had to act. :O

The guys' turn at the guessing game! Haha. All sitting one row. From left to right, Loon Hung, Eric, Nyet Hao (a.k.a gigolo) and Alex.

After that, it was time to EAT! They had spaghetti!! And satay!! And coleslaw!! And chicken wings!! And sausages!! And wowowowowow !!! Ate till we were damn full.

I will continue this post tomorrow, as it's like, 5 minutes past midnight, and I haven't had my shower.

Promise to continue tomorrow!
Saturday, April 15, 2006 @ 7:43 AM
I Hate Nightmares.

I. Hate. Nightmares.

I had the most FREAKY nightmare of my whole life last night, and I realized one thing.

I love my family and my friends more than anything else in the world, and it hurts to lose someone - even if its in a dream. I hate to say goodbye to someone.

And even from a burning building.

I don't want to recall my nightmare, I don't want to put it up here.

Now. For some happy pictures instead.

Haha. Kaisin took these developed pictures - courtesy of Eric - and put them in these CD covers. (The picture on the right is now replaced by the infamous picture of Hua and Kaisin on the infamous Road Runner).

This is Andrew - this year's Green House Captain. Joan sorta nicknamed him Horny Captain. Haha :D. Go Andrew!

Huai and Lynette doing work :D. In the background, Terence and Dereck are having a go at insulting each other Terence and Dereck are prolly discussing about DOTA or some other game.

Meet Ling Kit! The guy who never stops laughing *evilly. really evilly* and says the most unexpected things at the most unexpected times :D . Just stand outside our classroom already can hear his voice. "HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. " My gawd. (I should record his laughter.)

Kaisin. Hua. Joan. :D

Now I really have to go for tuition. Doesn't a week pass by so fast?
Friday, April 14, 2006 @ 3:20 PM
found this cute brush set..

@ 1:00 PM
Sei. Fei. Po..

You . Bitch.

That woman who wears A SARI when she comes inside our class every single fucking day of the school week. Is. A. Damn. Bitch.

Go screw your fucking hubby who's sitting in the staff room. Yes. The very black one.

And what's your fucking problem?

You hate our class so fucking much go and screw yourself lar.

Come and make problems when we didn't do anything WRONG.

You don't even know how to fucking teach.