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Monday, July 31, 2006 @ 10:21 PM
@#$% Photoshop!!.

I am downright pissed at Terence's CD - it wasn't your fault, Mr.T, don't go all PMS on me, all right, if you read this.

When I put the CD into the drive, I waited, and waited and waited, then this folder came out. I double clicked on the Adobe Photoshop CS 9 or something, and I waited again.

Wait until sooo long, like 5 minutes, then my computer lag. And lag and lag and LAGGGG !

Bah. Pissed.
Sunday, July 30, 2006 @ 5:51 PM
Random pictures..

Have nothing to do these few days ; no homework.

So, I decided to Photoshop all my random pictures!

Get ready.

I'm feeling generous today. :)

Ngarrh. I am so jealous!!! I didn't realize got Cristiano's name at the back of the little Man.U jersey.

Someone buy me a Portugal jersey now!!

:D Tried to make his teeth whiter, but they were just blur.

I did not snap this. Wilson did. I think.

I have a fetish for autumn leaves now.

Because Malaysia doesn't have them? :D

I wish Malaysia had four seasons. So we'd get the chance to don Zara trenchcoats with cashmere sweaters underneath and jeans and boots in the autumn, and Burberry jackets in the winter!

And in autumn, there would be plenty of leaves!! Pretty pretty leaves!

And in the winter, we'd be playing with snow snow snow! Real snow, instead of fake snow that we have in the ever fake Genting Highlands. And we could build snowmen, and after that we'd drink milk and eat cookies or have hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, ignoring the remains of dogshit you didn't scoop up last night, because, hell, it's SNOWING!

It does. My hair from the front is such a mess.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I hate waking up on a Sunday morning, dreading school the next day.

But now, it doesn't matter. There's America's Next Top Model to look forward to on Monday night now!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anyway, Mom got me this from Singapore!! The airport's vast makeup section (as I remember) was having a sale!!! I was hoping she'd buy the Dior Plastic Addict Gloss I was am lusting after since like, forever, but she didn't. Am happy though. I have been wanting a new gloss.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My two prized posessions!! (blah. I forgot how to spell.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Love em.

Gosh, such a long post.

Dinner time!!!

p/s: Had dim sum at Mandarin Oriental. Halal, but damn nice.
Saturday, July 29, 2006 @ 3:28 PM
Dinner at D'Fortune..

We were invited by 5th uncle to have dinner at D'Fortune because it was Kenning's farewell /birthday dinner :) .

It's somewhere behind the Kepong Mosque. (I have no idea where.)

Kenneth fetched us there from Boonie's house. Overall, from the outside, it didn't look very much like an Italian restaurant ; it looked a bit Nyonya. Guess the decorators didn't really know what kind of restaurant they were decorating.

But the food was out of this world. All the drinks (most of them) came in supersize or normal size, the supersize one being RM7 +. Jeez. At talipon, a drink that size would cost around RM3, and a REALLY REALLY SUPER HUGE drink would be at RM4.50.

The size of the drink, compared to the small piece of bread :)

Then, the food came. I ordered a Carbonara - couldn't take a photo of it. I gobbled it up ~ It was way super yummy. I took a picture of Kenning's sausages instead. :)

Joan had lamb.

She took a long long long time tearing the first piece of lamb apart, cursing it , "@$!! Why they give me old lamb one!!" The meat was kinda tough.

But finally,

When we all finished, we ordered ice cream!!!! * Yummy * Was damn full. Felt so round like a balloon. :D

Just ate Pizza Hut. Mom's coming back from Singapore todaaaay! With chocolates and my prezzie!! Bet Wilson is damn happy too. :D I'm sure mom bought him something.

La la la ~ I'm so happy!

Now, updates later when mom comes home. Off for some blog reading!!!
Friday, July 28, 2006 @ 10:21 PM
Just tell her, you sissy..

Just tell her, you sissy.

I don't want to be the middle man. I mean, woman.

Just have some balls and tell her yourself, will you? Do I need to pass Post It notes back and forth to get things going? Or do I need to show you that YouTube video on Hard Gay Cupid and then you'll get the message?

And don't deny that you don't like ; I know you do. I have a radar, and don't tell me it's been struck by lightning. It's 100% titanium (I don't know if that gets struck by lightning or not but whatever, mine can't be struck by lightning).

And don't come to me crying for help when you need it.

Dude, you need a life.

That aside,

I am finally happy with myself.

I can finally do pengamiran!!! And I think i'm a master at it! :D

From now on, I will be hardworking as the trials are coming (September!! So fast!!) I will now constantly study one subject per day, (one chapter each, if I can manage between my homework, blogging, blog reading and playing broom hockey with Candy)

If everything goes according to plan, I will be able to pass my SPM with flying colours!!! *I hope*. I want to get good marks so that I will get to do my Journalism / Mass Communication course and before college, maybe a Photoshop course too, to sharpen my nonexistent Photoshop skills!!

How happy I will be then.

I will be studying the subject I am truly interested in, the subject i've dreamed of doing, the subject i've learned to know all about and I can't wait to go to college!!!

I will meet new friends, and leave my stupid, dusty, Primary School life behind, but I certainly wont forget my secondary life!! I will miss the Guavalians !! I mean, Gammalians, and I will never forget the best year of my secondary life!!!

With that, I am officially naming the Gammalians the Guavalians! (Thanks to our battle with the canteen women about the guavas, which will be another story, but to cut to the chase, 9 of us girls ate 50 guavas total).

So, I am naming each and every person as a guava!!!

Ka Peng - Smart Guava
Ling Kit - Whale Guava
Andrew - Hard Guava (as in Hard Gay WUAHAHAHA )
Dereck - Football Guava
Terence - Black Guava
Lynette - White Guava
Sylvia - Whiter Guava
Jo Wen - Tall Guava
Hua Yein - Loud Guava
Joan - Horny Guava
Me - Bold Guava
Yee Lin - Hungry Guava
Kai Sin - Brave Guava
Tian Yi - Adam Guava
Kevin - Rotten Guava
Eric - Small Feet Guava
Loon Hung - Ahpek Guava
Suzanne - Shy Guava
Wen Liang - Angmoh Guava

Therefore, this makes up THE GUAVA GANG!! =D

~ Ta now, have to go!
@ 11:14 AM
The End Of Lengmou....

The end of Leng Mou!!

And we're all going to miss Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton (who has officially quit from the blogging world, as stated in Leng Mou's last post.)

But Stewie has his own blog now,his personal blog.

I will be a frequent reader!!!!

I can officially call myself a super blogder.

Do you know why?

I read sooo many blogs a day, provided they update. And if they don't, i'll go, "Damn." and feel sulky all day long.

I read :-
  • Leng Mou :(
  • Cheeserland
  • Kenny Sia
  • Xiaxue
  • Bone, Bunny and Bean's Blog
  • Fire Angel
  • Tock's blog
  • Smashpop's blog
  • Rence's blog
  • June's blog
  • my former schoolmate's blog
  • Rojaks
  • Kinky Blue Fairy
  • Colin and Kero
  • Bryanboy

Jesus Christ, and a lot more!!!!!

I LOVE reading other people's blogs and finding out how wonderful their lives are compared to mine.

All I can blog about are pictures, and pictures and pictures, and talk about my studies.

My life has no oomph in it.

You know what I mean?

I'm like this crab that's waiting to come out of it's shell and baring my flesh to the world (okay, that sounded wrong... it sounded like I am a flasher. i am so not one.) That's how I feel.

I wish I was living the high life. I really do. My life is nuts. My life is a life of books, boredom and blah. Someone come over and spice up my life pleasee?!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 @ 10:12 PM
Homestay ~.

Stayed home today.

Was too pressured after the examinations.

Mom went to the airport to accompany Kenning to Singapore to see to some loans and etc etc. I think she wanted to buy a perfume because she kept on asking me why I kept on wearing her CK One Summer perfume and asked if Calvin Klien perfume was nice.

I told her if she wanted to buy a perfume, steer clear of Versace and all of those brands she thinks whose perfumes smell nice but I deem yucky. Instead, I suggested she buy Hugo Boss's Purple. :)

Okay, okay, pictures!!!

Hollister Fall Sweater Models 2006

They're the hottest models after Amber Chia and have even been compared to Tyra Banks and Jon Jonsson!!!

They will be modelling a pink Hollister hoodie and there will be more to come!!!

She always has that >: face when studying (yes, models study), so ignore the expression. She looks the best in this, don't you agree?

Here's Dereck! The hoodie being way too small for him, he still looks gor*bleh*geousss!!!!

Here's Lingkit!!!! He was actually blushing ! Models arent supposed to blush.

Too ugly to be a model. Too black. Horrible glasses, and a too la la pose.

Well, that is all, and they will be back soon! * I hope *

Now, off for a long-awaited shower and then some Pimp My Ride, then i'm off to bed!

Nighty night!
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 @ 10:34 PM
Freedom Day....

God, Maths sucked cock. Jesus Christ. I was damn kau careless okay?!?!!? I left out a "free marks question" worth 4 marks!

I didn't see it!!!!!!

Because it was overshadowed by the stupid longitude and latitude question! KNNCCB!

I was talking to Alex and Jonny then suddenly Alex said, "Eh.. got the standard form question below the number 5 you got do ah? Easy ya?"

I was like, "What standard form question? I never.... " * pause *


I actually saw it when we first got the paper when I flipped through. Then after that I actually forgot that question. Motherfucker.

Wah, damn pissed, man. -_-"

Going out to dinner soon, to celebrate Kenning's birthday and also her Farewell Party because she's going to Singapore tomorrow. :(

Anyway, I owe you people pictures, so here they are!

Bon Odori Pictures

Joan carpooled with me to the stadium. We went there kind of early, because Dad had an appointment at the hospital later on. We were there even before the gates opened. When the gates opened, we walked in and we were given free orange plastic fans! Damn cute one. But the first thing we saw was the cube-shaped stage right smack in the middle of the football field where usually at Sports Rehearsal Day, the finals of the Interhouse Football Tournament would be held.

It seems kind of weird going to Stadium Matsushita seeing other people in it without seeing bright red, blue, green and yellow house t-shirts.

I actually saw Cheesie in the crowd, wearing this pinkish kimono, but I wasn't sure if it was her o_O . After wrong person how?

But actually it was her -_- .

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Got alot of cute Japanese people all speaking Japanese and wearing yukatas!

And what do all the authentic Malaysians do?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And it's like, PACKED, JAMMED, FULL WITH MALAYSIANS!.They eat. And eat And eat And EAT EAT EAT! It's like they've never seen Japanese food before. And there's one loooong line stretching from a stall to the whole width of the field they were using for the food stalls just to get a free, tiny bottle of YAKULT. Eh. Yakult. -_-" It tastes like shit, and it's as small as fuck. WHO WOULD EVER WANT YAKULT?! I mean got lah, but still, one looong line of people meh!?

And the main reason why each of us wanted to come to Bon Odori in the first place was for cute Japanese Guy spotting, but nOoOOo~ the only Japanese guys we spotted were short, and most of them were in junior high.

We spotted a few of good-looking guys though, but they were Malaysians.

Like, this one!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This picture is damn blur lah, but I assure you, he was hot. He's damn tall (but not too tall), had cute floppy spikyish hair, and a great smile ~ Wahaha.

And most of all, he's not lala. Word.

****editor's note****

Ohmygawd, my Photoshop just went crazy, so i'll just post up pictures here without photoshopping them then. Who wanna steal my pictures go ahead, see what i'll do with you.

Like they're even worth something, anyway.

****end editor's note****

And then the dances started! My god, the crowd swellled and swelled, and everyone danced along, waving their fans in the air!!!

And after the dances, there was this nice, non-public dance performed by students from UTAR and other colleges, which was damn nice to watch because this Japanese obaachan was dancing at the front and she was damn fit.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And then when we were eating our dinner, these two Japanese middle-aged men who were sitting in front of us were cracking open cans of Asahi and gulping them down like there was no tomorrow. Our place smelt like beer, and the smell even lingered on our clothes when we reached back home.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Damn blur because my mobile no flash okay, so don't complain if the picture quality sucks because I know it sucks.

And that pretty much wraps up Bon Odori :D . Enjoyed myself tremendously. ~

^_^ Now off to bed. Oyasuminasai!
Tuesday, July 25, 2006 @ 5:44 PM
Accounts and Moral ....

After all the time I spent revising at home, I screwed up Accounts. Damn Accounts teacher so smart, she made us look here and there, find this amount find that amount until headache.

When I turned to the second question, I blur. Did until the Akaun Modal for Modal Akhir then I see the question paper : -

Penyata Untung Rugi untuk Tahun Julai 20x6

Me : Tiu. How to do again arh??

I thought it was like, long long one, like for Akaun Perkongsian like that, but then suddenly it hit me. Damn short only.

So started doing... and doing... then suddenly I got RUGI BERSIH. Dono why whenever I see the word RUGI I feel like it's wrong. Then when I double check, WTF, my Modal Awal something wrong because I didn't add in insurans terdahulu.

Went nuts, I tell you. I was like, whacking my forehead a dozen times, and I was pretty sure I had lots of blue ink and liquid paper on my face. Didn't care and pulled the paper away when stupid exam time-waster S.Claus wanted to staple my paper. Continued scribbling, then when it was time, I grabbed the stapler, put my papers together, and hastily wrote my name.

Done :D...

When I asked what was the answer..

KP : Rugi bersih RM 500.
KP: *Nod*
Me: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *throw pen up into the air*

Haha. First time I actually get a Kaedah Perbandingan question correct =x

I know, I suck. :( But i'm happy. Syok sendiri. *Sniggers*

While studying for Moral, Joan, Dereck, Kevin, Hua and Terence were playing chi ku pak (excuse the spelling) in class to pass time. Pn.Z up front was already pissed with our Add Math marks, and we didn't notice.

So when she screamed ,"OII! QUIET!" Damn loudly, we were damn shocked. We looked up and then her face was like >:( . Only worse.


Chill lah, woman. Headache eat panadol lor. No need to leash it out on us right.


Need to go. It's getting late. And I need to study!



After trying to get the hang of longitudes and latitudes, I realized that pilots have hard jobs to do. Well, now probably not lah, since they have all those neat machines and stuff to get them around the globe, but maybe before they invented that machine.

Longitudes and latitudes SUCK!

You can officially watch me screw up my Maths paper tomorrow.


----end of update----
@ 8:41 AM
Scared Shitless..

I'm damn scared about my Sejarah and Chemistry exams.

I bet, without the help of my (possibly good) coursework marks, I think I only got around 1 mark over 80.

I thought i'd got it for Sejarah. I was so damn confident *overconfident* that only most of Form 5 would come out and most of it would be like, chapter 4, and about the stupid Malaysian Union shit.

But nooo~ They had to go ask about the stupid Khalifah *sorry to Islam readers, if I ever have Islam readers* chapters which I didn't study. Damn, man.

How was I supposed to know that Zimmi was like, orang bukan Islam yang bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda instead of orang asli? * hides head in shame * I bet En.Abu will laugh like hell when he reads my paper.

My tembaking skills have to be boosted up again -_-"

Damn scared when my mom sees my report card.

Anyway, the others in class are doing their Physics examinations now *sniggers* good luck to them! Me, Huai and Terence are rotting in the library, using the computers.

I'm not even sure if we're allowed to be here o_o

Anyway, a senior assistant just came in, and I won't want to risk him reading this post :)

So, signing off, and going to *innocently* study my accounts, see you till later!



I'm scared shitless about Accounts too -_-"
And no it's not easy.

p/s: I can hear Terence coming everytime because he has bells attatched to his wallet which is in his pocket -_-"

p/p/s: He has no aura which he claims he has.

-----*end of update*---
Sunday, July 23, 2006 @ 4:20 PM
The sky is clear again..

Exams are here, and i'm damn stressed up.

Chemistry sucks ass, for one thing.


Now you people can feel cheated again because I don't feel like blogging today.

So there. ;(
Saturday, July 22, 2006 @ 5:14 PM
Tag, you're it. Again..

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head . Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do this survey .

Lets see...

  • 1 Joan
  • 2 Dereck
  • 3 Kai Sin
  • 4 Ka Peng
  • 5 Andrew
  • 6 Yee Lin
  • 7 Tian Yi
  • 8 Sylvia
  • 9 Florence
  • 10 Jason
  • 11 Hua Yein
  • 12 Wun - i mean, Bunny
  • 13 Jonathan
  • 14 Hoho
  • 15 Ji Jun
  • 16 Lynette
  • 17 Ling Kit
  • 18 Suzanne
  • 19 Eric
  • 20 Crystal.
How did you meet 14?
She's my cousin. Like, we met when we were small kids. Haha.

What would you do if you never met 1?
I would dieeee.. Haha. She's the horniest (and funniest) person in class. And she's one of my best buddies, and also part of the 5 Scrooges (as our chem teacher calls us) and the Three Musketeers. :D

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated ?
LOL! Uh... not likely, so i'll never answer this question.

Did you ever like 19 ?
No way. Short (sorry, Eric) , not manly enough for me. Eh, my feet are bigger than his O_O. He has so small feet. Haha.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple ?
LOL... Ling Kit is ... just too crazy for words. Can see them together lor. He never shuts up, and she never shuts up. Perfect lah. LOL!

Describe 3 :
Lets see... she's really crazy, funny (all the time), cries at unexpected times, when she laughs she sounds like she kena rape, and always kena bully by Ling Kit and Dereck. She's also a great friend. Love you :)

Do you think 8 is attractive ?
Too white. Otherwise she's okay. :) (I'm not a lesbo.)

Say something about 7 :
The ADAM is here. Good long distance runner, always pulls Number 1's hair, has the biggest adam's apple on the planet (therefore the name Adam), the 2nd tallest dude in class, 5 foot 11, i think, and has big feet. (Borrowed his slippers at Sunway Lagoon, nearly tripped.) Damn smart also. And he steals my Cheesels! >:(

Do you know 12's family ?
Yeah. :D . She's my cousin wat. Duh :P

What's 18's favorite ?
Three syllables. Ya-ma-pi. Gosh. She's crazy.

Who is 9 going out with ?
MUAHAHAHAHA. That's what i'd like to know. >:)

How old is 16 now ?-
She's currently 16 (wah, so ngam), her birthday's in September.

When was the last time you talked to 13?
Um, yesterday, on SMS. Somehow, he's confident that he will not kena NS. Hah. We shall see.

2's favorite band // singer ?
No idea. I only know that he LOVES Maria Sharapova. (And he just kena NS yesterday MUAHAHAHAHA . ) Don't worry lah, can stick her picture on the top of your tent.

Would you date 4 ?
NOO! Hua Yein (her wife) will kill me! And no, Hua and KP are not lesbos.

Would you date 7 ?
Holy shit. No way. Not my type. Too ... sissy. LOL! In fact, we suspect he likes someeeonee female from the list above.

Is 15 single ?
Duh. He's so mean no one would want him. Dead Ronaldo's Chest. BAH!

What's 10's last name ?

Would you have a serious relationship with 11 ?
OMG incest!! She's my cousin!! And once again, i'm not a lesbo.

Which school does 3 go to ?
Same school and class as mine. :)

Where does 6 live ?
PJ, behind Sri Siam there. :) So near. Haha.

What's your favorite thing about 5 ?
He is currently HOOKED on Hard Gay. We all are. HAHA.

I TAG :* bunny, hoho and bean!! Whoever else also . HEHE.
Friday, July 21, 2006 @ 4:23 PM
Lost and used..

There's this certain guy friend of mine.
We used to be damn close.
Like, damn damn close.
We even shared secrets with one another.

He used to be the person I could confide in, the person I could talk to all this while if I needed any help.
But now, whenever I talk to him it feels so weird.
Like something else is lurking inside.

And now, I think I know the answer.
He's just been using me all this while to get to her.
I mean, every single time when I talk to him now, he ignores me, and shrugs me off.And when I wave hi, it's like i'm invisible.

Everytime I pass him, he asks for her number.
I'm not jealous, if you think I am.
But, hello? I exist, you know?
Since when did we stop being friends?

Damn, I hate this. -_-" It sucks.

@ 11:06 AM
Lets get things straight..

Let's get this out straight.
I know I owe someone special some money, and i'm really really sorry for not returning it.
And i'm sorry for not telling the truth, because this is kinda ... embarassing.

I promise I will return the money tomorrow.
In fact, i've got the money now at school, but she didn't come.
Anyway, hontoni hontoni gomenasaii!!!

I'm planning to lose weight. Every morning, I don't really eat anything at home, so every day when at break, I have hunger pangs.
So I am forced to buy something from the canteen.
The stuff they usually give at school, example : curry puffs, kuihs, cakes ...
Hello, i've... we've been eating them for about 11++ years, and I am downright sick of them.
I can't stand eating those revolting pieces of crap.

So... I will return your money tomorrow.
If I don't, you can call me a bitch, whatever you want.
But i'm really really sorry, and I will return your money sooner in the future. T_T

It's just that my mother doesn't wanna give me back my 40++ bucks yet!!!
It's kinda hard to ask money from her when i've already taken my weekly allowance... >_<

Sorry, Kaisin. :(
Thursday, July 20, 2006 @ 8:23 PM

A few days earlier, we had some fun in school, minus the coming exams pressure. (Right now, studying is in full swing.)

To demonstrate her points about a plant's reproductive system, my Bio teacher brought a pink bunga raya and tore it apart to differentiate from the female organs and the male organs. We made use of the male half. (The female half was full of ants so we threw it away.)

Doesn't she look pretty? (Even though while sleeping?)

Then, Lynette gave this little nodding doll to Yoke Yin for her birthday present, and everyone was nuts over it. (Ask it a question and it responds by itself! Serious!)

Cute hor. I even asked about my love life and it shook its head when I asked if I was gonna be a widow living with 12 dogs :D !

So, Joan took the liberty to ask it a question...

*Sigh* We are all condemned.

The latest craze in 5 Gamma : Chinese checkers and Hard Gay videos (highly reccommended! Go search for him on Youtube, and be sure to choose the ramen shop video with english subs from Bakafish!)

With that, tata now! Happy studying!
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 @ 9:29 AM
At school..

At school now.

Lol. Nothing much.

Won't be expecting to post today though. Mom nagged me in the car this morning and I have to be good today.


Kay, gotta go!
Tuesday, July 18, 2006 @ 9:22 PM

What's a secret if it isn't kept?

Who do you trust with secrets?

A person who is really close to you who doesn't have a mouth the size of the USA.

And who do you not trust with secrets?

A person who is close to you who is yet an asshole who does have the mouth the size of the USA.

So. Do you call, this guy (whose name is Kevin-the-short-ass), who's a so-called "friend" of mine, and another "friend" of my very close friend, a friend, because he told my friend's secret to his own friend? (Overuse of the word friend.) -_-"

Anyway, do you? Most certainly not. And because that friend, whose secret was told, is very close to me, I told Kevin off, and told him , "You're not a true friend." Kevin certainly isn't a true friend. While reading this, you might think, "Oh, you're overreacting, Bluey." or "Aiya. Like that also wan cari pasal." But if you certainly know (or knew) Kevin, hell, you'll agree with me he's the most arrogant, disgusting, slimy, untrustable scum you've ever met on this planet.

When I told him off, Kevin went, in this arrogant manner, "What i'm not a true friend? You are a true friend meh?" So, (my bitchy mode kicked in), I replied, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. I don't go spewing out secrets like you do. Asshole." Then Kevin went, "He's my dai lou you know. I keep people's secrets wan lah. This secret small small, little thing also no need keep one. Some more he (indicating to his pal that he told the secret to) can keep secrets wan."

HELLO? However big or small the secret is, IT IS STILL A SECRET.

You have no right telling the person's secrets if they've trusted you with it!

HOW sure are you that that friend of yours can keep the secret? Huh?

So I haughtily replied, "Eh, shortfuck, a secret is still a secret, okay. No wonder everyone hates you." He instantly shut up.

I can be a bitch when I want to.

I have no time for stupid, irresponsible, arrogant, loudmouth, untolerant bastards like Kevin.

So far, Kevin's the only one that makes my bitch mode kick in. And I don't want to be bitchy to anyone else. Cos no one is like Kevin. So be nice, will you? Be a friend.

Bon Odori pix after next Wednesday!
Monday, July 17, 2006 @ 9:52 PM
Drama Drama in 5 Gamma!!.

Thank God, my layout is back.

Our famous, favorite neighborhood English teacher threw one of her usual, "I really don't know what's wrong with your class ah" tantrums today. Usual. But then this thing suddenly took a sharp turn when Hua went, "What's wrong?". Pn.S exploded, and exclaimed, "YOU! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!"


Calm down, bitch.

She admitted, right in front of everyone , that she wholeheartedly hates Hua, and admitted that Hua doesn't exist in her world.


Then, thank God, when she was (we suspected) about to throw another tantrum, Mr. Chew, our principal came in. He was holding a brown manila file against his chest, and clipped inside it was a ruler and a long rotan.

We all instantly shut up, and Pn.S put on one of her fake, i-am-the-perfect-unrotten-English-teacher-you-expect-me-to-be smiles, and sat her big ass down on her teacher's chair, and smile and nodded and grinned at everything the headmaster said.

-_-. I hate her.

Anyway, before I go...

Gonna find a better picture to make my mark on the pictures. I look hideous in that one. *Sniffs*

Oh. Shoes. Pretty shoes! From left to right, Hua's, mine and Bone's.

Tata now!
Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 10:00 PM
Screwed up.



I hit the wrong button and and and.... my theme is GONNNEE! Gawd. Fark it man.

Have to re-find my theme and re-do everything again.

Damn kau bloody farking unlucky, can.

Arghh!! #$%@#$@%!!!!!
@ 4:31 PM
Bon Odori.

Bon Odori rocked.

Saw lots of dances.

Saw lots of Jap people.

But didn't see any hot jap guys.

SriKL'ers rocked the stadium.

Love you people. Mwahh!

Updates later!
Friday, July 14, 2006 @ 11:27 PM
Exam hiatus?.


I am half glad to say that I have been half studying for this monthly test compared to none from last exam :D.

I hope my marks will be better then.

The latest gamma craze :

Origami frogs.

I believe the origami craze started when Joan started making paper planes out of Shanta's boring, weird and distorted story she gave on the "Little Red Riding Hood" internet printout thing.

Then suddenly Huai wanted to know how to make boats and then Kaisin went,

"Eh, how to make the frog that when you press can jump wan? "

Ling Kit started making em, and then he taught Hua and Kai Sin and then the rest is history.

At first, it started out as a small family of frogs.

As in mother frog, father frog, sister frog, brother frog and little brother frog.

Then, Andrew started drawing weird faces on them. (The one on the most left one (the baby frog, I drew the face :P ) It's going like this >< . Hehe. And then, the frogs ... err... multiplied.


And then we started making smaller frogs, and then tried to make even smaller ones.

The result :-

We had...

  • Ninja turtle wannabe frog (designed by me)
  • Ultraman frog
  • L frog
  • O frog
  • V frog
  • Ka Peng frog
  • Adam frog
  • Siao frog

Lots more lah.

Then the number of frogs began to swell, so we had nowhere to keep or put them. So me and Huai had a brilliant idea!!!

I grabbed a piece of unused half A4 blank paper and used Suzanne's blue highlighter to draw a small pond and Andrew's green highligter to draw two little lillypads. And then I used yellow highlighter to draw some lalang and shit. And it looked fabulous!

I will only show to you the outcome on the next post!!

P/S: Watched Pirates 2 today. Damn nice. Can laugh till pangsai. Don't wanna spoil it for you guys yet.

P/P/S: Gonna go Bon Odori tomorrow. Anyone going, gimme a ring! Or spot me. I'll be wearing a really striking combo : shocking pink shirt and black cloth pants. See ya!

Sunday, July 09, 2006 @ 10:47 PM
Ordinary Sunday....

Pah. Another ordinary Sunday.

This day, being the day of the World Cup Final, bears no meaning to me. I don't even bat an eyelid when one of my friends go ,"Oeih, World Cup Final leh! France and Italy!! Which team you supporting eh? Are you staying up? Big final you know?"

I don't know. Last time, when I supported England, and Brazil beat Germany in a 2-0 win (i think), I still watched the finals, cos' then I was still a football noob, and I only knew footballers within Manchester United, therefore my support for England. I wanted to see who the people were referring to as Ronaldo (bunny teeth), Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, and etc. etc. Hottie Kaka too.

Found this at Giant, One Utama. Didn't buy it though. The price was a bomb.

Anyway, when I first laid my eyes on Ronaldinho, I found his face to be rather disturbing. I still do. His teeth are jutting out, like a mule's, and his long, curly hair looked even worse than some of actresses from the seventies, or sixties.

I remember pointing at the television, my nose scrunched up, and going, "Eh, Wilson, who's that ugly Brazilian with the weird long hair and ugly teeth?" Wilson went, "Huh?", to which I haughtily replied, and pointed again to the screen as the camera focused in on him. "Neh. That one." And he said, "It's Ronaldinho."

Soon, he got advertised more and more on billboards, magazine ads, Nike ads, etc. etc. And the latest - Breeze packs. Good grief.

And behind Ruud Van Nistlerooy's face, you can see Ronaldinho's face while coming back from 1 Utama. THE HORROR.

Beckham is (or was), good looking, and he looks more good looking with age, but soon, he will be coming apart. This pic was supposed to look like "ada class" and all, but he just looks .. horny. Don't you think so?

Anyway, to end this post, the conclusion is, I am not interested in the World Cup finals. And i'm happy for Zizou, anyway. Give him some last minute glory.
Saturday, July 08, 2006 @ 9:10 PM
My life this week in pictures..

Ate this hearts platter in Pizza Hut. Scrumptious.


We just normally crowd around the main teachers' table, instead of being in our seats like good kids. :D . We also intentionally make our fah-bulous Chem teacher laugh - she can't help it. Even when she doesn't want to.

That's why we love her :D

I swear I didn't do anything. :)

Kay. That's all for today.

Gonna stay up and watch Portugal vs Germany 3rd place match. To see Figo and Ronaldo in action. :(

Figo, i'll miss you.
Friday, July 07, 2006 @ 11:09 AM
Can stop it or not?.


I seriously kenot tahan any more.

Stop it, you people, who intentionally say these few things in front of my face just to ridicule me, to annoy me, to fucking see my reaction when you say those things.


And when I snap, "SHUT UP!" you make that dumb face of yours, and go, "I talking to you meh? I not talking to you also." PAH. That's so lame. Fuck you, you think i'm stupid, huh?

And everyone hates him because he throws hissy fits. Fine. Acceptable. But WHY do they hate him after the infamous Portugal vs England match? HUH!?

When it wasn't his fault? And those of you who say it was so not his business to dash 40metres to the ref, it is because it IS HIS BUSINESS because he is passionate about football. About the team. And because he knows how pain it is to be stepped on the balls.

The dude who kena step on the balls from England should know it. It hurts.

And it is Rooney's fault because he was such a pig and stepped on Carvalho's groin.


You want more proof, go here and stop saying it to my face.


And, guys, he's better than you, so STOP COMPLAINING. You don't have abs. Do you? Do you have muscles? DO YOU HAVE EM? HUH?

AND ADMIT IT, LADIES, HE HAS A HOT BOD. And he is far by the most good looking guy in Portugal.

(Yeah, he's the youngest too, but whatever.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So stop coming to me and saying these things:
  • Eh, Cristiano Ronaldo sucks lah...
  • He throws hissy fits, you know, and look what he did!
  • He make Rooney go out!! Damn lansi man!

And etcetera etcetera. Especially KEVIN.

Whose MSN Messenger nickname was so lame, he got his fucking wish.

Stand up for da champions - Go France! Portugal, I hate you! France must trash Port-wat? Oh, I forgot their names.


So I countered him with my own nick.

BabyBluey:KEVIN'S NICKNAME SO LAME - Fine, Kevin, you wan lame i play lame. Kevin, I hate you, lets hope your balls drop off... Oh, I forgot you had balls.

Hah! Die, Kevin. Die!
Thursday, July 06, 2006 @ 12:19 PM

Was thinking of putting up a Portugal header, but then scared England fans will shun my site.

Oh well.

But I found this webbie : www.ronaldoattack.com and I love it!!!

And then I found that he did some photoshoot for Coca Cola, and... WOAH LAO EH! So bufffff!!

He's wearing this tight red shirt (can see his muscles and abs clearly - can't see em much below his jersey, but whatevarr ), balancing a coca cola can on his shoulder :D

Even though Portugal lost to France, I don't really mind, although I want to smash Kevin's the asshole's gloating face with a book (or something).


As I was standing at that junction (as mentioned from the post below), I prayed to god, saying that i won't give a shit about Portugal's match that night if my dog came back.

And I got my wish.

And, sorry, Portugal. :( But I wished you could've gone and trashed Italy's ass in the finals under the wing of Luis Phillipe Scolari. The coach rocks!

Figo :( we'll miss you.




Wednesday, July 05, 2006 @ 9:56 PM
Scariest Day Of My Life So Far..

Nearly lost my bestest, cutest, friendliest, furriest, friend today.

Cried like fuck till sky also can drop.

Thank GOD she had the brains to come back home.

She's 1 year and a few months only. Can't bear to lose her again.

Mom accidentally pressed the gate button, and she ran out, tennis ball in mouth, in pursuit of a cat. The cat chase eventually led her on a little (right) walk for herself.

She ran off to the main road, and then to a junction before a bigger, family field, and met a stray dog. Then, according to my maid (who was chasing her too, and runs faster than me), she ran off with him/her.

We split directions. I stood where I was, waiting for my mother to come pick me up so we could scan the streets faster. I tell you, standing there, alone, with cars zipping about you, and with tears running down your face isn't a wonderful thing to do.

I hopped in the car, and we rounded the place. Mom gave up (when she said that, I cried even harder), and turned back for home.

And there, standing patiently in front of the gate, were my maid with my BABY on a leash.



She was found sitting down outside a house a few houses away from mine, waiting for someone she knew to show up. God, I was so relieved, I jumped out of the car, and hugged her tightly until she nearly couldn't breathe (she was wheezing), and started crying again.

Damn, if I lost her, I HAVE NO MEANING IN LIFE.

No loving hugs from her after I get down from the car. No more kisses. No more seeing her furry tail wag so fast, that it would be a blur. No more pulling on her furry, soft ears. No more playing football. No more playing baseball.

My god.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006 @ 10:53 PM

Hard Gay - HOOOOOO!!


Watched the first ep on Bryanboy's Blog and i'm hooked.

Imagine. A gay guy wearing an exceptionally tight leather suit, strapped to a Yahoo billboard, and shouting "Yaaaa-HOOOO!!!" then the billboard lights go "DING!"

Nowonder Joan likes it so much.

Gah, its 11.13 pm. Need to pack bag, clean up, and go to sleep soon.


Leaving you all with a hastily photoshopped picture,

Well, then.

Good night.

Monday, July 03, 2006 @ 10:47 PM

Approximately 2 weeks to exam? Or more than that?

I'm so busted. Still acting as if exam is nowhere near.

Trials are, like, end of September. Scary. And to think I don't know a shit about Chem either.

Well, today in assembly, the English Week started, but then not much of an opening ceremony. Julian just came up and announced some shit bout the events that were going on that week and to call the principal up to do his speech.

Overall, he sounded like a cow dying.

Anyway, Lim was her usual bitchy self this morning. Lucky she didn't make a crude remark bout my tie -_- . I don't know how to tie it, okay? If I pull up any more my tie is gonna be like, shorter than my shirt.

Gonna look like a dork then.

Stoned through BM. Junaidah wanted us to finish up our Rumusan - didn't care less. Tried to do the Novel question bout Hilmi and all, though. Couldn't get anything.

Abu Hassan is such a MOTHERFUCKER.

He always makes remarks when girls talk to guys. For example. Let's say I talk to Andrew or Dereck. He'll go , "OHHH! ! WINNIE!! KAMU SUKA DIA KE!!!?!" ... Every single lesson. Eh, hello, old man. You're worse than primary school students you know.

Then today, he was making a remark about Kai Sin and Dereck , who, in my opinion, are perfect for each other. Abu was like, "OHHH! KAISIN DENGAN DERECK GIRLFREN BOYFREN YA?!?" I was in the middle of a perfectly long question, thank you very much, and HIS VOICE WAS LIKE CHALK SCRATCHING ON A BLACKBOARD.

So I went, "EH, DON'T BE SO CHILDISH LAH, CIKGU!! " Then resumed to do my work.




Then everyone laughed at me. "HORRR! WINNIE!! HORRR!!!!"

... Eh, puhleeze lah. There's no way I could like someone like this okay.

Someone who is a great friend, but comes back all smelly and sweaty after lunch, dripping wet, and burps (probably farts, too) loudly in class.

He's very perasan.

So I hope he doesn't perasan when En. Abu said that I liked him, okay. I will NEVER like someone like him. No offense, lah. But Dereck's a great friend. :)

Updates me on world cup match results every morning. :D . Fellow Portugal and Man. Utd. fan. Hehe.


Will post his picture up here one day so that you can all scoff at his ugliness. He's even uglier than Terence . (Just kidding, but he's close.)

Well, signing off, then.

Nighty night.

Pictures soon, I promise! (As soon as I get my other monitor back. )
Sunday, July 02, 2006 @ 7:30 PM
Tennis balls and college..

Spent the day at home.

Wanted to go out and go somewhere. Anywhere. Already two whole days stuck at home with nothing to do. I'm bored of my own home.

Not too bored about this computer, though. :D

But I want my usual computer back. I want Maple Story!!! Goodness knows how many patches i've missed already.

Some more the 24 hour 2x exp thing passed, and the items event gone. Sigh. And donno how many buddies already deleted me from their buddy list after 1 month ++ never log on.

But I know my faithful Malaysian buddy, Hafeez won't delete me. I'm sure of it.

The other day, when I went out to Pizza Hut after school on Friday near Asia Cafe with Terence, Kaisin and Hua Yein, I saw a lot of college students from the nearby colleges, Inti, Metropolitan and Taylor's around, walking, talking, and laughing.

They all seemed so .. so .. mature. And different. And i'm like this lost little girl stuck in an older body. Whenever I go to BM tuition on Friday by myself with all the DJ students and Catholic High students and other goverment school students, I feel so weird.

They all seem so mature. So western. So mature. And all the girls don't laugh out loud or be noisy or run around like we do in school. (Yes, I know, we're ... a different case), but even though I compare them with the more popular and sophisticated girls in my school, they'll beat them flat.

I had that feeling when I was in Pizza Hut.

How am I gonna go to college like that? I don't wanna be the sad, new, girl sitting at the back of the class instead of meeting new friends. Maybe others will think i'm childish and weird cos' of the way I dress.

None of any friends I know are taking mass communication. :(

All are taking science.

Damn shit right.

I know , I know, i'm not supposed to think bout all these things so fast, but I can't help wondering. I hope my future college mates are nice. *Sigh*.

Played tennis ball catching and throwing with my dog today. Candy's getting very good at playing baseball, but then once she gets the tennis ball in her mouth, she won't give it back. So, I have to chase after her, and yank the thing out of her mouth.

She knows so many things already. Donno what to teach her next :)

Peace out now. :) Love you all.
@ 11:54 AM


Miracles happened yesterday night :D

Brazil lost to France (YIPPEEE!) GO ZIDANE! :D YOU ROCK!

Yesterday night, I stayed awake to watch the Portugal match. C.Ronaldo really shined :D. And the fact that Rooney got sent off WAS NOT BECAUSE OF CRISTIANO RONALDO. It was because of Rooney's own temper.

Ronaldo was there, and Rooney pushed him. I tell you, if Rooney hadn't put out his hand and touched Ronaldo, then he won't kena red card right.

Your own fault, so don't cry over spilt milk.


:D Happy that Portugal got through, yes :D . Now waiting to see the outcome of Germany's semifinal match.

Aaawww. What a nice sight. To see a grown man cry. :D . He's like thirty something. O_O.

I love this picture. :D Before his winning penalty shot, he kissed the ball. And prayed hard.

Ooo.. Oh yeah, Nuno Valente also looking not too bad :D...

But I found out that he was fat last time. But now fit fit already :D

Happy happy joy joy. Now, leave me to my homework. :D.
Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 11:00 PM

Last Saturday, I was coming back from lunch when I noticed some beautiful clouds.

To me, they looked like pretty little puffs of cotton candy, gently floating across the clear blue sky.

And then a few hours later, it rained, but what the heck.

And then the following day, I pigged out at home with a bag of peanuts beside me, watching a Pimp My Ride 5-and-a-half hour marathon from 1.30pm to 6.00. which was very entertaining.

Before the marathon, MTV's Mobbed show came on, and I ogled Max, the show's host for a second.

Max is Xiaxue's friend. Go find her picture-heavy post in her archive on her blog somewhere, i'm sure you'll find him. He's damn cute, but his accent freaks me out. Not real angmoh accent. It's like chinese ahbeng trying to be cool like that. He's cute, so I don't care.

And then the fun car show marathon started. You guys should try watching it. It's like, this person has a crappy car, totally destroyed - who knows, maybe they destroyed it themselves to get themselves on the show? - and then Xzibit comes to take their car away, yadda yadda yadda, goes off to West Coast Customs, gets the car pimped (when I say pimped, I mean pimped) and then "WOOLALA IS THAT MY CAR?!"

Wonder who's the asshole who pays for all that shit.

Must've burnt a hole in his pocket.

A large hole.

I like this guy. He's like, innocent. Somehow not the guy making fun of the owner's lousy car when it comes into the workshop.

He goes all , "X, what happened, man?" instead of "AHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE *BEEP*?!" *smash smash smash*

And then the crew is led into the meeting room, to discuss what modifications they are going to do to the poor destroyed car.

I usually ignore this part, cos' I don't understand a thing. They all go " i'm gonna shizzle up that thang, and that's gonna be so sweet!"

:) I guess i'm gonna cut this post short.

@ 12:10 PM
I'll be damned..

I hate homework.

Look at my list.
  • BM - 2 Karangan + more I didn't do, 2 Rumusan, Tatabahasa work, Konserto Terakhir papers
  • Add Maths - 1 paper (with a lot of questions + a,b,c)
  • English - fuck you, bitch - Interview the Pearl (FARKING BITCH. IT'S SO IRRELEVANT! ) and the stupid jewellery heist newspaper report.
  • Accounts - Latih Tubi, Kelab dan Persatuan, Number 2. (dono how to do Akaun Pendapatan dan Pembayaran. Next. )
  • Bio - stupid menstrual cycle project. Fark her la.
  • Maths - 9.1 , fuck, i think i misplaced my paper.
  • Accounts tuition - shitload of Kelab dan Persatuan work, + Rekod tak Lengkap 4 questions (she wants to kill me)
  • Bio tuition - read chapter something of form 4
  • BM tuition - 10 karangans still haven do, dont give a shit, but eventually have to do
  • Add Maths tuition - oh god. fuck it.


Oh. And... I can be a bitch a times, okay? I said i'm sorry. I didn't say anything about Argentina. I just said that I don't find any of Argentina's guys are hot, except I can agree Crespo has a nice ass. I do agree that Argentina are good at football, and the Germans were lucky to have a fantastic goalkeeper.