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Saturday, December 30, 2006 @ 12:43 AM

Don't miss me, bitches!

Off to Singapore with Joannnnnnnnnnnnnnie ~

Back on the 1st!!

Happy Early New Year!
Friday, December 29, 2006 @ 12:40 PM
The Trip To Langkawi,PART TWO..

The Trip To Langkawi, PART TWO.

It's not Streamyx's fault, folks.
It's that bloody earthquake in Taiwan.
So blame MotherNature, honey, don't blame Streamyx.

After we got out of UnderwaterWorld, we stopped at their duty free shop to buy alcohol to consume later that night take back to our families.
KaiSin wanted to buy chocolates, and Andrew was carrying the basket, so....

He started grabbing every chocolate box that he saw on the shelf, just to shock KaiSin.
We kept laughing softly, not to give the game away, and Joan actually pointed to the basket, and went, "WAH! WHY SO MANY!"
We had to shush her to continue.

After purchasing the goods;
Uncle Michael and MrRaymond told us we would have lunch in the adjacent Thai/Chinese restaurant that i'd already been to before.
Seriously, if you stop in Langkawi, PLEASE DO NOTT EVARRRRRRRR eat there.
The prawns weren't fresh, and the clams had a fishy-ish taste and had rocks in them.
The only thing nice was the white rice; and that was lumpy too.
All that shit for sixteen bucks.
What a fucking waste.

We then were ferried off to our hotel, Hotel Helang.
Judging from it's a four star hotel, it was kinda nice.
It could also beat whatever hotel in Genting.
And the space was huuuuuumongous.

The view from the fifth floor.
My lousy camera couldn't capture it, but the sun's rays sort of made the pool glitter.
Damn tantalizing.
Made me wanna yank open the window and jump off.

One huuuge queen sized bed for one person.
Aaaahhh, blissful sleep without kicking someone in the middle of the night.

I shared a room with KaPeng, and we kept the room quite neat!
We showered, took naps, watched the Doha games diving preliminaries, cheered for Bryan Nickson and some all-stick-and-bones china dude.

We went down to the lobby around six thirty to go for dinner.
Wahaha, Aneh.
I so used this picture!
By the way, you look like a vampire.

The original, the traditional.......
I'M LOVIN' IT ~~~ At Mc.Donaldssss~

After trawling Langkawi town for a decent and cheap place to eat, we finally settled on fast food, and jumped at the chance to eat McDonalds .
Terence .. er.... emo-ed abit didn't really like it.

After that, we went back to town to trawl the clothes and duty-free shops.
I bought a small bottle of wine and a large limited edition can of Sapporo beer for dad.
I made a bet with Terence that there would be a poster of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Nike shop, and he went;
"Wait - I see first if I wanna bet."
Then he got up and walked into the Nike shop.
"Chey...Bloody cheater."
He came back, with a face - "I don't wanna bet liao."
CristianoRonaldo psychic power!!!

KaiSin was going from shop to shop, comparing prices, and ALL THE TOBLERONE prices were more cheaper than the one she'd bought at UnderwaterWorld.

After that, we went back to Kevin's and TianYi's room to watch a part of Titanic, and then we popped open a bottle of wine , while those who couldn't really drink drank Kampai talked for awhile then returned to our rooms to sleep.

God, sweet sweet sleep.
The bed seemed so soft, and the blanket was so downy and warm!!!
I want a goose-down pillow.
I always seem to sleep better when i'm sleeping in a hotel, maybe because of the pillow?
They ALWAYS have goose-down pillows.

We were late for breakfast the next morning, but still managed to grab a few bites.
The turkey ham and the mashed potatoes were SCRUMPTIOUS!!

Went island hopping the next day. :)
Postcard material!

The Dayang Tasik Bunting lake.
Me, Kaisin and YeeLin shared a paddle boat.
Paddled so hard, my thighs were dying by the end of the day.

The cleanest island everrrr!!
We also saw sea eagles, but the pictures are in Kev's camera.

I see an overexcited Dollar and Pounds at the backk...

We went swimming, too!

Then when we'd gone back to the hotel to shower (KaPeng was using the shower, and so was Suzanne) , me and Joan looked outside at the scenery, and my camera was with Andrew, so....

Uh oh, Andrew, hm hm~~ Shaky hands!

Randomness :P

The next picture....
I shouldn't show it to you.......
It's seriously gruesome....

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here it is! *click*

We had our dinner at the same plaza we had the night before, but not at McDonalds.
We had it at some bistro which served cheap western food and also asian food.
I had a plate of char koay teow, and the serving seemed to be for two.
I couldn't finish half of it.

After dinner, we all went shopping!!!
Bought a little bottle of Spring Orchid perfume from the BodyShop.
My favourite smelllll :)

And we camwhored inside BodyGlove, which had terrific sales, but none of their t-shirts were appealing to me.

Oh, yeah.
We also made a trip back to the Zon DutyFree shop in UnderwaterWorld to buy more drinks :)

Miniature Absolut Vodkas to bring home for decoration.
What, 40% alcohol!!!!!!
No drinking :P
:( I want my Absolut Vodka Citron backkkkk *sniffles*
Curse you hotel staff who took it !

I didn't touch anything but Kampai.
I hate alcoholic drinks, especially wine.

Well... some of us got a little wasted.

And a few of us stayed up all night to care for them.
Resulting in all of us camping in a circle out in the corridor. :)

Back at the bus terminal.

Yeah, that's all :)
Finally, I just wanted to say,
5Gamma has been one big whirlwind for me.
Everything seems to have passed in a blur.
I wished we'd all were closer when we were in form Four.
:) But I shall treasure these memories forever!

I know I shan't see some of you for ever, or maybe for a long time, but I still will think about you, still will treasure you. :)

Remember, SRIKL is no more, but 5 Gamma is for ever!!!

*cue Enrique Iglesias's Escape*

Mwahhhhs >3
Thursday, December 28, 2006 @ 10:23 PM
My brother = Moron..

I'm still keeping the title.
Tuesday, December 26, 2006 @ 7:00 PM
The Trip To Langkawi, unfinished..

The Trip To Langkawi. (unfinished)


Here's a much long awaited post..
It's, like, a million years late?
Sorry for that;
But I have been really busy mapling doing things.

We set off at night for the bus station at around 8,
because mom wanted to fetch aunt home to Melawati.
We went into the airconditioned, smelly, waiting room to wait for 10, when all our friends would arrive.
And we camwhored...

The waiting room was really smelly;
The stench from the horrible toilet detergent wafted out into the waiting room, giving it a horrible horrible smell.
Jeez, can't they afford to buy at least a few bottles of Febreeze?

At last, it was 10, and Andrew, KaiSin, YeeLin and gang were already out there.
We hung around, telling lame jokes and talking, waiting for MrRaymond, our trip chaperone (and turned out to be van driver).
The fucker kept us waiting .. and waiting...
Then finally, YeeLin phoned him, since we had to board the bus already.

He told her that he was at Station Putra or some other fucking stadium at the other side of town.
And you could believe all our expressions.
If he actually missed the fucking bus, then he would have no way to get to Langkawi, and we would be paying hundreds each for nothing.

Then suddenly, YeeLin snapped her phone shut right in the middle of her conversation, and she pointed at the far side of the station, saying;
"I knew you were not so stupid to go to the wrong station wan la! Damn fucker la you set us up!!!!!"
The fucker tricked us!!
He came towards us with his stupid grin slapped on his face, his yellow teeth showing in the lamplight.
That's all you can say?
After you nearly gave thirteen teenagers heart attacks?
Haha? That's all you can say?

We boarded the bus;
And sometime around two or three o' clock;
KaiSin and Andrew and YokeYin looked out the bus window to face the starry sky,
And suddenly, KaiSin exclaimed that she'd seen a shooting star!
Well, lucky her.

We reached the bus terminal at around five thirty a.m. .
Very unexpected, as we would only be boarding the ferry at seven thirty.
So we sat at the almost deserted terminal, sharing jokes and making friends with an extremely cute kitty.

If you look really closely, you could see me in the background with my Gap hoodie.
I really am lazy to edit all the pictures, as there are so many!!!!
And seeing as I don't have Kevin's pictures, I still have more!
So have mercy on me if the photos are too plain;
Don't have the creativity, mood and time to edit!

Terence taking the opportunity to do some gay poses.
And as you can see, i've censored TheAsshole's face out!
*Another smug face*

Miss Kaisin to the camera.(I hope she doesn't kill me if she sees this...)

Seeing as we still had like another hour and a half or so, we decided to lug our bags all the way to the ferry terminal, which was like a few blocks away.
We even had to lug our bags through the rocky dirt part!!!
Damn Mr.Raymond for getting a ride with the ferry terminal dudes.

We settled our stuff at the nearby mamak, where we all had drinks.
Teh ais for me!

Even SRIKL's yummy teh ais beats the shit out of this glass.
Gave me a stomachache.

We boarded the ferry, and out of the ferry window, the scenery was breathtaking, save the window was splattered with drops of dew or water.

Slept on the way to Langkawi.
The ferry was so fucking cramped, even when I sat normally, my knees already touched the seat in front.
Woke up with a major pain in the neck.
The other ferry terminal from the outside was breathtaking!
The blue sky and the sparkling water made the ferry terminal seem like heaven on earth.
But then when we actually walked out of the ferry..
There wasn't much difference, although it was way way way cleaner than the one we departed from.
From there, we rented three vans, two vans driven by other tourguide/drivers, and one to be driven by TheFaggot Mr.Smoker hippoface Mr.Raymond.

The Uncle who drove us was really really nice, Uncle.Michael was his name, and he kept a running commentary about Langkawi island as he drove us to breakfast in a little coffee shop in town.
"You know ah, Langkawi is also known as the island of prisoners you know!!!"
I was sarcastically answering his questions, but I think he couldn't detect my sarcasm.
"Oh.. yes ar."
"Ya! You don't believe me? In the whole island of Langkawi there's no cinemas!!!!"
*Feigns a gasp* "Really?"
*Silence* (I got too lazy to answer him then)
"Wei, why no answer wan...."
"Okay la. I ask you guys a question. What is Langkawi island known as?"
"Uh.. The Island Of Prisoners?"
Uh, because you told us that seconds ago?
"Fine fine, because you answer me, I give you one free CocaCola."
"HA! Really ar?"
"Ya!! When I say i'll give that means i'll give."
"I wan 100Plus wor..."
"Can! "
"Haha. Thanks ar."

After breakfast, we headed to the BirdParadise to see some feathered animals.


Then, we saw a booth where we could snap photos with a little green parrot, a blue-and-gold macaw and a white cockatoo for FREE!
Of course, we jumped at the offer.

I love the cocaktoo in this picture.
It's like he knows we're about to snap the photo and he turned to camera and sizzled.

Terence was kind of scared of the macaw, because earlier, when he had the cockatoo on his arm, the cockatoo got mad at him for some reason, and his little yellow crown at the top of his head flared up and he started flapping his wings dangerously, inching closer to Terence's head before its' trainer rescued him.

The beautiful macaw was really heavy!!!
And his talons were poking into my skin, I was afraid my skin would get punctured.
His name was Sweety or Candy or some cutesy name like that.

Last shot with Mr.Cockatoo!

I'm not kidding, this monkey IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!
He's all fuzzy, with this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge eyes, and little nose, and long long long long long tail.
And he just clings to the wire like he's clinging on for dear life, and turns around and peeks at us over his back.
I want one for my birthday!!! :(

Terence actually went to this bird and started playing one of Yui's songs on his phone.
And guess WHAT!??!
The bird sang along to tune!!!!!!!!!!!!

Editor's Note: Wilson is playing one of his stupid SystemOfADown songs, god knows why he likes the fucking group, i'm getting sick, and the stupid shrieking of the backup singer is blocking out Jesse McCartney.

I am sure I am boring you guys to bits with my dumb animal pictures already, and I will only post a few more!

We clambered into the van, all ready to see some fish (except me).
UnderwaterWorld Langkawi, here we come!

Once we climbed out of the van, we all wanted to see one animal.

Saw only this kind...

I absolutely HATED all other fish at UnderwaterWorld, especially when we walked through the fucking shark tank.
At first, it was okay, but when I saw HUMONGOUS FISH all around me, I freaked out.
I saw a glimpse of this HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE GINORMOUS fish, and I got scared. It was bigger than an average shark!!!!!!
Its eyeballs were like bigger than my palm.
I shrieked and ran out of the room.

And... the penguin mascot scare stays fresh in my mind :D
That guy is PRO!

I'll update later , because Blogger's being a bitch and isn't uploading any more of my pictures, so i'll give you all this instead.
Off for some well deserved rest!

30++ pictures, bitches!