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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 @ 10:22 PM
Dear Guavas.

Dear Guavas,

i guess things aren't really the same any more.
but i miss y'all all the same.
*sighs wistfully*

if only we were back in 5 Gamma....


-omg lah for god's sakes, that ass who's been leaving stupid comments about me liking someone is so fucking setupid.

takkan i like someone, let alone someone new every week meh?

lord jeebus, just freaking leave me alone and let me live my life the way i want to lah. -_- dont give other people false info. ish. your comments are deleted, idiot, so keep trying if you want *rolls eyes* -


Monday, July 30, 2007 @ 6:12 PM

Of sleep. And more sleep.
(I really want some now :( )

The ISA assignment = DUNZO!
*throws papers into the air* WHEEEE!

I missed my bed so much last night, I almost didn't want to leave it this morning when I had to wake up for college. I only had two hours of sleep. Boo! *sulks*

Miss. Catherine's class was a bore. I came late for class, but she didn't really notice, I guess?
Somehow, most of us kept laughing non-stop for no reason at all. :P
We had to work in pairs to construct sentences out of stuff like (gosh, I forgot the name for them) "in contrast" and "in contrast to" and "while".
Geoffrey kept coming up with sentences that somehow was very funny o_o ... kept laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
All that staying awake does me no good.

I'm feeling artistic now, I guess. I just visited www.blogskins.com and somehow Manikka inspired me to start designing on the Genesis posters - so imma go do them now.

I may post something up here :) i'm feelin' creative yoh!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007 @ 2:42 PM
Good Food.

all we have at home is char bee hoon, eggs and instant noodles :(

it doesn't help that i have to stay at home all day due to the assignment Mr.Indy has given us that's due tomorrow. *sighs*

i want good food. i want to shop. i want to DANCE!

yes nash, we really should hit the clubs ;)

good luck everyone - after we're done, we'll celebrate over a few cups of bubble tea perhaps? :)

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@ 12:27 AM

or more popularly known as Fat Carrot. XD

*picture stolen from Mugen's photolog :)*

As you said yourself, you're an adult carrot now!

Have fun, party with your other carrots and don't drink too much tomato beer alright?

Progress on ISA assignment : one sentence. BLEAH


Saturday, July 28, 2007 @ 10:05 AM

rly want fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood right now!
There are weird people from taxes (or something?) downstairs sitting at the dining table and i'm still in my pajamas. I don't feel like changing into shorts :(

Oh, by the way,

I'm really peeved @ ppl hu blog lik this. Wht's d use of startin a blog thn? Maybe cz dey wanna juz fit in wif other ppl. Maybe cz its d "in" thing. Maybe cz they think its so cool jz to write lik this. they kip puttin in LOLs everywhr too at d weirdest places. N sumtimes, they bitch bt innocent ppl in their blog n tht reli makes me wanna punch dem faces. Yes. Srsly.

I'm being a bitch about it, but who the fuck cares? :)
Maybe they'll bitch back about me in their next blogpost!
*rubs hands in glee and anticipation*

p/s: feeling particularly bitchy today. i have assignments to do, posters to design and people to talk to. i so need good food later. :(


@ 12:27 AM
Dance dance.

I wanna dance SOME MORE!

I'm finally back from Orientation Night for the July intakes (we decorated the courtyard)!

I've been at college since like ten in the morning, helping out with decorations, having discussions with Debs and Jesslyn about the ISA assignment and then right back to decorating - and then the party started.

Overall it was tiring but fun. We spent a few hours helping out with the decorations. I met new people like Chatny (I don't know how to spell her name but she's really really nice), Shae (Shannon?) who helped me keep my stuff in his locker before the party really started, Atiqah, Suet Li and lots more people lah.

We stuck stars on the bridge, tied balloons, wrapped red-and-gold cloth around the four pillars in the courtyard, sprinkled glitter and scattered rose petals on the dancefloor. And when everyone was busy eating, we were busy placing floating candles on the water that looked really pretty when we were done!
After all the decorating, we grabbed some food and sat in a circle by the candlelit pond and admired all our hard work :)

Jason, Justin and Laura rocked the dance floor when it was time for them to perform! Whoo! I was screaming along with Geoff, Flo and Su. XD We screamed "WE LOVE YOU JASON!!" when they came out but everyone else were yelling and wolf-whistling as well so I guess he didn't hear us!

After all the performances (one involving the TCHT boys dressing up as drag queens and workin' it on the dancefloor), they finally let us dance! Man, it was my first time actually dancing, and I was quite shy at first, but then I started to feel the music and danced along with everyone else.

I had to go home early though. Boo :( !

I can't wait for the next party we have!
It's going to be a blast (if we're there of course ;D)

Pictures soon, as soon as I get them from Flo (who brought her camera).

I'm so fucking hungry right now, although I ate already. Guess dancing takes up a lot of energy :)

I'm going to go eat something.
See ya!


Thursday, July 26, 2007 @ 11:38 PM
Bizzy bizzy.

French french french french french :P ........ guys XD

Geofftherainbowpelican embarassed me in front of Remy today. =_=

"What is your name again? I don't remember it..." Remy asks, looking up from his laptop
"Ah, Geoffrey..." *trails off*
"And this is Winnie." Geoff points at me with a finger (with evil intentions)
"Um, hello ... *awkward*"
"Nice to meet you. *Remy gives me one of his smiles that makes his eyes sparkle*"
*turns away*
"Uh oh, someone's turning red!!!" OUT LOUD ARGH

Hmph. Evil, Geoffrey, evil.
I shall get my revenge.

Random edited pictures from my handphone :-

Candy's afraid of my black phone so I had to force her to look at the lens. Who knew it resulted in such a cute shot? :P
She always greets me when I get home as soon as I open the car door.

*and all my tears will air dry with just a little time, you'll go your way and i'll go mine*


Stuff to do:
1) Posters for Genesis event
2) ISA assignment
3) ISA assignment presentation


Then why do I fucking feel so damn stressed??????

Expect pictures when I get home :)

p/s: I need an external hard drive =_=

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007 @ 9:11 PM
Holding On To Yesterday.

Post #449
Holding On To Yesterday

to a certain person : you think you're so damn smart and that you know me and EVERYTHING about me. you make dumb assumptions that you think are right and you come bombarding them in my face in your fucking sarcastic tone. i just fucking wish that you would just fucking shut up and OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES and see that i'm so totally opposite of what you take me for.

you think i'm evil? you haven't seen the devil in me yet. continue, and you will.


to someone:
:) Thanks. You really made my day. Even if you don't even know you did. That's all that matters.

Now, back to doing my part on our child physical abuse assignment.

Just researching it makes me feel sick to the stomach. What kind of sick bastard would rape their four year old blond-haired, blue-eyed totally adorable GRANDDAUGHTER?! YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER, goddamnnit. That's like a whole new level of incest. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Marty, you are one sick sick SICK grandpa.

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Monday, July 23, 2007 @ 5:39 PM


so testosterone boys and harlequin girls
will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?
dance to this beat, dance to this beat, dance to this beat...
lets get these teen hearts beating faster faster, lets get these teen hearts beating faster...

Panic! At The Disco - the only fucking thing keeping me sane when Photoshop operates slower than the time my brother takes to finish showering. -_-

[/end rant]


I forgoed my afternoon nap just to post this up - if I don't, the pics will never be up - I procrastinate a lot. Owh dang. I just forgot - i've got Hello event pictures to post up too...
Ah, i'll just post them on my Flickr then i'll just stick the link in somewhere.

Mr.T promised us Shogun a long time ago heh heh, so yes yes, on Saturday he picked me and Huai up from my place and off we went to Shogun... :)
Walked around for a bit, met Joan then we went in!
No cameras were allowed in the restaurant though so we couldn't take any photos of yummy Japanese food.

Well, after that, we did a bit of light shopping (which wore Mr.T out) and then camwhored :P
So here are the photos!

I'm too busy to write long photo descriptions, so short ones today :D

Ter and Huai in Dorothy Perkins.

Um, I was coming out of the dressing rooms when Joan or Huai snapped this.
Didn't like what I tried on :(

Joan and Huai.

Before we went back, we bought gummy bears and jellies to snack on on the journey back to my house :)
Joan murdered a green gummy bear.

Me and my camera in the front seat.


Gummy-bear terrorizers :D

Joan modeling my new black nailpolish :P

Huai and I :)

Me with my koninakap XD
Lots of butter = i like = fat :(

Even if i'm in the front seat, we always find ways to camwhore... :)

I have vampire teeth.

This is Terence, concentrating on his driving....

Then we reached my house & watched um, animes ....
No homosexual porn I swear....

Ter got tired and he went home.

And sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

Sane enough for you?

Fish impersonation :P

Uh.. okay next photo...

Joan :P

And lastly


Steps to create this photo:-

1) Use a torchlight.
2) Cover the torchlight with a red cloth (preferably thin, so that the light can shine through)
3) Open your eyes as wide as you can :P
4) Once you've taken your photo (no flash - make sure you're in a dim place) upload it in and open Photoshop
5) Brightness - lower it down t.o -5 and you're all set :P

Okay, i've got to go for dinner, then to Photoshop pictures for our Powerpoint presentation tomorrow :D
Happy birthday to Donovan and a belated one to YeeLin! :D

Good luck FICMers for our exam tomorrow! :)

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Sunday, July 22, 2007 @ 11:11 PM
Carrots Ahoy.

Carrots Ahoy!

wtv 015 copy

This week i'll be extra extra busy with friends and assignments plus my IT exam on Tuesday so I won't really be updating pictures that often.
Here's a picture to keep you (or at least Mugen :P) happy for a bit.
It's FatCarrot aka. Carrot Moriji aka. Moriji-kun, sitting on top of a pile of old books on my orange desktop.
He looked so comfortable sitting there that I just had to take a photo.
Looks like he's looking out at the world through those round beady eyes of his :D

Anyway, we went to Geoff's house today to get our IT assignment due Tuesday started.
We've planned out what we wanted to do, and we're taking pictures/videos tomorrow.
Hope it all runs well then! :D

I'm off - i'm so sleepy, I missed my evening nap :(

Au revoir!


Friday, July 20, 2007 @ 3:57 PM
Muddled up.

Pitter patter

Rainy days always make me feel alone - somehow.

Even though i'm sitting in this cluttered hall, surrounded by two computers, two huge printers (both black and white, unfortunately) and my dad, who's sitting at the computer beside mine, I can't help but sigh as I hear the loud pitter-patter of rain over the enhanced voice of Justin Timberlake singing "I'm bringing SexyBack".

I've never particularly liked rain, especially the thunder and lightning that comes with it most of the time. Someone told me this story once, about a boy who slept with his windows open. One night, when there was a thunderstorm, somehow the lightning struck the boy while he was asleep. Early next morning, his parents found him dead on his bed. Ever since then, I've always slept with the windows and mosquito net shut and curtains drawn closed.

It's still raining now. I wish Candy was here with me, sleeping at my feet. She hates rainy days too. She hides behind the shoe cupboard as soon as the first rumble of thunder is heard, and she'll whine like no tomorrow. Maybe she feels alone too, wishing there were someone there with her to keep her company and to calm her nerves. If only mom would let her live in the house. Then both of us can keep each other company.

We had English class early in the morning today. Miss. Catherine chatted with us for awhile about the Hello event and the "mentor-mentee" system. She told us about this boy in diploma who stood out among the rest because he was kind of ... queer. I wonder who that boy is. We've never seen him around before. Maybe one day we shall.

Someone's car overheated and he came pretty late... I think I forgot who that was. *coughs briefly*

And yeah, before I forget, Jason, Geoff and I shall be going around on Monday, taking photos and documenting our day. (So some of you also better pose and act for us okay! :D) I think so.

:( I don't think i'll be going anywhere tomorrow. Sob sob. Another boring day at home!!
Maybe i'll pictures, then?

We shall see.

'Til then, see ya soon :)

p/s: i just felt like writing like this. i have no idea why. but someone said when i write like this i sound as if i'm someone like enid blyton. -_- enid fucking blyton. what the hell????


Falling faster, barely breathing,
give me something to believe in;
tell me it's not all in my head...

mixed up thoughts right in there with my busy schedule and loads of uncertainities.

whatever lah i just wanna go out tomorrow can :(
sorry for my slight emo spell. =(
emo stuff deleted now.


ugh. fucking russell peter bumfluff. its getting to me :(

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Thursday, July 19, 2007 @ 10:43 PM

The carrot nut in the ridiculous hat...
Part Two.
Drawn by Mugen. :)
I love this.
It's the best one after supercarrot and cowboy carrot :D

I'm so bizzy this week. There's a replacement class tomorrow for English, since we all went into class late and all and I/we have these to do :-

-IT Powerpoint assignment due Tuesday (111111!!!!)
-Moral assignment due Thursday
-MMH assignment due next next week
-Genesis info posters by Tuesday

And i'm going to :-

-college tomorrow AND ITS A FUCKING FRIDAY :( my sleep-in-day *sighs*
-One Utama with teh bimbo (who gave me a lift home today ;D) and teh darlings :) on Saturday
-National Library with Debs on Monday
-Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday

Don't think i'll be sleeping much at all from now on.

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@ 2:09 PM
Faster Kill Pussycat.

Faster Kill Pussycat

We're in front of our usual morning kopitiam, and Mom spots a parking space not far from the shop.

I wait for Mom to finish parking the car patiently, unbuckling my seatbelt and hiding my Nike bag under the car seat. Wilson sits quietly in the backseat, doing whatever he does when he's in the car - either sleeping, head slanted to one side, his nose buried in one of his textbooks, or sitting quietly, staring out the window.

When mom is finally done parking, I grab my camera and iPod, stuffing them into my shallow pockets, clutching my right pocket because that's the pocket that I stuffed my camera in, trying not to let it fall out. I open the car door, and as I step out, I notice something black lying on the floor a few feet away, unmoving.

I slam the door shut, and curiously walk a few steps towards it, thinking that it is a sock someone had thrown out of a window or something. When I finally realize what it is, my hand flies to my mouth, and I recoil with shock.

It is a kitten. A little black kitten like the one in the picture, lying on its side, its body nearly flattened. Dried blood is splattered around it - I can see tyre marks (probably from a lorry as the marks are kind of big) - and worst of all - bits of brain and an eyeball are hanging out of a now empty eye socket. Flies swarm around it, and a foul stench permeates my nostrils. The little kitten has become roadkill.

My heart breaks into a bazillion pieces.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007 @ 8:42 PM
Confused cupcake.


I don't care what people say about Criss Angel - that he's fake and everything he does is all planned and stuff.

Confused Cupcake.

I'm not in the mood to write today.
I just wish there was a cure for writers' block or moodlessness. (Is that even a fucking word?)

You know, today, among all the rush to complete our assignments, I was telling Donkey and the Pelican about Australia and stuff, and about how I want to take a Journalism degree in Australia.
And this question Geoff asked me really made me think.

somewhere along the lines of :-
"How sure are you that you want to take journalism?"
"What do you mean?"
"From your blog and all, you once said that you were confused about what you wanted to take."

And yeah, I was. Confused.
Heck, I still am.

I want to write. I really want to. I can see myself in a few years at one of Malaysia's many magazines, writing and designing to my hearts' content. (If they let me, of course.)
*groans inwardly*
We'll see when the time comes.

Anyway, there's still so much to do.
I've got a fanfic that I don't feel like completing and a book to finish.

Terence is taking us out for Japanese buffet at Shogun this Saturday!!!
Love love loves!!!!!!

I'm out.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 @ 5:50 PM
Ups and Downs.

Today -


-Sitting in front of the Annexe, singing aloud with Geoff, Amir, Su, Flo, Nadia & gang to random songs
- Helping to decorate LT1 and outside with all the little hellos and chatboxes
- Watching the video presentation :) and laughed my butt off at Amir's antics :D
- Good music from Jing's laptop
- Honeydew bubble tea with jelly
- Seeing people on the twister mat in various positions HAHAHAHAHA
- Stoning after the event @ courtyard with classmates
- Met new people :D
- Purple madness


- One hell of a motherfucking pain in the ass assignment.
- That bloody floor cleaner.

Mood: pissed, worried, peeved.
Listening to: You Give Me Something - James Morrison

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Monday, July 16, 2007 @ 5:26 PM

The Nut In The Ridiculous Hat...

Me somewhere in Australia.
Don't know how old I was.

Spot me.
Joan has lala rainbow socks, my brother has the blue raincoat and...

Fine fine, i'm the nut in the ridiculous hat.

Huai and I... what were we doing?

In some orchard sale-thingy in Perth/Adelaide/Melbourne.

Apparently I didn't want to take a photo because of some reason, but dad picked me up and forced me to take one.
I wasn't very happy.
Looking back now, I wish I'd taken this picture properly - it would have been nice if I did..

Random shot of my shelf.

You know what?

Screw the mentor mentee system.

I'm a very bad communicator - I don't know what drove me to join the frickin' system in the first place.
It was like a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I think i'm going to not concentrate on my mentees (since they don't really care about me anyway) and just get on with my life. Maybe pull out of the system altogether.
I don't know - we'll see in time.
I don't really give two shits about the July intake anyway.
I just hope Miss. Cat doesn't kill me when she finds out I wanna pull out *shudders in fear*

Oh, and keep this in mind.
I ABSOLUTELY DETEST people who judge me by the cover, and not what's inside.
Some people really are so damn shallow that i'd just like to give them a kick in the you-know-where to make them wake up.

Oh well.
Back to IT assignment.

p/s: Oh :D Geoffrey, Amir, ZJ, Dara and I are in this video-thing (filmed expertly by Nadia :D) for a presentation tomorrow for our Hello event thing.

It's really funny, and I had fun watching Geoff and Amir act :D

I shall ask Nadia when everything's over if I can have a copy of it so that I can post it up here :)

Mood: sulky and fed-up
Listening to: Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco


Sunday, July 15, 2007 @ 3:04 PM
Randomness galore..

A few random things :-

**edit as of 9.40 PM**

The stupidest pickup line I've ever heard :- "Your name must be Mickey because you're so fine."

Smack-head-on-table worthy.


1) I really really want McDonalds now. Fries, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a double cheeseburger drenched in cheese and coke with ice. No wait. An Oreo McFlurry too.

2) Since breakfast, I havent' eaten anything. And breakfast was at nine a.m. Came home from breakfast, slept staight until two..... And now i'ts 5.26 pm. And why do I smell durians coming from downstairs?

Oh wait. There are durians downstairs.

3) Scratch the McDonalds. I want waffles. Waffles smothered with chocolate from our chocolate fountain (yeah yeah, I started craving it again after a few days), and chocolate covered strawberries sitting delectably on the top... mmmmmmm...

Okay, i'm REALLY hungry now.

4) Andrew Stetson is good enough to eat :D


How very smexy.
Don'cha think so? :D
He has perfect nipples XD

5) de·lec·ta·ble [di-lek-tuh-buhl]

1. delightful; highly pleasing; enjoyable: a delectable witticism.
2. delicious: a delectable dinner.

3. an especially appealing or appetizing food or dish: a buffet table spread with delectables.

6) When I was younger, I really thought forty was spelled as fortie. I remember vaguely having an argument with my mom and my godma because of it.

I had just finished watching this lame cartoon thing of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and there were these subtitles.

Me being a kid who started reading (according to my mom) at one, I read the subtitles, and I saw the word forty. And I declared, "Mom, they misspelled forty. It should be spelled fortie."

"No, it's forty. F-O-R-T-Y." My mom explained.

"NO!" I ran over to the tabletop, grabbed a piece of paper, and printed out the words F-O-R-T-I-E. "It's spelled like this!"

"It's forty lah." My godma told me softly.

We spent the whole day arguing, until dad came home, grabbed the dictionary, found the right page and shoved it under my nose.

7) I'm really really craving for waffles. SOMEBODY TAKE ME TO WAFFLE WORLD! :(

8) I found a bag of chocolate wafers in the cupboard. They don't really help much, and they aren't waffles....

OH WAIT. Isn't that a plate of waffles on that table over there? ...

Oh no. It isn't.

I must be hallucinating.

9) I think you can tell that i'm bored out of my mind. Yes. When i'm done with this, I can continue doing my resume. (Which I haven't even started yet .)

Miss. Thong, I would just like to say that even for a grrrrrreat IT teacher - and the fact that you have three golden retrievers, two of which are males *hint hint* - you give the suckiest assignments. *nods*

10)Something for the pelican :-


Adorable, ain't it?
Don't worry about your parents ; I get more scoldings from mine than you get from yours.
A certain one in March made me want to jump off a cliff or hang myself from the ceiling fan.
So, yeah.

And the donkey:-


LOL it's so adorable.

You drove all the way there at eight in the morning.

I'm sooooooooo hungry.