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Thursday, October 30, 2008 @ 3:43 AM
"i've got troubled thoughts, and the self esteem to match" (Stump, 2008).

my heart tells me one thing, while my brain tells me another. always follow your heart, they say, but it isn't easy. it never is. i just hope i can pull myself out of this mess, even if i have to do it alone, or even if things don't turn out right in the end. i'm willing to lose this. lose the wall we built up, brick by brick. only if you want me to.

i know i'm losing you, and it fucking sucks. but what can i do? who am i to tell you what is right? who am i to tell you who to listen to? i may not follow my heart, but follow yours and do what you think is best. please. before i crumble any further.

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