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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 @ 12:02 AM
Gamma Sunway Outing 1.

We had our first Gamma Sunway Lagoon / Pyramid outing today !!

Nine of us came : Joan, Me, Huai, Andrew, Dereck, Terence, Tian Yi (Adam), Kai Sin and Ling Kit.

Had tons of fun.

Sat every single ride in there (didn't ride the Tomahawk and the 360 degrees pirate ship... I forgot it's name).

But I had the guts to ride the water slide - the one where you have to lie down on carpets and you slide down all the waaayy to the very bottom.

I didn't chicken out :D

And we watched Over The Hedge! Damn nice :)

Will post about it tomorrow, prolly, and when Huai gets around burning the pics (there is only a little, though, as we didn't really concentrate on photos and concentrated on the fun. Whoops..), i'll Photoshop em and put em up here.

For now - the damage - my nose is very red.. positively glowing. I can be Rudolf the Reindeer's twin - my thighs hurt like shit.. feels like i've got period cramps on my thighs - and my eyes are closing ... closing...

Damn, I need my soft, nice, white, bed.

See you (hopefully) tomorrow!


P/P/S: 10 more days till Jonny's birthday!! What am I supposed to give him? I have NO idea on presents for guys. Any suggestions? :)
Tuesday, May 30, 2006 @ 11:34 AM
Dong Bang Shin Ki!!!.



I have found a very cute boyband!!!

Who dance and sing and have floppy hair!!

And one or two of them are pretty, but who cares -


They're not Japanese!!!!! They're Korean!!

Yep :)

Meet Dong Bang Shin Ki!

Took that pic from some random stalker blogger who'll prolly not visit my blog anyway.

I like the first one from the left, and the third one :D

The others can all go screw themselves MUAHAHAHAHA

Kidding. ^_^

Ooh Ooh...

Just found this video!

I like the guy who went, "HELLO?" ... I think he's the first one :D

EEEE.. Cant find any thing online :(
Monday, May 29, 2006 @ 9:39 PM

Another thing I love about holidays.


Bought :-

1) 3 books : Cecily Von Ziegesar's latest Gossip Girl book..
Cecily Von Ziegesar's new series : the It girl
Lisa Jewell's thirtynothing

2) A pair of blue Converse sneakers - have to wear them out before I set my hands on the Nike Zoom Danzante (which mom won't let me buy) :(

3) Marks & Spencer toffees - they're to die for

4) Traditional Dragon beard sweets from Jusco - so long since I ate them.. they're this candy filled with nuts and wrapped with strings of white candy ... wish i'd taken a picture of em but they're all gone :D

Only one thing left - i WANT my Zara hoodie!!!!


p/s : Just in case if you were wondering , if I am spoilt ... I am so NOT.

Have you SEEN other people who get like, a 300 dollar allowance per week ? And they go shopping like crazy?

Gawd. They are like SO lucky.
Sunday, May 28, 2006 @ 1:19 PM
Photos... Before It All Went Wrong..

Before all the fighting set in, we had quite a happy day.

Took many (random) photos with my phone camera ... in the car on the way to the dentist.

Mom & Dad forced me to go for dental check up.

I hate dental checkups , mainly because I hate the smell.

Once you open the freaking front door of the dentist, a wave of cold, sharp, medicine-like air hits you. I absolutely HATE that smell.

Dad seems to like it, him being a clean freak, and all . (He loves anything that's clean.)

This has been my MSN Display pic for like a week. Somehow find this picture nice. Maybe it's my eyes :)

Made my rubber stamp logo. :D Thanks again to http://good-tutorials.com/

My life maybe has just taken a turn for the better. I heard dad talking to mom gently downstairs just now o.o

Wanted to take a pic of this disgusting guy in the car next to us who was picking his nose, but I was afraid he'd get out of his car, extract a parang out of nowhere, break open my side of the car, and proceed to chop me into pieces.

Neither of them knew what was going to come between them hours later ...

Nearly reached the dentist... I began to shudder in fear.

When we parked the car, we walked up the staircase - the stairs were like, damn steep, and only half my feet could fit on a stair - had to walk sideways :O .. and came to a big glass door.

I've never been to this dentist before. My usual dentist is the one near the Pusat Tutorial Yee .. called Soon and Lee. This one's near all the facial and health and slimming companies near the old Fajar. (i suck at sections. i don't know what section is it in...)

All the decor in the dentist's looks damn new. I think the chairs came from IKEA and the table came from some antique shop, because it looked old and authentic and heavy . There's a lot of the bald trees lately. Seen many of them situated around PJ... even in 1 Utama.

Arghh... Just seeing mom getting scaling on her teeth just makes my blood curdle.

Dad's turn!!!


Hated every moment of it. The smell of gloves, medicine, and weird toothpaste. Erghh..

Did scaling too :P Now I can flash my pearly whites at anyone :P

The scaling hurt though. And the sound of the machine sounded like chalk screeching against the blackboard. A sound I can't stand.

Nearly died.


Anyway. :P Here's something.

Kaisin and Hua Yein look extra happy.

Credits to Wenliang (he's the dude at the top who looks as if his hair just met a lawnmower) for this picture and the next few pictures :)

So peaceful :)

Jo Wen is shyyy ~~

With shy I mean, REALLY shy. :)

Okay... I think i've had enough blogging for the meantime. Need to go downstairs to search for some chow.

Hugs and Kisses,
Saturday, May 27, 2006 @ 5:12 PM

-stuff removed-

Feel like jumping off a cliff.

Or worse of all things, go put myself in some adoption centre in Namibia and hope and pray that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will drop by and pick me up or something, then I can have a glamorous life, wearing Gucci, and Prada, or Chanel, or Dior or Hermes, and go shop till I drop.

-stuff removed-

For personal reasons, Bluey has chosen to remove certain parts of this post, and has put them up on a more personal site of her own, inaccessible to the public, where she puts all her thoughtful entries. Your co-operation is appreciated....
@ 12:30 AM
Happy Teachers Day.

First and foremost, before I start this post about my day, I wanna wish all my teachers a Happy Teachers' Day!

Minus the BFB of course .



Pn.Dayang loved my present ! *Big satisfied grin*

But she said her picture wasn't nice .

She said the message on it was very touching. :D

Today, woke up and played Maple, then updated about my below post...

Don't wanna go back there again.

Went shopping with Mom and Wilson. 1 Utama.

Haven't gone there in days. Weeks. Fortnights. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries.

I felt like I was in heaven.....


Okay, i'll cut the crap.

When we stepped off the elevator from the carpark floor, it was Wilson's turn to feel like he was in heaven.

A huge Nike Joga Bonita (is it how that is spelt?) futsal court.. No. Scratch that, make it two - was set up at the centre court, for under 15 and under 18 guys to go play, two games at a time.


Walked to Italliannies to have lunch first.

We walked into the restaurant, my buttons on my pants clinking noisily against my body as I walked. Everyone stared at us odd three - a short, motherly woman leading the way into the restaurant as a black, tall, one board-short and nice tee clad boy and one weird-mismatched-baggy-pants girl followed behind her.

Man, the waiters and waitresses were so friendly.

They smiled at us as we were ushered to our table.

We paying them MONEY mah! Ka ching!

We were given a nice little table at the back, and the guy served us free bread and to be dipped in this weird vinegar-and-olive-oil thing. Yummy.

The waitress came to take our orders.

And I expected her to stand, like any other waitress would, and wait politely, offering any comments on food, or drink, or try to manipulate us by enticing us to order some really expensive but tastes like bile shit, but NOOO!..


She whipped out her order pad, and she KNEELED ....

Yes. Kneeled.

On the floor, propped her arms up on the table, pen clicked open and poised, waiting to write.


I was staring at her like all funny, when mom kicked my leg under the table.

"Order lah!"

I looked through the pasta menu and ordered the nicest looking (or sounding) thing I could, which was a frappu-something-cini winniemini linguini.

I can never fully GET Italian.

But italian food is super scrumptious.


Nice on the first few mouths, but after a while, I started to feel sick.

Ordered an Esprit Lemon Lime to drown out the taste of cheese.

When we finished, it was time to SHOP!

Was excited. :)

Followed Wilson and Mom to the old block cos' bro wanted to buy something.

Screw you lar Billabong. Why so smart go set up your dumb shop in the old block where board-shorts-and-tee-shirt-craving-metrosexual teens will be magnetically attracted to?



So, skip the boring parts where bro bought some shirts bla bla bla..

Then walked back to the new block, cos' obviously that's where we parked the car. Sheesh, 1 Utama management, you should set up some tram service for gawds' sakes. Think of all the old elderly ladies and men, etc.

Like me. *Ahem*

Took the opportunity to go to Zara. :)

Wah, once I enter, the smell of fresh clothes hit me like a wave. So niiice! Wanted to go bury myself in a pile of dresses.

Walked to the teen section and saw this fabulous pair of trousers! Wah, the nice kind too, all soft, and buttery, and got like strings hanging out of the pockets so when you walk, it swings too :)

Chose a -size undisclosed- size and walked to the dressing room. (Yeah right, as if Bluey will reveal her super-fucking-shitty-because-of-her-big-ass size to you.)

Guy took the hanger, and gave me this number tag, and I chose a nice brightly lit stall and changed.

Wah, but when I tried to BUTTON, I REALIZED - ... EH!? WHY NO BOTTOM BUTTON ONE!

Obviously got 2 button holes that means need 2 buttons right...

Then got signs that someone had ripped off a button (or it popped off?).

So I asked the guy to sew it back, since they didn't have another pair of that size ..

OKAY LAH! IT WAS M size. Happy? Rather tell you all than you think I size XXXXXXXXL or something. I am SO NOT an S :( . *Sigh* Need a diet.

So this sweet, kinda-cute, long, floppy with golden highlights haired Malay guy with these intense brown eyes came over and offered to sew it for me. SEW!

And he was wearing this suit!

Wah. Sexy...

He was about my height. Kinda short. Nah. But those eyes are to die for. Never seen such an intense pair of big brown eyes on a guy - a Malay guy- before! So rare!

So he sewed it back...

I looked around and saw this rack full of HOODIES!!

Wanted one.. but then mom was in a rush to go home, so didn't get one..

I KNOW a gray pair would go fantastically well with my new trousers! :(

Never mind. Next time. I hope the hoodies are still there when I come back :D

Gawd, its 12.29 midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!

What am I doing up?!!

Need my beauty sleep! :) Nite people! Muahhhs !!

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Friday, May 26, 2006 @ 9:07 AM

Had to blog about this.

Had the most fucking scary nightmare i've ever had in my whole life. Yet.

Imagine being hit by a tsunami while holidaying somewhere with all my beloved classmates.

We were walking leisurely along the brim of the beach, all of us Gamma students and Yoke Yin (clasping Eric's hand, as usual).

We came to a wall, and we just lined up, and leaned against it, enjoying the scenery and the view.

Then all of a sudden, when it was all peaceful and everything, the sea started to get wavy.

We started to head back, but the Tsunami was fast. Faster than us.

A small one came first.

We hung on to each other.

Then the SECOND one came. This one was the strong one.

We were washed away. I could hear Joan yelling, "SWIM! SWIM! SWIM TO THE BEACH!"

So I swam. And I finally reached the beach.

I saw Yee Lin and Sylvia and Ka Peng and Andrew and Dereck there... but where were the others?!

"WHERE'S JOAN?" I shrieked.

The beach was horribly empty.

I went in a fit of hysterics, screaming and shouting here and there.

Then suddenly , from the top of the staircase that led to the beach, I SAW A PAIR OF SCANTILY CLAD LEGS STICKING UPWARDS IN THE CLEAR BLUE SEA!

And I was sure they were Joan's cause' no one had skinnier legs than that.

So I rushed to the lifehouse place, and I called the lifeguard to get a raft or something, but the lifeguard was sitting slumped, lifeless, in his place!

Finally, this fat indian dude managed to get a raft and go search for any survivors.

We waited, and held hands, and prayed for the lives of our classmates.

After the long wait, the raft came back full of people. I looked carefully, and I saw Joan and looked around for Huai cause I knew she couldn't swim and I was worried. But thankfully, I saw her sitting next to Joan and the others.

Yoke Yin was there. And I was like," ERIC leh?" ... And Yoke Yin shook her head.

I knew what that meant.

Eric was gone.

Minutes later, I realized someone else was missing. Tian Yi!

"WHERE'S ADAM?" I shrieked .

And Joan, bringing me to sit down, told me...

"He drowned while trying to save Huai," she said.

Everyone cried for Tian Yi and Eric.

Somehow I couldn't believe Tian Yi and Eric were gone.


Wah, that nightmare so scary, can?


That shows how much you guys mean to me :(

p/s : I will miss you, Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton. Will miss reading your posts :( Don't leave! :(
Thursday, May 25, 2006 @ 10:04 PM
A Very Bitchy Post.


Uh huh, it's over.

The mid year exams are over!!!

Now, two whole weeks of HOLIDAYS!!

Think of all the things we can do!

Fun in the sun, shopping, lazing at home, playing, eating, pigging out...

There's so much we can do, and still, SO LITTLE TIME!

Whatever, people, be it rain, or shine, we are so going to have some FUN after two-to-three weeks of slogging over books, poring over mathemathical and chemical equations and memorizing historical dates. We are finally FREE!!!

Mom: Wah, you ar, after this exam ar, like after SPM like that.

Can't help it right.


Anyway, referring to today's post title, I can't help but share something really personal with you people. I'm going to tell you one of my very very very long secrets i've never told ANYONE in my life.

I've hated this certain girl for quite a while now, and the hatred is getting stronger by the day. I mean, she is like... the biggest bitch i've ever known, and for all this while she's been hiding under her shell, acting so innocent.

She's the nosiest person ever, and yet, you still won't know that.

Everything also want to know.

Even though when it's not concerning her.

I know she won't read my blog so i'll be open here.

But I think those of you who know me very well in school sure know who she is.

Been acting coldly towards her for the past few weeks.

And she's in no way related to me.

Don't wanna remember her any more after SPM.

I'm such a good friend.

But she's been such a bad friend to me.



I think you guys have seen enough of my bad side for now :(

*breathes in and out slowly*

Relax, Bluey, relax.

Gonna go Sunway on Tuesday! Gonna relax with my besties.

5 Gamma ROCKS!

And she's not gonna be there for the better part of it for once.

Sounds nice :)

Good night, Malaysia.

Have two weeks of good, clean (don't do things I wouldn't do), fun.
Wednesday, May 24, 2006 @ 9:53 PM
1 More Day Till FREEDOM.

Bluey got bored of Chemical equations and decided to do this for once.
* Ahem*


Im flunkin' it already.

Don't know a thing about Chem.

Yes, yes, I know.

I'm going to *study* (I hope) hard for my SPM when i'm free in the holidays.

I'll be so smart that i'll beat everyone in the exams!

I'll be so smart that i'll be tops when I get my SPM results!

* Bluey hears sniggering and laughter *


But for now, I think i'll just lay back, and relax.


I think I deserve it.
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 @ 10:07 PM
A Break.

I get a whole day off from school and exams tomorrow!

I dropped Physics, muahahahahaha.

I can laze around and relax and get up late tomorrow morning!

My deepest condolences to Huai and Kaisin cos' they weren't allowed to drop Physics any more. Deadline :(

Told you guys to think carefully.. Now only regret..

And tomorrow I can prepare my Teachers' Day presents!

Bought three photo frames. Wish I could've bought more, but then ... one photo frame is like 8 bucks you know...

Gonna give em' to Pn.Z, Pn.S and Pn.D (whom I also owe a birthday present).

I'm gonna put our pictures inside so they can remember the famous us :D

Just kidding, Terence and Kevin. And yes, I did darken your skin colours by using brushes. :)

Anyway, my Teachers' Day present is gonna be a huge success.

I can feel it :)

Printing one of the photos i'm gonna use now. :)

..... O... Kay..

THAT didn't turn out well.

Monday, May 22, 2006 @ 9:50 PM
Candy-whoring 2.

Sorry for the previous post.

But I gotta make this quick too :(

Need to study.

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't only camwhore.

My dog does, too.


Well, I did all the snapping, but she did all the posing .


And this.

And this. Eh, serious weh... Damn pose! She see camera already lie down and gimme that look.

She's like giving me the model's look . You know.. the stare. . . Can see anot?!

Smile :)

Okay, okay.. Don't wanna show off my baby too much.. After you all steal her, kidnap her or ... or..... ..... ....

Okay. Don't wanna go that far.

For your viewing pleasure. Now I need to go.


@ 4:46 PM

Ugh. I've gotta postpone this post until later.

Mom (who is constantly asking Wils to check up on me) doesn't want me to use the computer.

Oh well. :)

Congrats to Bunny and Hoho on their new blog!

And, finally, the countdown:

TWO days more, 6 more subjects to go :)

Be HAPPY people!

The holidays are just like, a few days away !


And regret later on. Oh well.
Saturday, May 20, 2006 @ 11:19 PM

New header.

Have done it entirely, completely, by myself.

Oh. With help from good-tutorials.com of course :)

And I didnt rip anything off anyone.

Still have 4 more subs to study. Crud.

Good luck, people!
@ 3:53 PM
Exams = shit..

Exam countdown : 4 more days (three for me :D ), 11 more papers to go (eight left for me :P)

I can almost hear Huai going,"Screw you, woman! You dropped PHYSICS!"

Now, why didn't you drop it too, hmm?

You might have noticed the lack of Photoshopped (or if you think, over-Photoshopped) pictures lately. I've been too busy to actually lay a finger (or the mouse) over the Photoshop icon which is now sitting, rotting, on my computer's desktop.

And.. look at my FACE! After all these days of studying...


Kidding.. :P

But i've got eyebags like eyebags you've never seen before . (Not gonna show it to you).

Admit it girls. We love camwhoring. Even Joan, who doesn't admit it. :P

Cheesus.. My Photoshop skills are going kaput.

Seriously need to spend the holidays regaining them.

I have also made a few resolutions :

1) I will study during the holidays .

2) I will not glue my butt to the computer chair and my eyes to the computer screen 24/7.

3) I will try to blog more often (without gluing myself to the computer for a long period of time.)

Well. I'm off to study. :) Sorry for such a short entry again, but it is still an entry, right?

I spent about *gasps* 2 hours on this post! Entirely on this post. *Gasps again*

Cheesus. I need to pick up on my blogging skills.

See ya.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 @ 5:17 PM
Speedos and Bikinis.

This day is a better day, compared to yesterday.

The first exam (Prinsip Akaun 1) was screwed up :) , but... well, I don't know why, but I don't freaking care any more.

I'll just cross my fingers and pray that Mom and Dad won't have heart attacks when they see my report card.

For my English Essay (which I kind of enjoyed doing), I wrote about the second topic, which was "Someone whom I admire in my life".

I wrote about dad.

I put in lots of spanking great adjectives and quirky quotes. I bet that will make the BFB happy.

Smile , Pn.Sanizah! :)

She rules ! Best Chem teacher I ever had :D . Note the cute plastic spectacles :P

Over and out,


p/s: As much as the boys of 5 Gamma would like to see the girls in bikinis, i'd like to see them in their Speedos. ( Eh, Kevin... I somehow always KNEW you'd have nothing there !) *Giggles to self*
Tuesday, May 16, 2006 @ 6:14 PM
Joan The Vampire.

Urnghh.... 2 papers down, a gazillion trillion billion million more to go..

Fuck it. I don't know.

I am so freaking screwed up. I screwed my Accounts paper. Gawd. I just wanna kill myself.

I have to seriously lock myself in my room one day, swallow the key, and start studying. Oh. And wait till I poop the key out.

Look at this pic I took of Joan (first head on the left..)!

She's a... a...


Don't believe? Look again.. Closer this time...

Only Hua looks as if she's enjoying it and Joan seems to be licking her arm. =_=

Let's pray I survive through the week.

Sunday, May 14, 2006 @ 9:56 PM
Happy Mother's Day.

Gawd, I am SOOO pooped. After hours and hours of studying, I FINALLY GAVE UP !!

So I followed Mom and Bro to Selayang Makro, where Wilson finally got his phone after hours and weeks of begging. *I got it first* MWAHAHAHAHA

This is my best friend, my baby, my secret-keeper, the one who listens to me when I cry, the one who licks up all the salty tears and comforts me with a hug every time I get home.


I love my Candy. And she loves me too. Awwwwww....

Look at her smiling at the camera :)

We went to Secret Recipe for Mothers' Day lunch, where I paid for the bill.

*WILSON, YOU STILL OWE ME RM18.50 you a**hole!*

*Bluey whistles*

Happy Mothers' Day mom! Mommy dearest and Godma shared a very animated talk while me and Wilson ate our beef lasagna :) *Yummy*

*Burp* Stewie, none left for you :P

I know I don't sound like myself lately ...

Brain is just too fucked up for words.

Will be myself again after the freaking exam. :)

Love you people who've wished me luck *my MSN keeps flooding up*


Saturday, May 13, 2006 @ 7:16 PM
Study, Study STUDY.

Quote Of The Day : "Gawd, I need to STUDY!"

Geez. I need to STUDY.

Am just taking a short break.

I am so FREAKING SCARED about the damn EXAM.

So scared that my gorgeous new phone will be taken away by my parents.

Seriously. :(

Cross your fingers , people, and wish me luck!
Friday, May 12, 2006 @ 9:30 PM
My New Phone Is Heeere!.

Quote Of The Day - Winnie : "Um, how much is the Nokia 3260? " *pause as girl stares at me like i've got something on my face* "......Oops."

It is so frigging gorgeous and it's like so frigging beeauutiiifoool!

Never seen such a beautiful phone in my life.

Here's the first photo I took from my phone. It's not so clear, but still, I LIKE!

Haha. Wilson posed like, so blur, while I was *absentmindedly* looking at the camera! Took a few photos earlier but all of them were much much much more blur than this photo !

Anyway :D , i'm a really super fucking HAPPY girl!

I've got A NICE PHONE!

Makes me wanna sing.

Oh wait. I can open my songs list on my phone and blast The Click Five out loud. *Sniggers*

Here's something I wanna show you people!

Two promising dancers, both from the SriKL dancing group called Adagio.

The one in the white shirt is Choon Wai and the one who's in the cap and Quiksilver duds (the one who did the handstand) is Melvin (aka. my pet Grandfather).

Gotta go play with my Nokia.

Mwahhs! I love you Daddy for getting me the phone! :)
Thursday, May 11, 2006 @ 9:20 PM
The Great Wall Of GAMMA.

Quote of the Day:
Winnie- Eh look! It's the Great Wall Of CHINA!
Andrew- No lah (shuffling) it's the Great Wall Of GAMMA!

You're wondering why am I having such a weird title today, aren't you?

Well, a few days ago, in class, (when the Famous Four : Kaisin, Ka Peng, Yeelin and Sylvia) were absent, we sort of joined lots of tables together in one row so that we could have a friendship bond! :) It really worked too. Joan kept cracking us up with her silly jokes, and Andrew and Ling Kit in front constantly supplied us with horny remarks and comments.

At first it was five tables, with Suzanne, Hua, Me, Joan and Lynette. We were happily listening to Pn. Zuhrah tell us something about kasih sayang when Dereck suddenly screamed, "PRINCIPAL ARR!"

Boy, did we dismantle fast enough. Huai "flew" to the other end of the room, while I slid at the back, and Joan, Lynette and Suzanne hurriedly pulled the tables apart.

It was less than five seconds, Dereck said.

Chew looked in at us, paused for a second, then walked away.


Well, today, we joined about eight or nine tables together, comprising of Suzanne, Me, Lynette, Joan, Hua, Eric, Kaisin and Kapeng. Thus, we filled out the whole width of the classroom, leaving only a tiny space for people to pass back to the seats behind.

Well, there's always the back door :P


Countdown: TWO more days till I get MY NEW PHONE!
Wednesday, May 10, 2006 @ 11:24 AM
Happy Birthday Joan!.

Quote of the Day : Otanjoubi Omedetto BONE-CHAN!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This girl is 16 YEARS OLD today!

She's stunned us all with her horniness, evilness, goodness and her witty and funny random quotes (like the one mentioned two posts earlier).

She's been the one that helped us all through boring lessons, creating chaos in class (especially during Chemistry), and she's the one who usually sleeps in class too, causing all the teachers (especially Mr.W) to pick on her all the time.

She never fails to crack us up when we're bored...

She never fails to tease Tian Yi about his Adam...

She never fails to eat more than us too.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But whatever it is...

We do love you, Joan.

Me, Hua and you have been together since the day we were born.

We played together, we did everything together.

And you always were the one protecting us :)

And we just wanna say, Happy Birthday, Joan!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 @ 6:19 PM
Finally getting my phone....

Quote of the day: En. Abu Hassan - "CERAI! CERAI!" *pulls apart tables* "CERAI!!!"

I am finally getting my DREAM PHONE!

Finally, after SO MANY YEARS!

I'm getting a NEW PHONE!

*Overcome with emotion*

Just been to the phone shop to finally hold my dream phone - the Nokia 3250. There's no pink or silver or green... just ordinary black, but I don't mind. Black's a nice color.

It looked so small - smaller than what it looked like from the website and the magazines.


The guy even demonstrated it's music playing abilities - he downloaded this weird chinese song called Superwoman and played it from it's speakers - not as powerful as the Sony Ericcson walkman, but still, good enough :)

I wish wish wish that phone was mine RIGHT NOW!

I wanna download stuff in it and bring it to school!


Since i'm so very happy today, I'll go do the BFB's work with a smile on my face!

See ya!
Monday, May 08, 2006 @ 8:33 PM
Of Fun And Laughter..

Today was supposed to be a day of stress, pressure and worries of the coming mid year exams. The harsh reminder from Mr.Chew at assembly should have scared us to the bone.

It did. But only for a few seconds.

BM was seriously annoying. Pn.J was in a very bad mood - since last Friday. She gave us like 12 whole pages of KOMSAS questions out of our stupid workbook, and then proceeded to sit down to listen to Huai's oral while we just sat and gaped at the whiteboard with our mouths wide open.


The BFB (short for Big Fat B*tch) had put a downer on all of us. She got pissed at us because, quote, "You people are seriously too much!", end quote, and quote, "You are taking me for granted!", end quote.

It's like she regarded herself like she's Santa or Saint Mary or something. My foot.

Then, she gave us like four pieces of homework to do, all to be handed in by TOMORROW.

"I don't care, if you don't do your work, there will be community service for the whole Form 5 Gamma!" She said, as she handed out the worksheets. Eh... so cruel! WTF?! I mean, like, ENGLISH ISN'T THE ONLY SUBJECT FOR SPM AND THE MID YEAR EXAM YOU KNOW!? WE'RE LIKE, SO FREE AH?


Get a life, can?

We were getting kind of restless at Maths lesson. Teacher gave us worksheet on Probability. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. :D

Chemistry time was ... chaos. Just watching Joan fight with Tian Yi or Ling Kit or Andrew made us all crack up - even Cikgu. Laughed until got stomach ache.

At one point Andrew laugh until cannot breathe, then he SNORTED!

Like pig snort!

He made us laugh even harder.

Then, we found out that Tian Yi could like, move his tongue up and down really fast. Like lizard! His abilities really match his Adam...

Joan made up this quote :

Don't Bend It Like BECKHAM! Flick it like ADAM!!

Ling Kit : "OMG! SHE IS GOOOD!" Then proceeded to laugh his evil laugh again.

If YouTube permits, then i'll post the vid up here! :P

I guess this is all for today ..

Need to do BFB's work!

Sunday, May 07, 2006 @ 6:23 PM
I so want that phone.

I so want the Nokia phone!!!

I forgot its name again..

Nokia 35xx

The one where the keypad can like swivel 180 degrees one...

The one featured in Rihanna's SOS music video and The Click Five's Catch Your Wave video...

Damn cool..

You can buy like, additional 1GB of space, that can store like 300 songs?

But if I ever get Mom or Dad to get me that phone, my brother will get upset. Very upset.

So evil, can?

The last phone Dad and Mom had bought for me was like, four years ago. It's a Nokia 7210, currently beat up, scratched, and cacat.

Seriously cacat.

It won't accept my Sim Card like about four times a day, and it will blackout for a few seconds before turning on by itself again, and sometimes when it's on, and fully charged, the stupid battery will like go down by itself. (Yes lar, I know it's the battery problem for this one, but a person can exaggerate, right ;) ? )

The receptor also damn cacat. Sometimes, when I fish out my phone from my pocket, I will find that the receptor line is like, zero. And I have to restart my phone, and then the SMS'es that I was supposed to receive the day before, or the hours before, or the missed calls start pouring in.


Like, if got emergency or what, like my parents or my friends want to call me for something important or life-threatening, got this kind of lousy phone how to contact me like that?

I don't mind if my parents complain.

Mom: This kind of thing ar.. you get also no use. You will lose your phone soon wan, I tell you!

Me: I won't lah! I'm not that careless as you say I am.

Dad: Don't get all this rubbish 3G phones ar, you know, because they no use wan!

Me: The phone I want is not 3G wan, no need to worry. It's a phone that can last me around 4 years more. (I hope not :P )

Mom: Haiya, I no money lar how? Wait for school holidays first!

Me: (Thinking: School holiday so far awaaay! Don't want!!)

As I said, I don't mind, but my -removed due to complaints by said little brother-.

I tricked him earlier that I'd gotten a new phone over the phone, and he -stuff removed- didn't like that very much.

I hate my little brother :)
Saturday, May 06, 2006 @ 4:12 PM
I so totally wanna kick myself..

Yesterday, I envisioned myself locked up in my room the whole day, lying on my bed and reading Sejarah until Chapter Four of the Form Five syllabus, but nooo..

I ended up following my Mom and my brother to the Curve on hopes of buying the latest Jane Green or Meg Cabot book from Borders.


In fact, the trip was in vain for me, because all we did was buy the freaking huge printer, asked for assistance to bring that freaking printer on a trolley to our car in the carpark, ponder if we should leave the printer in the backseat of the car (because it wouldn't fit in the boot) and go up to shop, or go home.

In the end, we were all so grumpy that I went, in a fit of anger, "Let's just go home lah! Like that so noisy!!" Then mom sort of agreed.

Now when I thought back, I wanted to slap myself for saying that.

I should have said, "Lets go home, then afterwards come again."

So stupid, can!

I wanted to buy a pair of shoes too. You know, those nice white-and-pink or white-and-red Adidas ones that really match with your skirt and pants or whatever?

Plus, I also wanted nice girly slippers. Preferrably with just short heels. Heels that won't make me fall, of course, since my old slippers are now sitting in the shoe cupboard, dirty, yucky and sticky after i'd wore them to Jinjang. Stupid mistake.

Mom summore said that the slippers can't be washed!!! AARGH!

So i'm stuck with my old, oversized, broken, blue Nike slippers that had been bought like, what, five years ago?


As you guys know, i've had a haircut :)

Here you are. :D

And now, for the hideous old me.

Well. I am still hideous.

But I not as hideous as before.

All agree?

Yup. I am happy. :P

Okay. That's enough of me cam-whoring. Now. Off to play maple study :)
Friday, May 05, 2006 @ 11:54 AM
Fine, Fine...

Fine, Stewie, fine.

Right now, i'm concentrating on my studies, but if you want me to post...

I'll post next week, when it's Joan's birthday :D


Now, leave me to my stupid Sejarah.

p/s : Sorry, but I have to say this : -removed due to religious purposes- *Pulls out hair*
Thursday, May 04, 2006 @ 11:14 AM
Bluey on Hiatus.


So far, 3 Chemistry chapters and nothing else.

Oh. Had a good haircut today :)

It's really short, though, but it's finally layered.

Now, I don't go around looking like shit.

It's a start :D

If you guys beg me i'll put a picture of myself up here :P

But, until the May holidays, I will not be posting as frequently as usual, due to the freaking exams :(

Stewie, 16 marks my ass. ADD MATH SUCKS!

I'll miss you people!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 @ 10:34 AM
The exams are coming .....

I've not been able to post because lately i've been... um...busy playing maple studying.

Anyway, Form 5 is an important year for all of us Form Fivers, as everyone knows, because of the SPM exam at the end of the year.

The Mid Year exams are like in two weeks. Two freaking weeks. And I don't even know a shit about


I regret not paying attention in all of Ms. Kamini's lessons and copying off Hua Yein and Ka Peng or Kai Sin or Yee Lin. I really do regret. Because, now, when Pn. Sanizah talks about some shit about Chem, I go, "What is she talking about?" I don't even think I know how to count the molecular r... what's that called again? Ar? Mr? Oh yeah. That's how much I know about Chem.


Call me stupid, call me dumb, call me anything you want. But I don't know a shit about Form 4 Modern Maths. Didn't really hand in most of my work last year. Nearly drove poor Mr.Lim Hong Boon nuts.


All I can say is for Sejarah.... well. School lessons don't really help much.


God. Help me. I can't even do Kunci Kira Kira or Akaun Perdagangan and Akaun Untung Rugi!


I am so screwed.

Good luck to everyone with their studies! And i'll hope that I will finally knock some sense in my head, stop getting addicted to Maple, and magically start getting addicted to my textbooks.