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Sunday, July 19, 2009 @ 11:48 PM
and the reds go marching home.

from unitedpictures.

it was such a surreal experience to finally see my favorite football team for ten years play right in front of my eyes, and an even more surreal one hearing eighty thousand Malaysians yell in unison as both teams scored goals.

even though nearly the whole stadium turned up wearing red and various-colored Manchester United away jerseys, almost everyone was rooting for both teams. a rather patriotic group behind me started singing "Perajurit Tanah Air", a song i recognized as a song people sang about Malaysian soldiers and war, once the home team scored a goal, resulting in snickers from the rows around them. some people heartily sang along, though. it brought an amused smile to my face.

semboyan telah berbunyi/untuk ibu pertiwi

i still say the home team did a pretty good job, compared to last time, when Manchester completely thrashed us 6-0. i remember sitting in Pn. Norida's class, shaking my head at how similar the sport was, yet how different it was between both countries. the home team's defence was rather strong, and i applaud how our striker managed to catch Ben Foster off guard to score a brief equalizer before Michael Owen scored the final goal for United, which was also superb in his own right. (though our tiny goalkeeper was no match for any of the United players, in my opinion.)

good job, boys! i wonder how they'll do on Monday...