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Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 2:56 AM
guess who's back?.

it's been a while since i've used blogspot or actually written anything about my life. i guess the mundane routine of life finally got to me.

fickle-minded ol' me wants to return to this blog, when i left it barely a year ago for the comforting but isolated confines of Livejournal and it's many communities that supply me with endless hours of pretty graphics, stories (oh yes, the stories) and squee-worthy fangirly entertainment. however, i can't tweak my layouts as much as i used to love doing it over here, and i barely remember how to even code any more. time to start again, si?

my posts have also been reduced to three-paragraphed piles of bullshit (well, meaningful bullshit, at least) as a result of my wild imagination after midnight. *scoffs at old posts* posts here are far more wordier than posts in LJ, surprisingly. i've always thought blogspot called for shorter paragraphs and random captions under strategically positioned pictures, but Livejournal turned out to be far more colloquial.

so here's where i'm saying, be gone, indecisiveness! welcome back, Blogspot! betcha missed me ;) but first! a new Blogskin... *goes hunting*