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Thursday, October 23, 2008 @ 12:07 PM
gonna have to follow through.

whenever an assignment is around the corner, it's like a life-and-death situation for me and most of my classmates. it's hilarious how everyone has self-harm messages along the lines of "ASSIGNMENT: KILL ME PLEASE" on their MSN personal messages. yours truly included.

it doesn't help when you're stuck with nothing to write at 5am in the morning when your assignment's due in five hours and it costs you a whole fifty percent chunk out of your course grade. i've had enough of those moments -- i'm slowly trying not to waste my time and start my work early, then go full speed ahead. hopefully, this will work (because it never has before ><)

i've already got five sources down pat, another five to go! i will get through tonight. and Friday. i will. i will.