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Sunday, September 14, 2008 @ 1:02 AM
of good friends and after-dinner pictionary games.

1) today

i had an amazing day :)

i spent one half of the day walking around OU with the Clique, and then the other half with the Guavas - whom i have missed so much!

i had Burger King for lunch, then tried to watch a horror movie (Halloween) but i was too much of a wimp to watch past the initial fifteen minutes or so, so Jayne and i left, flitted from shop to shop in finding the perfect scarf (Zara!), bought magazines (Junk and Time Out) and reserved a gorgeous bag - not the bag i wanted, but a gorgeous bag nonetheless ♥

then, with the Guavas, we had dinner (roti planta) at Kanna Curry House and then played Pictionary at Terence's - 3 vs 4, and we (Andrew, WL and i) were kicking their (Terence, Huai, Joan and Vanessa) asses at first, but they won in the end. next game, boys, next game.

the game was hilarious. after finishing a round, in a bid to try and save paper, we'd draw careful lines around each picture. it didn't make much of a difference, though. but still, we were eco-friendly! *grins

due to that 'eco-friendliness', we created an Octopus with an external brain as a result! it was so cute i had to take a photograph.

i've never had such a fun day in a long time, guys. i love you all ♥

2) fandom-related goodness

- so, Panic at the Disco have started a new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


after scrapping their old website layout, the blog portion has been missing (technically, non-existent) for months and months now, and i'm glad that they've set up an extra site solely for blogging. it's been ages since i read some of RyRo's weird blogposts and Jon's wholesome posts (i love his the best, i have no idea why), and i'm hoping to read some Brendon and Spencer ones, just to see how their writing is like.

not surprised if Brendon's are all about CapriSun and cookies, though, that boy is such a kid at heart. ♥

well, knowing Ryan Ross (as a fangirl, not personally, of course - i wish), he got things going with the site's first blogpost, a post about interesting things at the VMAs, how the world works and prehistoric walking whales. um. o-kaaaaaay.

- i bought a Bones Season 3 boxset!!! it was a steal, considering how much i paid for the last two Seasons when i got them in Summit. i left it at Terence's - i can't wait to settle down and watch an episode or two when i get it back! i heard that Booth and Brennan finally kiss in an episode (thanks for spoiling it, Galaxie!). about time, after two seasons, don't you think?

3) mobile matters

yeah, so the phone that i was using after i lost my initial phone went bonkers recently. i realized that people weren't receiving my text messages, and i was wondering why no one replied to my text messages, too :(

so Dad got me this LG phone from this weird Maxis deal thingy, and i love it already, despite it having no games like Snakes (MY HIGH SCORE IS GONE *sob). i love the pretty pink font highlighter text when i write text messages and the cute keypad sounds (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do - I KID YOU NOT) when you press them!!!! :D :D :D :D

i'm one happy girl :))))

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