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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 @ 5:38 PM
i should have started running.

happy 21, Spin!
i couldn't bear to photoshop your best friend out of the picture as he is insanely gorgeous.
sorry for having to share the limelight :'D

it's been a busy few days!

i'm back from college/uni (i can never get used to calling it uni, so i just call it college all the time, and people get confused, lol).
although it was a pretty long day, i felt that it was one of the more productive days, because we finally finished our third attempt at designing a poster/flyer for the Carnivale event.
pretty proud of this one!
i can't show it to you guys yet, but when it gets accepted, i will! *crosses fingers*

anyway, Merdeka eve this year was spent online with the Clique, and LeeYee and i were the only Malaysians present - we didn't even realize that it was past twelve before going OMG ITS PAST MIDNIGHT! HAPPY MERDEKA in all caps. lol fail.
still, damn festive right :)

last year's was spent at a barbecue party at Terence's with the Guavas and our mutual best friend called wine - don't know why it didn't happen this year. *sigh*
it would have been nice if it did, but i'm not complaining.

anywayyyy random pictures over the weekend-


(omg some idiot is honking endlessly right now somewhere down the street, impatiently waiting for the person he's waiting for - funny how some people don't have the brains to just use a mobile phone.)

and food pictures for Kamilla:

Four Seasons platter consisting of a meatball in some tomato-like sauce, crispy mayonnaise prawns, deep-fried crap pincer, and this little dough basket with diced vegetables and pine nuts. i didn't like the pine nuts much, but the others were okay.

this is sort of a special dish - we only eat this whenever we're in groups at a formal Chinese restaurant for dinner.

they call this dish 'Longevity Noodles' usually eaten on someone's birthday, due to the belief that these noodles will prolong the life of the birthday person. i think. no idea. i'm not that superstitious, really. anyway, this dish consists of thin noodles in oyster sauce, with bits of fish, mushrooms and vegetables on top.

Chinese tea, a staple whenever the Chinese have meals. this time, it's Chrysanthemum tea - Dad's favorite. i like the other kind better, but i have no idea what it's called, just that the tea is usually a few shades darker.

food talk aside, the lecturers are trying to kill us again. work is constantly piling up, and if i don't get a headstart soon, i'm going to drown. :(

wish me luck!

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