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Wednesday, August 27, 2008 @ 7:37 PM
we've been conditioned to not make mistakes - but i can't live that way.

bent back

i'm in no mood to talk about how my day(s) is/are. it's all so blah, so mundane. i'm running on clockwork. constant rejection. pain. speech. communication. silent torture. little wonders. envious stares. daydreams. improvement. determination. sadness.

i'll miss you Caitlin :(

i swear i'm going to go over one day and we'll to to a Simple Plan show together with the Clique. just like we said we would. pinky swear.

if i'm free this weekend, i'll write about food and the Panic at the Disco concert i went to a couple of weeks back!

see y'all later. (Blogger is being a bitch at the moment - it's lagging my typing - i'd type then it all will come out in one burst after a long pause. so annoying!)

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