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Saturday, August 23, 2008 @ 12:50 AM
of missing phones and a dose of bad luck.

my sort-of outfit.

today was an unlucky day of sorts for me:

- got bombarded with more designing work
*posters for prom, ya allah. i will scour Flickr and Deviantart tomorrow for a suitable stock picture!

*kanasai babi cab driver :(. i'm not elaborating any more on this, but let's just say that it's a repeat of what happened to Zheng Joo last year, just that it happened to me this time, wtf. just mail/msn me your numbers! you can still contact me at my old number - i discontinued my old SIM and got a new one, so no changes. PLEASE DONT GET OFFENDED when i answer my phone with a "Hi, who are you?" because as of now i only have like a total of seven numbers on my phone, so um, unless you're one of those seven i might possibly not know who you are.

- lens cap got stuck
* kns the fucker lodged itself between my lens filter and the side of the lens filter and refused to budge. i had to take it to the camera shop around the corner (i NEARLY went into the Canon center before realizing that i was holding a Nikon and i would be offending Canon in a way HAHA). thankfully the guy dislodged my lens cap without a problem!

- forgot to switch my camera off
* FROM FOUR PM UNTIL NOW OK. six hours okay! i'm so relieved that my camera doesn't feel hot or smell funny right now. kanasai :(

the good things:

- i wore a scarf!
* heh. i love my Forever 21 scarf. i seem to be attracted to most things purple these days. i seem to go for the purple colored stuff first before any of the other colors. have. to. stop. omg.

- i bought Breaking Dawn
* going to settle down and read it properly when i'm done with my assignments for the weekend. i have IPD slides to prepare and that skeleton i have to joint re-prepare with Jason. i heard that the book is kinda corny but whatever, it certainly beats Harry Potter.

- we had NANDO'S!
* i am a happy girl. yum.

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