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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 @ 5:48 PM
at random.

- i feel like kicking the shit out of something with a sneakered foot but i don't know what/who.

- i want waffles coated in peanut butter and my stomach is growling but i must not eat. must. not. eat.

- i constantly wonder how did i ever write as well as i did in high school and now my writing is... well, equivalent to the four letter word that basically means faeces. how is everything going to work out in the end, i want to know.

- i want that goddamn distressed leather bag from Topshop but it's just so bloody expensive, and i just know that it's too risky to wait till sale time because there was only one left in the store when i went to visit it the other day. by the time i go back to actually buy it, it might probably be gone. *sob*

- i want a scarf. a long, Ryan Ross-ish one that i can wrap around my shoulders when i'm freezing my ass off in class.

- i just realized that i want so many things, and i'm not even done with my I Want rants yet. :(

- my face is covered with dots, zits and pimples, and sometimes i just wish that my mom owned Clinique or Estee Lauder or something so i can get free facial stuff without it having to cost a bomb to have some.

- i accidentally fell asleep about 203472397429 times in class today omg. and i had funny dreams. i dreamt of a blue rose/flower that opened and closed slowly. and when the flower closed, i jerked awake. i also dreamt that i was taking notes and listening intently in class when i was actually sleeping wtf. HOW WEIRD IS THIS.

- i need new stationery. my erasers and g-soft pens seem to have legs of their own. all i have in my pencil box: mechanical pencil, ruler, empty pencil lead box, random crumpled-up brochure from god knows where, broken lanyard, random green pen cap.


*dies at the epicness of this not-so-epic picture* (will explain if you care to listen. if you don't then tooo badddddd. you'd probably get it if you know me well, though.)

- damn, WHY must China win everything? :(