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Wednesday, August 06, 2008 @ 9:57 PM
we have more wit.

than Joe Guese.

in fact, we pwned his asssssssss (well sort of) haha.

leeYee~: yeah, because it's "all about the music".
joe: It's actually about 15 Jangli Baqarah's. thank you.
joe: I'm dying for 15 goats on my farm. Times are hard.
leeYee~: lol ic. that's pretty rad.
WINNIE.: lol and what in the world are Jangli Baqarah's?
joe: wouldn't you say as our friends panic would say "that's pretty odd"
joe: come on wild goats duuhh
kaitoradeā„¢: i think what we need to discuss, instead, is how Joe is obviously a terrorist.
WINNIE.: lol, obviously. joe, explain yourself.
joe: to myself maybe
leeYee~: should we be worried about any possible bomb threats?
WINNIE.: if click's next album comes out all flowery, i'd know where that came from.
joe: na it's just the dog days of summer and i just feel like talking.
WINNIE.: just curious: old panic or new panic? (though i would probably already know the answer)
leeYee~: lol the click five pulling a ~panic - that'd be something special.
joe: Yes when i say panic i mean the great jam band widespread panic. I'm from Colorado come on.
WINNIE.: lol actually i was asking about between the two cds Panic at the Disco released, but thats an okay answer, too.
joe: notice anything between our old name The Click Five and our new one The! Click Five (super fucking epic line - we loled at it so hard omg)
WINNIE.: HAHAHAHAHAHAA o rly. i will watch for cabaret dancers and elaborate makeup on stage then.
leeYee~: hahahaha oic The Click Five stealing the ! from Panic
WINNIE.: so that's where it went, ic ic.
joe: god i should come here more often. I say something smart ass and get an even more smart ass reply. Need to really test my wits.
joe: come on 500 pages by noon tomorrow!!!! :)
WINNIE.: lol n, we just might leave you here talking to yourself just because~ w8, what time is it there?
leeYee~: ahhh we learn from the best obv. "I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck" -Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Panic
WINNIE.: absolutely.

sarcasm is an awesome weapon to wield.

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