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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 @ 12:13 AM

yes, fyi, i am going.
how, is of no importance.

you know, i always try to write this whole blogpost then i reread what i've written and then i end up deleting everything just because i don't like what i've written.

i don't know, i've been feeling very insecure lately and when i read everything i've written in the past, i'm like, "how the hell did i ever get As for english in high school?", because i've come to the realization that i seriously suck at writing. no wonder i always hesitate and/or freak out whenever i have a long essay to do for university.

it's a wonder why i chose Journalism, really. i still really do want to write as well as i want to, though. and i'm going to learn, no matter how lazy i am. so yeah, do me a favor and point out any grammatical errors in my blogposts and shit unless they're intentional, okay?

on the designing front, as you can see, i've replaced my Travis/We The Kings banner with my snazzy new Panic at the Disco one, complete with swirly light-thingies i spent hours perfecting. i'm also supposed to be cracking my head at a flyer design for that college Carnivale event thing but i'm not feeling inspired at the moment :(

WORK, brain, WORK!

don't even get me started about university. i'm not ready to go back yet. these past six weeks have been amazing. i'm supposed to go back to uni next week. i'm not missing uni at all, maybe just a few certain people that i miss to bits. ahhh i miss talking to friends in real life again! my mom claims that i might as well live with a computer surgically attached to my body because i'm more sociable online than i am in real life. very funny, ma. but yeah, i do miss talking to real people, despite how awkward i am.

ahhh its 12.52 now, and i'm done rambling, so i'm going to go take a shower and get on with my fangirly business. toodles!

edit 3.40 am: you know, schadenfreude is kind of a dangerous yet delicious feeling to have. my guilty pleasure. it's almost masochistic, in a way, depending on the situation.

i just killed a mosquito by accident and i don't know how but i had a squished looking fat mosquito on my middle finger on my left hand and blood on my fourth finger. my hand now thankfully smells of Dove Green Tea/cucumber milk extract, and it makes me shudder to think that if i had not realized that i had a dead insect on my finger earlier, i would have blood and mosquito guts on my face right now if i rubbed my nose or something. ew.

i also happen to have weird thoughts at wee hours in the morning. thoughts that i will not share for my own good because you'd be pelting me with tomatoes if you knew exactly what i was thinking about.

maybe next time.