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Thursday, July 24, 2008 @ 1:43 AM
i am.

i stole this from Janella who stole this from Sydney. it seemed pretty amusing to do, and yours truly is bored, so 8D.

Type your name in Googlism.com and copy and paste the first 15 results.

winnie is pooh
winnie is star
winnie is bald (*GASP* I AM NOT!)
winnie is sons boss david winnie has experience of top (....)
winnie is fun (YES I AM! 8D)
winnie is the newly elected president of the women?s league of the african national congress (this made me crack up so hard ngl)
winnie is the smartest dog i've ever seen (AM NOT. A DOG. KTHX.)
winnie is my goddaughter (yeah, and you're my father. uh huh.)
winnie is peeking out of the honey pot with the trademark bumblebee on the lid (here come the Winnie The Pooh references...)
winnie is leaning on his july honey pot which has a ruby in the front of it
winnie is opening his january honey pot which has a garnet on the front
winnie is a mastiff who is 6 years old
winnie is sons boss
winnie is spirited away when she tries to quench her own thirst (this is so bizarre omg.)
winnie is called after pooh (WELL FINALLY. something true.)

its' a hoot. try this!