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Thursday, July 17, 2008 @ 1:08 AM
no sleep tonight.

oh yeah-

before i forget, i have also been occupied with something else during my holidays (and probably the rest of the year!) and i love it!

you all know that i'm a huge huge huge huge crazy ass Click Five fan right? like as if Click isn't the first thing out of my mouth ever since after their concert in June!

anyway, cutting to the chase, i am a co-web for a Click Five fansite!

do i hear cheers of "FINALLY, SHE'S DOING SOMETHING?" or do i get tomatoes pelted at me because "alaaah why always Click Five wan?" :P

either way, i'm elated that Jodie, who's the girl who started up the site, is graciously allowing a html and ftp noob like me to help her with the site! some people wouldn't have given me the time of day. she's a sweetheart. i haven't heard from her lately, though.. i wonder if she's okay.

sooo if y'all want to find out more about the band (for the umpteeth time, no, they aren't wearing matching suits any more, no, Eric Dill isn't the lead singer of the band any more, and no, THEY AREN'T A BOYBAND) or get updated with the latest news or even snag some amazing Click Five graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers, buttons etc), head on down here, or click the button on my sidebar!

cool? cool.

it's 1.28 in the morning now, and i have been searching high and low for this particular song called 'No Sleep Tonight' by The Faders (who split up a couple of years ago - no wonder they seemed to have disappeared from the music scene...). i remember listening to it on replay when i did my assignments early last year and practically spamming the life out of the song back when i was using Kazaa...

if anyone has it or any other The Faders song on mp3, send it my way please!!!!

signing off because it's late and i want to go make myself a peanut butter sandwich before bed (yes i know i am a pig),


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