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Saturday, July 12, 2008 @ 1:51 AM
adding to the noise.

i like the conversation we had in the car tonight.

i think the parts where we talk about stuff on the way back to my house are one of my favorite parts of the outings we have.

and the thing you said about writing? we'll see about that. i'm still not confident about the whole thing, though. le sigh.

dad just opened the door and yelled at me in this condescending way (i hate it when parents are sarcastic, ugh. it's just so annoying. can't they ever be straightforward?!), so i have to go to bed now.

the thing is i'm not sleepy at all and i think i need a pillow change because i haven't slept a wink in twenty four hours and i'm perfectly fine. F-I-N-E.

see lah, now i'm fucking grumpy.


vote. or i'm going to eat your faces.

and then beat you in halo. *smug smile*

good night.

p/s: i cant actually eat faces. or play halo for that matter. that was a borrowed line from Travis Clark ;)