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Monday, July 07, 2008 @ 3:02 AM
stuck on my ele-elevator.

day seven

i'm having a little preference for R&B tonight.

weird, since i have spent the past nights listening to John Mayer and new PATD on repeat (no kidding).

but nooo not tonight. tonight it's Flo Rida. particularly hooked on Elevator.

i spent today on the computer (again) fangirling about Travis Clark, lead singer of We The Kings, thanks to Ross (who's a friend from Australia who's currently in Holland, the lucky shit!) who sent me a video link. amazing band by the way, check them out here, especially if you like bands like Boys like Girls and The All-American Rejects and other punk rock bands like that.

drew, hunter, travis & dan dan (no i'm not trying to be cute. that's what his nickname is.)

some of you might have heard Hitz play their second single 'Check Yes Juliet' before. it's really catchy sounding("run baby run, don't ever look baaack~"). i threw a fit in the car when i heard it because it's my favorite song off their album and i was afraid Hitz would ruin it for me like it always does, but strangely they haven't been playing the song much. so yay!

it's 3.50 now. really have to stop this trend of updating my blog in the wee hours of the morning.

anyway, before i sign off (it's 4.11 now. i zoned out for a moment.), i will annoy all of you again with this:


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