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Saturday, July 05, 2008 @ 2:51 AM
incessant rambling at 3.37 in the morning.

DAY FOUR & DAY FIVE (just because it's 2.56 very early in the morning)

today was different. instead of bumming around at home getting fat(ter) in the process, i actually went out today :D

woke up late, got dressed and headed to college so that Florence could pick me up on the way to Hong's house for his little get-together party.

i ended up spending fifty bucks more than i intended to spend today because i forgot to return the library books that have been sitting on the backseat of my mom's car for God knows how long. got slapped with a fifty buck fine for returning it super extra late.

no wonder the librarian was smiling.

anyway, we got to Hong's house just fine. the get together was entertaining. imagine the boys running around playing tennis-pong and screaming out names of random people/cities/states/whatever else under a category the rest of us gave them.

"name girls in our class with short hair!"

"name states in the U.S.!"

in the end we played charades (hah - we totally owned the other team, baby.) while nibbling on food brought by the girls (*avoids Geoffrey's glare*) . Rachel Law made amazing brownies and Debs made amazing salad, by the way. i wish i had the patience/ability to make food without at least destroying part of it in the process.

mm today's voting went on fine. people kept on submitting new entries that were just pictures of themselves (omg celaka babi kanasai machaohai pukitiang niamatoot goddamnit can't they at least compete PROPERLY?). well, being the desperate bitch i am, i respammed peoples' inboxes with more desperate pleas for help. MY PICTURE'S ON THE SECOND PAGE NOW! @#$@#$@#%!4%@#%@$#

Jeffry was a huge huge huge huge huge help. (thank you so so so so much for voting and promoting and everything else omg i can't thank you enough.) he even submitted an entry of his own haahahaha damn funny lah him and his guitar! go throw some votes his way just because :) Vic too helped me vote - he says he's going to spam a hundred votes tomorrow omg paiseh betul. I LOVE YOU GUYS LAH ;~;.

not forgetting the rest of you -


really really really appreciate it omg i love you all.

and thus, i shall end this Cina-ish post with the obligatory blinking graphic: