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Monday, June 30, 2008 @ 12:57 AM
Spain or Germany?.

1:01 AM.

hundreds of Malaysians surely are up, waiting up anxiously to watch the euro 2008 finals that are going on tonight, regardless of the late hour. doubtlessly, many are going to turn up late, or not turn up at all for school or work tomorrow.

just four hours ago, i remember my uncle making a pact with his son that if Spain won, he could skip school, and if Spain lost, it would be otherwise. it was made over plates of steaming white rice, five dishes placed smack in the middle of the table (the curry fish head was scrumptious, by the way), all of it to be washed down with several cups of bitter chinese tea, just the way the parents like it.

and teachers blame students for tardiness. hah.

my brother plans to set up camp downstairs soon. i say, the mosquitoes are going to have fun tonight.

i never managed to catch a Portugal match this season. i refuse to watch tonight's final, just for the fact that they got eliminated early, although i am secretly hoping Spain kicks Germany's butt, because i want revenge.

football kind of sucks this year. :(