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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 @ 11:25 PM

so - this is my NEWEST layout, and i think this one's going to stay for a pretty long time to come.

and yes, i made the header myself, and yes, i've been reusing this picture too many times for my own good, but i like it, and so there. *beams*


1) yes, i am still dizzy. i do not know why, but i HAVE been getting sufficient sleep and sufficient rest (sort of) and i WILL try to stay away from this machine that is the computer, but i am, unfortunately, addicted to it.

2) Ben Romans continues to haunt my dreams. just two nights ago, he was in my dreams being a sweetie and then an asshole and then a sweetie again (because he hugged me before he left - but he LEFT). and last night i dreamt about him getting stabbed by my nonexistent Student Council 'president' named Lila who turned out to have kidnapped my brother. (and i woke up crying at six am)

... yeah i know. i'm not smoking anything, if you're asking. but i don't know why i keep dreaming about him.

it's starting to bother me, but i kind of like it at the same time.

3) six weeks break. WHEE!

4) the US people and the Asian people on the forums are (sort of) having a fight again. goddamned selfish bitches who blame Asian people because Click didn't tour the US should seriously consider stuffing their heads down the toilet.

i don't give a shit any more. blame us all you like, but inside, i know that i - we Asians - are innocent and are not to blame for ANYTHING, because blaming us is just ridiculous.

5) my eyes are tired, so i'm kind of sort of logging off now.


good night blog.

p/s: when my head stops spinning, is anyone up for a Lagoon trip?

p/p/s: if anyone was wondering, the title of this blogpost is in JavaScript. (which i stole off a certain fic that i read, but isn't it cool? 8D)

*gets shot*