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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 12:21 AM
more ramblings at 12.53 in the morning while listening to Switchfoot.

"well, if you want something, you should do all you can to get it imo"

that's the best advice i got all week. thanks, T. you're an amazing friend and you give the best advice, in my honest opinion.

well nothing much is going on in my life. a routine day in my life right now would be going to bed late, roll around in bed trying to sleep, eventually fall asleep, wake up late, eat brunch with mom at home our outside, sit at the computer, eat dinner, sit at the computer, and then repeat the whole process.


so eventful hor.

i have a sad life.

anyway, Cynthia's iPod Touch got stolen today while she was at school. it was barely a month old. screw the bitch who took her iPod :(. i'd die if someone took my Nano although it can't really hold much, so i know how she feels right now. i hope she gets it back eventually!

enough rambling for now - i have more voting to do. :)

chimo, lovelies, have a great week! (it's only Tuesday :( )

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