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Saturday, July 12, 2008 @ 6:49 PM
blast from the past... again.

i'm back - and i'm so sleepy and full that i can barely even move an inch. my stomach feels rounder than usual and the fact that it is should usually make the very self-conscious me very disappointed with myself but today i'm just too happy/satisfied to care.

friends, sushi and then a chocolate frosty? who could ever complain?

as i'm too lazy to write a whole review of the entire Charity Fiesta (which wouldn't be pretty, mind you), you can make do with pictures, can't you?

this is the inflatable jousting ring. when i saw this, i immediately thought of the Communication Carnivale we're supposed to be hosting this October and i made up my mind to take photos of everything that might be useful to us as reference, but then i forgot after snapping this photo :D

maybe Amir will remember. *shrugs*

anyway, this was really fun to watch, but it got tiring after a while. i watched as two primary school boys about as tall as my computer table clamber on to the two platforms and try as hard as they could to lift the jousting poles but they were just too heavy. aw.

after wandering around, the four of us decided to pay a visit to our old classroom, 5 Gamma, where nineteen of us spent a (fairly) happy year together :). if i'm not mistaken, i think this is our second time visiting the class since we left.

that's Huai sitting at Kai Sin's old place, Joan sitting at her old place and Terence finding out the name of the poor soul who has now taken over his old spot.

5 Gamma still smelt the same. if i closed my eyes, i could have almost imagined Dereck's sweaty green house t-shirt drying on his chair. i felt like a Pevensie sibling entering Narnia for the second time as we stepped into the class. it looked different but it still felt the same. *sigh*

i walked around the class, examining the backs of chairs to see if i came across a chair that i had once vandalized, or maybe Dereck's old number 27 chair, and sure enough i came across this one.


i think it was either me who wrote the Terence and someone else (Terence maybe?) grabbed the liquid paper and wrote roks. the only thing i'm sure i did was cancelling the "roks" and writing "sux".

ah, the memories. it made me wish that we'd made more marks on the walls and chairs for memory's sake. sort of like a dog leaving behind his mark by urinating. only we use marker pens. not urinate.

... never mind.

luckily someone left a whiteboard marker full of ink behind, so Joan wrote this on the whiteboard :D i hope an old teacher sees it and remembers us.

Tian Yi's and Kevin's old spots. nice to see Kevin's desk finally loaded up with books, eh.

they completely ruined the perfectly painted walls by plastering fugly fluorescent mahjong paper all over them, by the way. my eyesssssss. they burrrrrrrrrrrrn. D:

Jo Wen's old place under the swivelling fan! i can almost see the tall guy taking down that chair and setting his bag down on it now.

and can't you just imagine the old black lockers behind the last desk right now? :(

we hung out for a while at the back of the classroom, looking at all the old decorations and reminiscing about old times when someone suggested we play old games just like we used to at the back of the class, so Joan and Terence started playing this "one two JUS!" game where the loser had to stretch his/her legs to touch the winner's foot with his/her foot.

that's Huai's legs you see behind Terence. she stretched herself out on two brown chairs just like we used to do.

Terence lost by the way. bahahahaha.

my mark i made on the floor at the back of the classroom :)

it was the very same spot where we'd sat in a circle during one of our trial exam periods, playing chi ku pak until Puan Zurina slammed her hand down on her desk and yelled at us to shut the fuck up because "your exams are coming and you still are playing these childish games".

the once-pretty door to our classroom :(

"Oh my God. Look at the ugly door!" i proclaimed in horror when i saw it, "THEY BEDAZZLED IT!"

can't you stupid Form Fivers leave a bloody door alone? the walls are ugly enough :(

this was taken when we had to leave for the canteen because Yee Lin and Ka Peng arrived.

before i walked down the famous staircase right outside our old classroom, i gave the class one last look (we left the lights on, just like old times!).

we couldn't handle the "festivities" after a while, so we left to have lunch in Sunway Pyramid. good timing, too, because when we were making a beeline for the bus bay from the canteen, this old aunty was singing a bad bad bad rendition of Queen's "We Will Rock You" with Hanif Othman Merican (General Manager of Sekolah Sri Kuala Lumpur, which, in loose terms, basically translates to 'owner's son') on the bass.

yes, i shit you not. Hanif was playing bass.

we had Sushi Zanmai! my favorite favorite favorite ever place to have sushi. sure we just had some yesterday... but their soft-shell crab maki is too good to pass up. i want MOAR, even though i had it two days in a row. it's that good.

Joan perusing the menu. in the end she settled with salmon sashimi salad with special Sushi Zanmai dressing. it's yummy.

a cup of green tea, soy sauce and a small saucer of wasabi and soy sauce. can't have sushi without it.

last but not least, this is 'daifuku', a Japanese ice cream dessert Joan ordered. it's supposed to be ice cream wrapped in this rice skin. i remember having it in an airplane on the way to Korea or something. it tasted amazing.

i had some just now and it tasted the same :)


and so that brings this picture post to an end.

i miss days like today, when i'd whip out my camera and snap any random thing and then blog about it. i think i'm going to have to do this more often :)

also, today was one of those days when i felt that i truly belonged, especially when we stepped foot into the old Guava abode, despite my bitching at the end of the day (because i was hungry/tired/fed-up/pissed off). it's nice to come back to a place that you're so familiar with that you know it like the back of your hand.

i guess those twelve years spent in SriKL made a deeper impression on me than i actually thought.

i've got my memories;
they're always inside of me
but I can't go back,
back to how it was
i believe now -
i've come too far
but I can't go back;
back to how it was

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