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Monday, July 14, 2008 @ 8:47 PM
what's in my bag?.

since i'm bored out my mind, i'm going to do this fun meme i unashamedly stole from renny, who's a friend of mine from LiveJournal. go read her posts and admire her graphics - they're amazing!

basically i'm supposed to do this:

uno: take a picture of your bag.
dos : now dump everything out , neatly adjust them , and take a picture.
tres : talk about the items inside. details, please.

so here goes -

this, ladies and gentlemen (pffft. like any read my blog... *COUGH COUGH COUGH*), is my bag. i got it from Topshop around after Chinese New Year and i bought it with nearly half of my angbao money. the other half was spent on a Panic at the Disco boxset that i will talk about in one of my later posts because Cynthia wants to see what's inside :D. i promised her to do a post about it ages and ages ago! i'm so forgetful.

so this is what's in my bag:

1) that's my bag. i accidentally labeled it. *sheepish smile*

2) my old Student ID and my new Student ID with my thumbdrive attatched to it. i still keep the old one in my bag just in case i forget to bring the new one out so that i still can use it for student discounts at cinemas on weekdays! it recently came in handy a few days ago.

3) my teddy tales pencil box that Joan, Huai, Lynette and Terence bought for me during an outing at One Utama during my birthday about three years ago :) i can't bear to replace it. (pun not intended)

4) my pink SONY camera. it doesn't take clear pictures at all and takes 34729342 seconds to take a picture at concerts. it's almost as if it knows that i'm in a concert and whenever i want to snap a special moment it, it just chooses to lag behind. stupid.

5) a skinny black tie i bought at the college sale Fourskin were having about a couple of months ago. i bought two for RM15 i think. the other one's striped. God knows what's it still doing in my bag.

6) my fake Guess shades i bought at one of those little booths outside Forever 21 in One Utama. the cover's string just came out :(

7) brown Chanel eyeliner i bought in Singapore on New Years' Eve last year. i stuck it in my bag after i used it before going to the Colbie Caillat concert earlier this year and ever since, it's been in there.

8) my Body Shop Watermelon Lip Balm. i got it after wandering around alone in First World, Genting Highlands. they were having a sale, it smelt good, and i was desperately in need of lip gloss. what more did i need?

9) my mini comb. i used to have a large one in my bag too but i think i lost it :(

10) random crumpled receipts/papers/subscription lists i stuffed into my bag at random and forgot to pull out. i think when i (eventually) stuff all my stuff back into my bag, i'm going to leave them out.

11) my Billabong wallet i got at Metrojaya at the last sale. after not using a wallet for so long (i think Jason and Geoff can attest to this lol), it's funny how i can never go anywhere without it now.

12) lastly, a necklace i bought from Cats' Whiskers, Bangsar, during that time we were supposed to collect dresses from Showpink a few weeks before The Pink Thing! it's rusty now because the gold plated coating wore off :(

aaaand i'm supposed to tag some people, but i guess i'm too lazy to, but please do this if you want to - i'll be interested to read it :D

p/s: SIX more days till the 20th, which is the qualification round. i would appreciate it if you keep voting for me!