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Sunday, August 10, 2008 @ 11:51 PM
the fangirl in me needs a break..

i was going to write this whole long ass post about the MTV Asia Awards and the part where we stayed up like twenty four ridiculous hours just waiting about for celebrities to pop out of nowhere (ie. we sat around trying to stalk celebs in the lobby), but then it's now like 1.33 AM and my eyes feel as if they're going to pop out of their sockets and start rolling around on the parquet floor, so nghh no long post on the MAAs for you, not-so-sorry :D.

i will, however, give you pictures! how about that? yes? no?

due to all the jumping/singing/flailing around during the actual awards show, my hair stuck to my forehead in a sweaty tangled clump and I WASN'T AWARE OF IT THEN so of course, i look like shit in the photos but strangely i don't give a fuck. (okay maybe i do. just a little. a little.)

me and Spencer's drumstick that LeeYee got when the MAAs ended and stuff. you can't see it but my tongue is a funky shade of green! thank you, green tea frappucino. thank you.

Andrea (the one in black) and her buddies, a tipsy Greg Uttsada Panichkul (whom i have waited YEARS just to meet, thank you so very much), Melissa, me and Taya! even though tipsy due to all the partying and alcohol consumed during the post party (that we couldn't get access to), Utt was ever so sweet, and went "get some rest after this, okay? it's late. get some rest!" to us when the picture was over :D :D :D :D

and Taya is gorgeous in real life (*squelches stab of jealousy*), and really, really really really nice, even though her on-screen voice annoys me to no end.

a semidrunk Joey Zehr. i was like "one big group picture?" and he was like "sure, that'd be awesome, one big group picture, yeah 8D".

handddd arttt in Theodore green (thank you, LeeYee!). somebody turned off the auto focus on my camera so i had to do it myself.

my Pretty. Odd. CD that Ryan Ross and Jon Walker of Panic at the Disco signed :D their signatures are faded now due to all the unintentional moshing during the concert (the cd cover basically had sex with the inside of my pink Nike slingbag wtf), so i am doing all i can to protect what's left of them.

aaaaaaand last but not leastttt

Claire, Jon Walker and i!!!!!!! i can die happy now.

this man is bloody witty. i'd love to have a conversation with him one day.

he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and then this woman from Warner who was with him whom we call 'Yong Ah Beng' (it's a long story, but lets just say that we come across this certain woman a lot) was all, "LAST PICTURE" so Melissa told Claire to get into the picture. Jon waited patiently and then wrapped an arm around Claire's shoulder too. aofgjoafgaoddf :DD such a sweetie, i tell you.

it only was 2938749239 times more awesome that we were going to see him again on Tuesday in concert, and LeeYee and i tried to tell him that we were, but he wasn't listening (he was busy having another photograph taken).

i think he did recognize us, though, on Tuesday.

and now, i think that deserves to be in another blogpost by itself, no?

until then, ciao, lovelies.

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