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Thursday, August 21, 2008 @ 8:03 PM
ecstatic fat girl is ecstatic.



there isn't a better way to make a fat-girl-slash-girl-with-gigantic-shoulders feel happy when her top size in a store is XS instead of L (FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, ZARA!).

it doesn't hurt that their clothes are all plain, elegant and simple, just the way i like it. i also fell in love with every shirtdress on a rack by the door and several cottony-soft scarves hanging on hooks but bleh. a broke girl's gotta do what a broke girl's gotta do: leave them behind :( !!!!

i have yet to check out Studio R. they're apparently selling some Vans kicks now, and if you didn't know, Vans kicks are helluva sweet. i'm aiming for one of these babies, except i want them in black or possibly gray:

i am also after 2903752937592 tops and accessories from Forever 21.


the cons of not being filthy rich :(