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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 @ 12:14 AM
today in point form.


- i barely got a wink of sleep last night. i woke up feeling as dizzy as shit, my head was also spinning and i couldn't walk straight, but somehow it all got better later in the day.

- we had our very first writing exercise in class today. we had to write/edit news intros and then Miss Gayatri would correct our work. t'was fun! i actually enjoyed doing work for once. ha. very proud of myself.

- read a few Ryden NC-17 fics in Miss. Jenny's tutorial (every time i type her name, i want to burst out in song, goddamnit. tahan. tahan). i bet the boys who sat behind me were scarred for life, because the font size was massive and they could probably read what i was reading easily. oh well.

- BURGER KING! the man who invented the BK Doubles Black Pepper burger deserves the Nobel Prize, thank you very much. and fuck, their fries are amazing. sorry, McD's, your ass just got pwned.

- MILO PENG! :D thank you Lucky Valentine.

- LOST PROPHETS! go listen go listen go listen GO LISTEN. they. are. motherfucking. awesome. i'm referring to their most recent album called Liberation Transmission, though the rest of their albums are just as awesome as well. it's been on repeat since this afternoon (on my iPod and at home) and i'm still not sick of it. don't think i ever will be anytime soon.

- brother says i look good in purplish pink. ironic, really, because i feel so ugly in purplish pink. go figure.

- i have a purple scarf. i likey.

- recognition.

- designs are coming along great! :D


- sleep!

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