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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 @ 6:11 PM
everybody has those days.

(over)heard at McDonalds today:

man: ehhhh... i wan de chiken mcnahget ah dat wan clispy clispy wan got cili wan ah.
mcD staff: oh, you mean Spicy Chicken McNuggets?
man: nonono the nahget got cili wan ahhh...
me: *resists facepalming*
mcD staff: um, sir, these? *points to the picture of the nuggets on a tray mat*
man: YES YES dat wan! cili nahget.
mcD staff: okay, one Spicy Chicken McNugget, set or ala carte, sir?

... the typical ahbeng + stupidity = ahbeng 2.0.

this is Katarzyna, Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model (you'd think after so many cycles, ANTM would FINALLY hit menopause, but nooo - it already has a Cycle 11!)

sorry for spoilers!

god i'd kill to look like her. or even dress like her, but then if i pranced around KL looking like that, soon ah bengs will stop me mid-prance to ask me if i'm interested in joining their lala crew.

no, thank you.

i want that scarf!!!!!! my latest obsession : scarves, if you didn't already know. i have a purple one from Forever 21 and a sparkly pink one from my aunt that i wouldn't be caught dead wearing out ever, and i want MOAR! i'd like a checkered one next, preferably the one from Topshop, but it's dead expensive.

it looks exactly like Sebastien Lefebvre's when he wore it back in February, though!!!! *flail

i just got back from university. thank god. Wednesdays drain the life out of me - four hours of lectures in the morning, two hours break that doesn't usually turn out as a break in the end (meetings, last-minute mugging for tests, etc) and then two hours of MLit tutorials that's usually the final straw for me.

we had our Assignment 1/test today. it wasn't so bad, but then again, it wasn't so good either. i'm just glad that it's over!

now, i just have to do up those posters for the Carnivale, and then pull an all-nighter for another Reporting For Print assignment.


oh, and before i go catch up on some sleep-


one more year till you're twenty, o black one! :D


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