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Monday, September 08, 2008 @ 11:25 PM
random grumbles and pictures.

i hate this part of the semester, i hate it i hate it i hate it.

assignments, quizzes, presentations and summaries are being flung at us left right and center, barely giving us space to breathe. just when i thought i've finished this major essay and i can have a good night's sleep, a new one springs up like mushrooms after rain.

jfc i can't take it any more.

last night, i was talking to Foxit about how awesome would it be if we could only skip these years of university and go on to our dream jobs without having to go through all the hassle. he agreed. lol the pair of us lazies.

sigh. it would be awesome, though, just imagine :(

after last night (i barely got any sleep, mind you), i know one thing's for sure: i have come to hate Issues In Publication and Design with every single bone in my body. it's possibly even more retarded than the CCS subject we did last sem. okay, maybe not, but it comes close.


once we were done with class (and a moody Miss. Usha), we headed up to the roof to shoot some full-body shots of Jason and Florence for the carnivale posters.

i still suck at photography - i'm not getting any better, but hey, everyone has to begin somewhere. my brother thinks that one can just take excellent shots just like that and calls me lousy just because my pictures don't look like Smashpop's. willing to trade sibling for a beagle puppy or a bunny (whom i shall name Spencer) - please leave your offers in the comment box!


Jason and Flo walking (in heels!).

no, silly, Flo, not Jason :P

and lastly, me being me, i took pictures of grass.

omg its past midnight D: D: D:

time to go read Global Societies for tomorrow
:'( :'(

/gets hauled off by the homework monster/

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