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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 @ 5:14 PM
Much Better Mood Today!!!.

Thanks to Joan, Hua and Terence.

After a grueling and wasted Chemistry 2 paper, we were all starving, so we decided to head on down to the canteen to have a little last-minute-study for our Paper 3 while eating.

*I should have known that sitting around Joan, Hua and Terence = no studying*

They made me laugh so hard, yong-tow-foo projectiles shot out of my mouth, and nearly hit Joan's head. *If they did, HAH! Padan muka for making me laugh while there's food in my mouth you evil human!!!*

Terence accidentally threw something at me, when it was supposed to hit Joan, and it hit the side of my hand.

Me: "WOOOOAAAAY!!!!!!" *screams like a bitch*
Me: "F U LA!!!!!!!!" *snorts and turns to Joan* ".... What was that ? "
Joan : "You mean you didn't know? =_="
Me: "No."

Joan laughed her contagious laugh which made me laugh also.

Me: "Whaat? "
Joan: "Its like, you never see what hit you. Whenever something hits you its like reflex-action. Straightaway shout 'f*** you' wan. You arr... It was a ruler by the way"
Me: *Whacks Terence on the back* Asshole.

I don't know la.

I'm becoming more vulgar these days. . .

Have to watch my mouth.

Paper 3 was nuts. At least it was a little bit better than Paper 2, but i'm not looking forward to any more Chemistry papers.

I. Hate. Chem.

When the clock read 3.29, a teacher picked up the microphone.

Teacher: "Okay, students, you have 1 minute left, please get ready to hand in your answer shits."

... Only 1 out of 3 teachers will pronounce the word sheet properly. When will they learn???? *tsk tsk tsk*

* Leftover photos rotting in my folder*

Bed. Room. Hair!!!!!!!!!!

My photos are always grainy because i'm using my Nokia 3250. I need a proper camera!!! *Hoping for a Sony T9 or a Sony Cybershot, but that will only happen in my dreams*

Love my baby!!!

Yes lah. I'm too free.

I think that every part of my fuzzy Golden Retriever is cute. Even her butt. *Her tail is goh-jusss!!!*

<3 you, Daddy!!!

People say i'm a photocopy of my Dad. -_-"
Whenever I look at a photo of us, I scratch my head, going, "Photocopy mehh?!"


Now I know why.

Love you, all you people who have taken the time to comment in my tagbox!! Not many people have commented on anything lately, and I do love comments or little messages.

Thank you, Blade :) Will comment on your blog soon. *Busy studying Bio!* LOTS OF LUCK EVERYONE!!!