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Saturday, September 09, 2006 @ 8:08 PM
Talipon Conquered :D.

Just came back from Talipon - had loads of fun, not to mention food. (Lots of it)

Before we went, Bean fetched Bone to my house, and from there we set off. In the car, I was calling Andrew on my handphone.

"You coming anot?"
"Har? Who is this?"
"Winnie laa!"
"Oh. Dono."

He sounded damn serious, okay.

"I dono."
"WOII! Are you going or not?"
"I dono laa"
"I dono.. when you go there you see la.."

*Hung up*

:D Damn full wehh... I still owe Dereck. -_____- The sotong, pork, beef and ham *barbequed, of course* were damn nice!!!!!!! *Licks lips thinking of it*

My hair smells like barbeque. Dash underscore dash. *Sniffs at hair*

Khar Khin just IM'ed me.

"Free to talk anot?"
"Wanna c the girl I am taking 2 prom anot?"


Why the fuck should I care, excusez moi?
I am SO not interested in girls.

Hot guys only, please.

And KK's not hot. SO NOT HOT.

"Why? I not interested in girls. "
*He sends over picture to me*
"I dont wanna accept. Clog up my comp space."
"Fuck you la. ACCEPT!"
"Asshole." *Merajuk, but clicks on the picture.*
"Nice or not? ^_^"

I don't really know how to reply, since I am clueless in judging girls' looks.

"Uh. Okay lor."
"You noe ah, I damn excited you noe. Keep thinking bout her and I feel damn happy. Can't study."


"Okaaay. Right. See you next Monday!!!!!"

He sounds like... one of those guys, whom after Prom, they will take their dates home and rape them or something.

Oh yeah. While eating, we made up 5 Gamma's line.

5 Gamma - 18 straight people, 1 bi guy. Heaven.

I'll leave you to guess who's the bi guy. *COUGH COUGH. BLACKASS. COUGH*

Hugs and kisses! **