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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 @ 11:39 PM
Commercial Break : Merdeka!.

16 years of my life living in this country.
I don't really love this country.

I am so not patriotic.

If the government might take the stupid chapters on how T.A.R asked for independence and all that shit, I MIGHT have a little love for this little country.

Anyway, to appreciate life in this measly little place, PLEASE DO THIS AND SPREAD THIS AROUND!

10 Random things that you did in your childhood.

  • Me and Bean ran around mom's car screaming "Round and round the mulberry bush" at the top of our lungs wearing oversized slippers (while being filmed by Hoi). WHO'S GOT A VIDEO TAPE PLAYER?
  • Once at my 5th? 6th? (I don't know) birthday bash at my house, I was having so much fun that I didn't want the party to end. I ended up crying when everybody wanted to go home.
  • I once peed on my mom's bed when I was mad at her (LOL!)
  • I wore my mom's Bally high heel shoes around the house in my singlet and underwear, with lipstick simply smeared on, trying to be a fashion model.
  • I hated drinking the thick liquid fever medicine that tasted like vomit (I still do hate it) so much, that whenever it was time to drink it, i'd be chased around the house by mom with a cane, until she had to trick me when I locked myself in the room holding the keys going, "Okay lah, I won't give you. Can come out or not? Just how Hilda said there was a cockroach in the room leh." And when I came out eventually, mom would pull open my mouth and force the foul liquid down my throat. (I would usually puke it all out unvoluntarily a few minutes later.)
  • Dad used to work only Mondays and Tuesdays back then, and when his timetable changed to every single weekday, I cried like hell, and Dad promised that he would not go to work the next week. (It was a lie, but I soon forgot about it)
  • When I bathed in my mother's bathroom in the bathtub, I used to pretend that I was Ariel, swimming in the sea, and eventually she would meet a prince and live happily ever after.
  • I USED TO LIKE WATCHING BARNEY AND FRIENDS. Now I think that show (along with Teletubbies) should be BANNED.
  • I used to have an imaginary dog (called Rover) as my pet, and whenever I went outside, I would say , "Come, Rover! Look at the flowers!! (Points to the flower pots) Nice ah?" Eventually, my dad's worker (who often came over to my house then), asked my parents if I had a mental problem.
  • I forgot to put back my Lego bricks last time, and my mom would scold me. Dad used to pick me up before she could get to me, and when my Dad wasn't looking, I would look behind at my mother and pull a smug face.
I TAG: Rence, Hoho, Bunny, Bean and WHOEVER ELSE THAT READS THIS ! :D