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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 @ 4:37 PM
Been busy..


Oh yeah. Before I forget, here : www.absoluterage.com ! Join in the forum and look around :D


P/S : I KNOW HOW TO BALANCE MY CHEMICAL EQUATIONS ALREADY!!!! Just had to open eyes bigger a bit =_=. Thanks, Bunny :D

***end updates***

Trying to study Chem, finally :)
I've understood how to write a chemical equation, but I still don't get how to balance them!!
I know we're supposed to put a number in front of something to balance the equation if there's like, 2 moles on the left side and only 1 mole on the right side, but how the hell do I put the numbers there, and where should I put the numbers and WHAT NUMBER SHOULD I PUT!?
I should shoot myself.


Cast my Chem aside after awhile and read LOTR.
I'm reading The Two Towers right now.
I know la, can read LOTR but cannot read Chem.

At lunch, when I was watching 8 Below, maid brought out the porridge.
She only gave me like, 2 scoops!!

"WTF! How come she give me so little?"
" Cos you always eat so little mah."
"I knoww! But this is lunch! Not breakfast!!" *Whine whine *
* Stomps to the back to check if got more porridge *
"Haha. Too bad."


Thank god mummy shared a little with me.
But when I was putting Marmite into my porridge, bro started nagging again.

"Oi! Close the Marmite cap lah!"
"Wait la! Can't you see i'm mixing?"
" Yaaa, but you left the teaspoon in the Marmite!! Cover first, can or not?!"
"WAIT LA! Let me finish mixing! I already do one thing you call me do another thing."

I finished mixing and then started to cover the Marmite.

Mom scolded Wilson :"Aiyo. Like that also you cannot wait. Like pondan only."
Me : "Yala. Next time your kids can die man. Get nagged all the time."
Mom: "Yala."

I win :)

And look what I took pictures of and forgot to post:-

Bought this for Yee Lin.
Didn't know what to buy for her.
Not sure if she's a soft-toy person or not.

Cute or not?!
KaiSin bought this for Joan.

When you pull them apart the right pig will vibrate and the pigs will slowly move towards one another.
If got kissing sound lagi best.


Off to study now!