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Monday, August 14, 2006 @ 9:42 PM
Break : Not Just Any Break.. Prison Break!!!.

Spent the past weekend in this manner...

  • Editing Sunway photos (number 1 priority!!! While waiting for Prison Break to finish dwling of course... episode by episode T_T)
  • Prison Break!
  • Maple
  • The Lord Of The Rings : The Fellowship Of The Ring .. the book.

Anyway, back to Prison Break, it's currently a quite popular drama - it's not lengthy, not going on and on in circles like Lost, though in my opinion Lost was nice, but it sucked after Ian Somerhalder died, but lets face it, people ; a drama isn't a good drama without a cutie/hottie/pretty boy/hunk starring in it.

In this case, in Prison Break, it's Wentworth Miller!!!

And no one's going to kill him off ; he's the main character.

Who can?

I wish they would not be evil assholes and execute his brother in the show ; played by Dominic Purcell, who is as sexy as Wentworth. (It figures ; they're brothers in the show. Dududu...)

His green eyes are so captivating that every time the camera shows a close up shot of him (which are all the time), I keep staring into his eyes. And his eyebrows are in the shape of a V ... even though when he's smiling, so he always has this serious look about him.

Look at him!!!!!!

Even old uncles want to be like him with his cool tatooed body!!

I have a feeling that the uncle's head that they Photoshopped in is someone famous? I have no idea ; haven't seen him before.

Everyone's crazy about Prison Break!!!!


Even this lunatic guy in the show wants him. I'll leave it for you to watch.

The cast of Prison Break Season 1 ... From left, top row : My boyfriend, his cellmate (I forgot his name), 2nd row : Dominic Purcell, (his son in the series), Rachel Donowhatshername (she looks like she just overdosed on Botox), the doctor, and the guy who runs the prison.


The old dood on the right is EEVILL.

And Dominic Purcell's in-show son is cuute !!

Not as cute as Wentworth, though.

Geez, i'm obsessed.


Now, if you must excuse me, I need to get back to Episode Five.