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Sunday, August 13, 2006 @ 8:13 PM
Naoto's Visit, Part 1.

As you know, mentioned in some of my previous posts, Wen Liang hosted Naoto Kaji, a seventeen year old kid from Japan, through the Lions Club.

We had a very nice time with him, and we taught him many (excluding our ... condemned teachings, I hope? ) stuff. We even taught him how to play our traditional chi ku pak and our one two choos!! *stretch out leg* game. He naturally ruled in both of them due to his witty brain and long legs.

We took loads of photos with him, and we went to Sunway with him, but most of the pictures for Sunway isn't with me yet, so there will, definitely, be a Part 2.
When he first was brought to school by Wen Liang, everyone was staring ; he was so tall, and he was dressed in a striking red shirt and baggy three-quarter pants.

He eventually warmed up to us.

He has quite a long face and a sharp chin, making his face look rather... stretched.

We brought him to the primary school playground to grab a photo on his first day with all the Gammas.

He didn't look too comfy with Kevin's ass on his shirt. (Kevin's an ass, literally.)

Can you spot Andrew in there with trademark horny smile?

(To make things easier, he's the dood who's grinning like a monkey second from left of Naoto.)

Terence's poser style influence got to him. Thanks alot, black ass.

Naoto's a wizard in basketball. Wen Liang said he could slam dunk the hoop Wen Liang has at home. Which isn't short.

In Japan, everything they have over there has something to do with "team spirit". So, Naoto kept handing the ball over to his teammates, and then clapping his hands to encourage them. But he finally realized that we Malaysians are different.

We were born to show off.

Sunway pictures next!!

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