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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 @ 6:01 PM
My humble apologies..

I am terribly sorry for not posting all this while, but my Streamyx decided to go for a little "holiday" since Saturday afternoon.

And yes, Dad bought another monitor, and my monitor is back!!!

I am back to using my old computer ; happy, but now my pictures are in the other computer -_-"

Have to burn em' all and put em' back in here.

And the fonts on this computer are totally killing me.

I can't read my stupid blog's font on this computer!!!

Anyway, I am going out tomorrow to Sunway Pyramid to have a little outing with Naoto (yes, that's the Japanese exchange student's name, he is very very very very nice and friendly) and my other classmates..

Unfortunately, that idiot K is going too. Damn. Well, we'll just have to *accidentally* tell him the wrong information, and hopefully he will lose his way in the tangle of shops.

I doubt it.

Going to bring my camera along, so keep your hopes up for photos!!!

See you!


Here are the photos we took earlier - there are more, but right now my MSN Messenger isn't working - horror of all horrors, my SPEAKER just burst, and I can't hear any rock songs any longer.

LOL! Terence, your glasses have gay effects on straight (i think? :P ) people!!!

That horny look of his isn't making it any better.

Definitely a work of art. Terence and Joan drew in the trademark glasses, weird goatee and famous hat, while I decorated the hat by adding his trademark H.G!!!

Ka-Wa-IiIIiiI! Kiki Ippatsu!!! First saw this on Hard Gay's TOMY Video on Youtube. It's really fun to play with a bottle of beer/drink too. It's a bit like UNO Blocks. Whoever makes the cute doll pop out when you stick the sword in (it's by luck), loses. And gets a dare/punishment. Really good game when you're bored.

:D More pictures next time, my computer isn't feeling well today. -_-

****end of update****