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Sunday, July 30, 2006 @ 5:51 PM
Random pictures..

Have nothing to do these few days ; no homework.

So, I decided to Photoshop all my random pictures!

Get ready.

I'm feeling generous today. :)

Ngarrh. I am so jealous!!! I didn't realize got Cristiano's name at the back of the little Man.U jersey.

Someone buy me a Portugal jersey now!!

:D Tried to make his teeth whiter, but they were just blur.

I did not snap this. Wilson did. I think.

I have a fetish for autumn leaves now.

Because Malaysia doesn't have them? :D

I wish Malaysia had four seasons. So we'd get the chance to don Zara trenchcoats with cashmere sweaters underneath and jeans and boots in the autumn, and Burberry jackets in the winter!

And in autumn, there would be plenty of leaves!! Pretty pretty leaves!

And in the winter, we'd be playing with snow snow snow! Real snow, instead of fake snow that we have in the ever fake Genting Highlands. And we could build snowmen, and after that we'd drink milk and eat cookies or have hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, ignoring the remains of dogshit you didn't scoop up last night, because, hell, it's SNOWING!

It does. My hair from the front is such a mess.

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I hate waking up on a Sunday morning, dreading school the next day.

But now, it doesn't matter. There's America's Next Top Model to look forward to on Monday night now!!!

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Anyway, Mom got me this from Singapore!! The airport's vast makeup section (as I remember) was having a sale!!! I was hoping she'd buy the Dior Plastic Addict Gloss I was am lusting after since like, forever, but she didn't. Am happy though. I have been wanting a new gloss.

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My two prized posessions!! (blah. I forgot how to spell.)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Love em.

Gosh, such a long post.

Dinner time!!!

p/s: Had dim sum at Mandarin Oriental. Halal, but damn nice.