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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 @ 5:44 PM
Accounts and Moral ....

After all the time I spent revising at home, I screwed up Accounts. Damn Accounts teacher so smart, she made us look here and there, find this amount find that amount until headache.

When I turned to the second question, I blur. Did until the Akaun Modal for Modal Akhir then I see the question paper : -

Penyata Untung Rugi untuk Tahun Julai 20x6

Me : Tiu. How to do again arh??

I thought it was like, long long one, like for Akaun Perkongsian like that, but then suddenly it hit me. Damn short only.

So started doing... and doing... then suddenly I got RUGI BERSIH. Dono why whenever I see the word RUGI I feel like it's wrong. Then when I double check, WTF, my Modal Awal something wrong because I didn't add in insurans terdahulu.

Went nuts, I tell you. I was like, whacking my forehead a dozen times, and I was pretty sure I had lots of blue ink and liquid paper on my face. Didn't care and pulled the paper away when stupid exam time-waster S.Claus wanted to staple my paper. Continued scribbling, then when it was time, I grabbed the stapler, put my papers together, and hastily wrote my name.

Done :D...

When I asked what was the answer..

KP : Rugi bersih RM 500.
KP: *Nod*
Me: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *throw pen up into the air*

Haha. First time I actually get a Kaedah Perbandingan question correct =x

I know, I suck. :( But i'm happy. Syok sendiri. *Sniggers*

While studying for Moral, Joan, Dereck, Kevin, Hua and Terence were playing chi ku pak (excuse the spelling) in class to pass time. Pn.Z up front was already pissed with our Add Math marks, and we didn't notice.

So when she screamed ,"OII! QUIET!" Damn loudly, we were damn shocked. We looked up and then her face was like >:( . Only worse.


Chill lah, woman. Headache eat panadol lor. No need to leash it out on us right.


Need to go. It's getting late. And I need to study!



After trying to get the hang of longitudes and latitudes, I realized that pilots have hard jobs to do. Well, now probably not lah, since they have all those neat machines and stuff to get them around the globe, but maybe before they invented that machine.

Longitudes and latitudes SUCK!

You can officially watch me screw up my Maths paper tomorrow.


----end of update----