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Friday, July 21, 2006 @ 11:06 AM
Lets get things straight..

Let's get this out straight.
I know I owe someone special some money, and i'm really really sorry for not returning it.
And i'm sorry for not telling the truth, because this is kinda ... embarassing.

I promise I will return the money tomorrow.
In fact, i've got the money now at school, but she didn't come.
Anyway, hontoni hontoni gomenasaii!!!

I'm planning to lose weight. Every morning, I don't really eat anything at home, so every day when at break, I have hunger pangs.
So I am forced to buy something from the canteen.
The stuff they usually give at school, example : curry puffs, kuihs, cakes ...
Hello, i've... we've been eating them for about 11++ years, and I am downright sick of them.
I can't stand eating those revolting pieces of crap.

So... I will return your money tomorrow.
If I don't, you can call me a bitch, whatever you want.
But i'm really really sorry, and I will return your money sooner in the future. T_T

It's just that my mother doesn't wanna give me back my 40++ bucks yet!!!
It's kinda hard to ask money from her when i've already taken my weekly allowance... >_<

Sorry, Kaisin. :(