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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 @ 9:22 PM

What's a secret if it isn't kept?

Who do you trust with secrets?

A person who is really close to you who doesn't have a mouth the size of the USA.

And who do you not trust with secrets?

A person who is close to you who is yet an asshole who does have the mouth the size of the USA.

So. Do you call, this guy (whose name is Kevin-the-short-ass), who's a so-called "friend" of mine, and another "friend" of my very close friend, a friend, because he told my friend's secret to his own friend? (Overuse of the word friend.) -_-"

Anyway, do you? Most certainly not. And because that friend, whose secret was told, is very close to me, I told Kevin off, and told him , "You're not a true friend." Kevin certainly isn't a true friend. While reading this, you might think, "Oh, you're overreacting, Bluey." or "Aiya. Like that also wan cari pasal." But if you certainly know (or knew) Kevin, hell, you'll agree with me he's the most arrogant, disgusting, slimy, untrustable scum you've ever met on this planet.

When I told him off, Kevin went, in this arrogant manner, "What i'm not a true friend? You are a true friend meh?" So, (my bitchy mode kicked in), I replied, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. I don't go spewing out secrets like you do. Asshole." Then Kevin went, "He's my dai lou you know. I keep people's secrets wan lah. This secret small small, little thing also no need keep one. Some more he (indicating to his pal that he told the secret to) can keep secrets wan."

HELLO? However big or small the secret is, IT IS STILL A SECRET.

You have no right telling the person's secrets if they've trusted you with it!

HOW sure are you that that friend of yours can keep the secret? Huh?

So I haughtily replied, "Eh, shortfuck, a secret is still a secret, okay. No wonder everyone hates you." He instantly shut up.

I can be a bitch when I want to.

I have no time for stupid, irresponsible, arrogant, loudmouth, untolerant bastards like Kevin.

So far, Kevin's the only one that makes my bitch mode kick in. And I don't want to be bitchy to anyone else. Cos no one is like Kevin. So be nice, will you? Be a friend.

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