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Friday, July 14, 2006 @ 11:27 PM
Exam hiatus?.


I am half glad to say that I have been half studying for this monthly test compared to none from last exam :D.

I hope my marks will be better then.

The latest gamma craze :

Origami frogs.

I believe the origami craze started when Joan started making paper planes out of Shanta's boring, weird and distorted story she gave on the "Little Red Riding Hood" internet printout thing.

Then suddenly Huai wanted to know how to make boats and then Kaisin went,

"Eh, how to make the frog that when you press can jump wan? "

Ling Kit started making em, and then he taught Hua and Kai Sin and then the rest is history.

At first, it started out as a small family of frogs.

As in mother frog, father frog, sister frog, brother frog and little brother frog.

Then, Andrew started drawing weird faces on them. (The one on the most left one (the baby frog, I drew the face :P ) It's going like this >< . Hehe. And then, the frogs ... err... multiplied.


And then we started making smaller frogs, and then tried to make even smaller ones.

The result :-

We had...

  • Ninja turtle wannabe frog (designed by me)
  • Ultraman frog
  • L frog
  • O frog
  • V frog
  • Ka Peng frog
  • Adam frog
  • Siao frog

Lots more lah.

Then the number of frogs began to swell, so we had nowhere to keep or put them. So me and Huai had a brilliant idea!!!

I grabbed a piece of unused half A4 blank paper and used Suzanne's blue highlighter to draw a small pond and Andrew's green highligter to draw two little lillypads. And then I used yellow highlighter to draw some lalang and shit. And it looked fabulous!

I will only show to you the outcome on the next post!!

P/S: Watched Pirates 2 today. Damn nice. Can laugh till pangsai. Don't wanna spoil it for you guys yet.

P/P/S: Gonna go Bon Odori tomorrow. Anyone going, gimme a ring! Or spot me. I'll be wearing a really striking combo : shocking pink shirt and black cloth pants. See ya!