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Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 11:00 PM

Last Saturday, I was coming back from lunch when I noticed some beautiful clouds.

To me, they looked like pretty little puffs of cotton candy, gently floating across the clear blue sky.

And then a few hours later, it rained, but what the heck.

And then the following day, I pigged out at home with a bag of peanuts beside me, watching a Pimp My Ride 5-and-a-half hour marathon from 1.30pm to 6.00. which was very entertaining.

Before the marathon, MTV's Mobbed show came on, and I ogled Max, the show's host for a second.

Max is Xiaxue's friend. Go find her picture-heavy post in her archive on her blog somewhere, i'm sure you'll find him. He's damn cute, but his accent freaks me out. Not real angmoh accent. It's like chinese ahbeng trying to be cool like that. He's cute, so I don't care.

And then the fun car show marathon started. You guys should try watching it. It's like, this person has a crappy car, totally destroyed - who knows, maybe they destroyed it themselves to get themselves on the show? - and then Xzibit comes to take their car away, yadda yadda yadda, goes off to West Coast Customs, gets the car pimped (when I say pimped, I mean pimped) and then "WOOLALA IS THAT MY CAR?!"

Wonder who's the asshole who pays for all that shit.

Must've burnt a hole in his pocket.

A large hole.

I like this guy. He's like, innocent. Somehow not the guy making fun of the owner's lousy car when it comes into the workshop.

He goes all , "X, what happened, man?" instead of "AHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE *BEEP*?!" *smash smash smash*

And then the crew is led into the meeting room, to discuss what modifications they are going to do to the poor destroyed car.

I usually ignore this part, cos' I don't understand a thing. They all go " i'm gonna shizzle up that thang, and that's gonna be so sweet!"

:) I guess i'm gonna cut this post short.