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Friday, June 23, 2006 @ 2:40 PM
Okay, Fine - here's the stupid TAG :p.

kana tag by hoey .. dash underscore dash inverted commas ...

6 weird facts about me:

1. I like to sleep in the middle of my bed. I just feel more complete that way. (Since it's like, queen size, I feel so lonely, so I usually put my bolster on my right and my huge patrick doll on my left to keep me company)

2. I keep on assuming that if I think that i wont be sitting for big exams like pmr or spm, i eventually wont be . but .. well, i thought that twice and it didn't turn out like i expected it to. LOL

3. when i was younger i thought you had to marry your other sibling. whenever i thought about it then, i used to take one look at my smelly, hell-of-a-pain-in-the-ass brother and cringe or shudder uncontrollably.

4. i have a soft spot for cute kids. even though when they're annoying. (eg. like mason or mathias)

5. When I'm alone, I usually talk to my softtoys. When i was younger, of course. I used to pretend that they were alive, and they would move once the door is shut on them and no human is in the room. Who knows? It MAY be true :P

6. I hate cockroaches and flying cockroaches and practically every insect and worm and spider ever created on the planet.

6 weird habits of mine:
1. it annoys me when people eat like, mee sup, and then they just eat up all the mee then they leave all the soup in the bottom. i usually eat all my mee first then drain the rest of the soup.

2. before i eat char koay teow, i pick out all the si ham and spring onions and throw them aside before enjoying my meal.

3. when i get home from school, i HAVE to empty my pockets. be it on a table, on a chair, i'll just dump everything out and leave it there till night, resulting in many lost coins and notes, and i'll find them there a month later and wonder how they got there. -_-"

4. I only can fall asleep when i see the hall light shining below the door. i get annoyed when dad doesn't listen and turns it off every time he goes to bed.

5. I like to sit with my legs wide open when i'm at home (with SHORTS of course) and when no one is visiting. feels comfortable.

6. I talk with my dog in a babyish voice and absolutely have to pull her ears affectionately before going inside the house every time i come home.

6 weird things i did:
1. When I was two, I let a lizard climb all the way up to the top of my head before screaming for it to be taken off me.

2. When i was walking on the way to the canteen with my friends (huai, joan, lyn, suz), this junior guy on his way back to his classes accidentally slammed into huai, and when he passed me, i auto-reflexed and slammed him hard into the wall with a hand. donno why i did it until now. LOL.

3. when i was around three or four, i once wore my mom's (large, at that time) high heel shoes and wore her lipstick and ran around the house (occasionally tripping over myself), only to find that everyone thought it was funny when i thought i looked glamorous.

3. me and jean used to run around my mom's car when we were younger (being filmed by my dad), singing nursery rhymes (our favorite one being "round and round the mulberry bush") at the top of our voices. (im sorry if i broke a window or two :P )

4. I accidentally saw a porn scene when i was younger and wondered why a man was rubbing a sausage attached to his stomach on a girl's stomach and they seemed to be enjoying it.

5. last time when i was around six and had my very first birthday party, when everyone wanted to leave, i cried because i didntt want the night to end and ended up being caned by my mother.

6. cant really remember :P