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Saturday, June 17, 2006 @ 10:01 PM
1 Utama..

Before I start the rest of my post,

Go here : http://www.iloveegg.co.uk/newsite/eggsong_popup.htm .. damn farking cute. Not for people who dislike eggs. And dislike cuteness.


Thanks, Andrew :)

Okay. Rest of my post.

Went to 1 Utama to go to MPH and then shop at U Parkson and then Giant. Wah. My legs damn tired. :( Pain also!

On the way to 1 UTAMA!

Went to MPH then I bought three books, My Desperate Love Diary by Kelly Ann by Liz Rettig, Some Like It Hot, the sixth book in the A-List series, and Pride , the third book in the Seven Deadly Sins series. All super nice and super hot :) Bet you gonna finish reading them by tomorrow. Muahahaha.

After that we went off to U-Parkson. Went crazy snapping photos of random things.

R.J from Over The Hedge! Haha. Damn shit. Got one fake-looking version of the tortoise too. Forgot his name. The grouchy one. -_-"

Look! Shiny cutlery! All the better to eat you with. :)

Now, there's something I can't stand whenever I go to shopping malls.

Yeah, i'm single, sad, and miserable, but WHY do couples HAVE to be hugging and kissing in front of you on the escalator?

It literally pisses me off.

Like this example. The guy was like, rubbing his girlfriend's ASS, and they were giggling, and looking back at all the sad people behind them. OI! Free show izit!?

Blardee maaderfarker pictures don wanna load again.

Updates later after Portugal vs Iran match!