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Sunday, June 11, 2006 @ 10:17 PM
Pictures Galore 2..

Screw Blogspot if it doesn't let me load anymore.

I'm giving it one last chance. And that's it.

Anyway, back to the last picture from the italian restaurant!

Looks yummy, right :P. Well, i'll tell you one thing. It is yummy.

Random Stuff I Took When I Was Bored.


Some weird guy in orange clothes came inside the shop, carrying this weird bag with vegetables in it, and asked to see some notebooks and A4 paper. -_- " Look like he wearing baju kurung like that.

Spoke in like some weird accent. Got scared when he first came in o_o

The first match - Germany vs Costa Rica - (Germany 4-2)

Candy guarding her turf. And her slipper. =_= (that slipper is no more. end of story.)

Stay tune for more.