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Thursday, June 01, 2006 @ 11:40 PM


Sunway was doing some sort of renovation that blocked up the whole actual entrance to the theme park, so they sort of built this metal platform, which offered such a wonderful, scenic view, to the entrance.

Wonder how long that metal platform will last....

And I can't imagine the result if it gives way...

*Bluey clears that thought out of her mind*


And now.. I present you with...

From left to right : Terence, Joan, Me, Kai Sin, Hua Yein, Ling Kit, Dereck, Andrew and Adam Tian Yi .

Don't we all look so cute. LOL!

The scenery was just perfect - we blocked the view of down below - but the sky was just gorgeous.

Oh. And pretend you don't see apartments there.

Ah. Perfect.

As usual, Terence came up with a way of wearing his clothes - the top of his shirt was unbuttoned, and the belt was ... lets say it wasn't functioning as a belt.

In the above picture, everyone was practically squinting in the sunlight.

Some kind tourists took that for us.

I looked as if I was sniffing Kaisin's hair and going, "Ahhhh ~ "

And Dereck smiled his funny, cute, smile - you can never ever see his eyes. Just looking at his face makes you wanna laugh.

Tian Yi ... poses... damn gay, can.. LOL !

Shit, its 11.39 and I need a fucking shower.

See you all tomorrow, and hopefully, I may be able to weed one more picture from Hua. :D

Nighty night!